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Patient Satisfaction

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Process Improvement

MedxcelTitle: Pre-Audit Adaptation: Ensuring Daily Joint Commission Compliance


Source: Medxcel Facilities Management

In this whitepaper you will find four crucial steps hospitals leaders should follow to allow for a more achievable (and less costly) resolution when deficiencies arise and ensure a smoother survey process. The pressure to ensure constant compliance between surveys has never been stronger on hospital leadership as The Joint Commission and other Accreditation Organizations continually increases the accountability measures for accredited healthcare organizations.  With the ever-changing landscape of regulatory compliance, the key to success is to be nimble and adaptable to the changes recently made by TJC and prepare for changes on the horizon.

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vocera logo

Title: The Two-Aspirin Headaches of Tomorrow's Clinicians

Source: Vocera

When it comes to clinical communications and workflow, today’s headaches could become tomorrow’s – but they don’t have to. Our new eGuide looks at four key challenges to clinical communication and workflow, and how we’ve helped our customers overcome them.

  • Staffing shortages
  • Blending operational efficiency with clinical quality
  • Delivering an exceptional patient experience
  • Getting physicians to adopt new technologies and protocols

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voalte logo

Title: 3 Keys to a Successful Healthcare Communication Platform

Source: Voalté

This whitepaper will give you the tools to:

  • Offer your staff multiple modes of communication with voice, text and alert notifications on shared and personal devices.
  • Integrate communication with third-party systems such as the EHR, nurse call and alarm middleware.
  • Support your hospital's future technology initiatives with a scalable communication solution.

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SchumacherCP FullColorLogoTitle: Fix Emergency Department Overcrowding, Wait Times, and Throughput

Source: Schumacher Clinical Partners

Emergency department overcrowding and lengthy wait times are nothing new. But with the advent of the Affordable Car Act and resultant rise in ED volume, both are getting increasingly worse. By implementing a few process changes at a patient’s arrival in the ED, your hospital’s ED can significantly improve flow and set the stage for more efficient throughput, ultimately reducing overcrowding and wait times.

In this white paper, we’ll focus on:
• Quickly assess arriving patient’s needs while minimizing risk
• Minimize patient wait times, waste and redundancies in productivity
• Drastically reduce patient-to-provider time and LWBS rates

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NAPALogoNEWTAG 432x161

Title: Revisiting Regional Anesthesia: A Pathway to Optimal Patient Outcomes, Surgeon Satisfaction and Value-based Payments

Source: North American Partners in Anesthesia 

Modern advances in regional anesthesia can provide competitive advantages to hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers. This white paper examines how a robust regional anesthesia program improves efficiency, performance measures and profitability, and delights patients, surgeons and healthcare administrators.

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Salesforce Logo RGBTitle: Transforming the member experience starting with your contact center

Source: Salesforce

Studies show 36% of customers are willing to switch health plans for a better customer experience. Delivering the ideal member experience is no simple task but insurers now find themselves with a valuable opportunity to stand out from the competition.  Find out how to transform your call center and member experience with the latest e-book from Salesforce.

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lenovo logo

Title: VDI and Hyperconvergence in Action at Covenant Health

Source: Lenovo

Learn how Covenant Health arrived at its decision to adopt VDI and, most importantly, the six lessons Adam Sherwood, enterprise infrastructure architect for the system, learned from the implementation. In this whitepaper, Mr. Sherwood shares signs of a roll-out done right and other best practices to help other health system leaders undertaking virtualization and modernizing their infrastructure.

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tableau logo

Title: Four Ways Data is Improving Healthcare Operations

Source: Tableau

Learn four ways healthcare providers are finding meaningful insights and achieving operational excellence with data. Monitoring, measuring, and analyzing data to improve patient safety, care quality, operational costs, and compliance can be easier than you think. Read this paper to learn more about how to combine disparate data source, increase productivity with real-time data, and automate ad hoc reporting.

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mobilesmith logo

Title: Leveraging Mobile Apps to Reduce Emergency Room Overcrowding

Source: MobileSmith

As the nation’s emergency departments are bursting at the seams, hospital leaders are asking: How can mobile apps help reduce ED overcrowding and improve patient satisfaction? This whitepaper presents the latest research on the most efficient mobile approaches to fixing the ED problem:

  • Which moments of the patient’s ED journey you can target with mobile apps
  • Mobile functions you can leverage to deliver a better ED experience
  • Examples of efficient ED/Urgent Care apps deployed by hospitals
  • Four key steps to building your ED app for success

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spok hor 3D 4C BK

Title: The Healthcare CIO Perspective on Supporting Clinical Workflows

Source: Spok

In this survey designed specifically for healthcare CIOs and administered by CHIME, more than 100 IT leaders revealed the business goals behind their mobile workflow investments. CIOs responded to questions about their big-picture goals, the use cases driving their mobile app selections, and which common workflows they are focused on improving.

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MarkLogic Logo CMYK

Title: Next-Gen Data Platform Powering Healthcare Modernization and Innovation

Source: MarkLogic

Healthcare organizations today are striving to stay relevant by improving customer satisfaction, reducing costs, delivering better outcomes for patients, and building a modern sustainable enterprise. Dealing with the sheer volume and diversity of standalone, proprietary healthcare systems and heterogeneous data is a significant hurdle to achieving healthcare business objectives. Aggregating, harmonizing, and enriching data to get a 360-degree view of a member or patient is more crucial, yet more difficult, than ever. The MarkLogic* Enterprise NoSQL database platform running on the latest generation of Intel® Xeon® processors creates an agile, modern, scalable platform for innovation across the healthcare enterprise.

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Title: The Changing Dynamics of Customer Engagement

Source: Salesforce

Today’s healthcare customers, from patients to members, want faster, more responsive service across every channel and on any device. Providing omni-channel service at a cost that makes sense for the business is top of mind for any executive. So how can leaders manage this while delivering best-in-class personalized service? In this e-book, you’ll meet two visionary companies, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield and American Addiction Centers, that are revolutionizing the customer experience in today’s highly connected world. Each company will share tips on what it has established and what it is doing to drive success with its customers. See how these organizations are taking it to the next level — from providing an effortless customer experience through contact centers, to driving agent productivity with omni-channel support. Both of these healthcare leaders are building engaging experiences to transform healthcare service.

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American Well

Title: Case Study: Southwest Medical's Winning Strategy for Telehealth

Source: Americal Well

In 2014, Southwest Medical Associates, one of Nevada’s largest multi-specialty medical groups, partnered with American Well to launch its telehealth service, SMA NowClinic. Since launch, Southwest Medical has enrolled more than 30,000 patients in its program, with more than 20,000 telehealth visits.  Many different factors can be attributed to the great success of this telehealth program, including its provider engagement strategy, pilot program, and multi-pronged marketing plan. For an insider’s look at how Southwest Medical planned, built and executed this industry-leading telehealth service, read the newly released case study.

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IMX-logo-WebTitle: 2017 Healthcare Industry Brief: Priorities and Predictions for Hospital CFOs

Source: Intermedix

With so much in flux, healthcare executives view 2017 as the year of uncertainty. In light of this perception, financial officers are focusing their attention on issues that they have more control over in the short-term. To learn more about these strategic shifts, Intermedix interviewed more than 100 healthcare executives and financial leaders from hospitals across the country about their current priorities for 2017. 

Download this industry brief to:

  • Learn which issues CFOs are prioritizing in 2017.
  • Gain insight into the pressures and opportunities steering the strategic direction of hospital CFOs.
  • Read about strategic adjustments being made to address changing market forces.

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ge monogram primary blue RGBTitle: How Enterprise Financial Management Helps Providers Minimize Risk in Value-Based Care

Source: GE Healthcare

Healthcare providers and payers operate under a combination of fee-for-service and fee-for-value payment models today, however the latter is gaining traction and expected to eclipse traditional reimbursement methods in the next few years. This is true for both governmental and commercial reimbursement. CMS has established a timeline to progressively tie more Medicare dollars to value-based payments, and hospitals and health systems expect at least 30 percent of their revenue to fall under value-based contracts by 2018, according to an HFMA survey.

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MedAssist  logoTitle: Community Hospital Increases Days Cash on Hand by 583% to 426 Days

Source: MedAssist

A small community hospital with unique geography was, like many community hospitals, suffering from a decrease in cash. Additionally, receivables and bad debt were trending up.

That unique geography created unique staffing and workflow challenges. It wasn’t so much about getting people, rather getting the right people to work within a best practice operating model.

When Days Cash on Hand reached 73, the hospital executive team raised their hands for help. See what they accomplished with their revenue cycle KPIs by engaging MedAssist.

Take a peek inside to learn:
• More about why these challenges persisted
• How they overcame them
• The results

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Workforce Management

Avantas LogoTitle: Leveraging Analytics to Hedge Against Uncertainty

Source: Avantas

Leading healthcare executives weigh in on how their organizations have strategized their workforce planning to combat the uncertainty of the future of the Affordable Care Act. Topics discussed in this paper include predictive analytics and workforce analytics, an enterprise approach to labor management, standardization of policies and practices, and expanding the scope of workforce management strategies.

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nuanceTitle: How Artificial Intelligence Can Counter Physician Technological Burnout

Source: Nuance

Excessive hours of EHR box-checking and data entry have taken a toll on U.S. physicians. But legislation that links clinical quality scores to federal reimbursement has underscored the importance of clinical documentation. Relieving physicians' administrative burnout through automated data intelligence is a strategic priority for hospitals looking to address physician dissatisfaction and move the bar on clinical performance.

Download the report to:

  • Learn how AI technology can improve physician quality scores.
  • Explore the changing relationship between physicians and technology.
  • Discover ways streamline the CDI process.

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Patient Satisfaction

NAPALogoNEWTAG 432x161Title: Revisiting Regional Anesthesia: A Pathway to Optimal Patient Outcomes, Surgeon Satisfaction and Value-based Payments

Source: North American Partners in Anesthesia 

Modern advances in regional anesthesia can provide competitive advantages to hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers. This white paper examines how a robust regional anesthesia program improves efficiency, performance measures and profitability, and delights patients, surgeons and healthcare administrators.

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