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  1. Becker's Speaker Series: 4 questions with Rush Health's CIO, Julie A. Bonello, CHCIO

    Julie A. Bonello, CHCIO, serves as Chief Information Officer for Rush Health.   By Jessi Young -
  2. Biden Cancer Initiative to launch in New York City

    Former Vice President Joe Biden and Second Lady Jill Biden, EdD, will launch the Biden Cancer Initiative Monday during an event at the Alexandria Center for Life Science in New York City.  By Brian Zimmerman -
  3. 51% of Americans prescribed opioids suffer from psychological disorders

    A majority of opioid prescriptions written in the United States are for people suffering from mood disorders like anxiety and depression, according to a new study published in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine.  By Brian Zimmerman -

A C-suite guide on digital marketing strategy for competitive healthcare systems

Learn how to identify where prospective patients' attention is and how to create meaningful first impressions.
  1. Becker's Speaker Series: 4 questions with Patientory Founder and CEO, Chrissa McFarlane

    Chrissa McFarlane serves as Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Patientory.  By Jessi Young -
  2. 5 thoughts from Dr. Steve Allen, CEO of Nationwide Children's Hospital

    Steve Allen, MD, is CEO of Columbus, Ohio-based Nationwide Children's Hospital, the fourth largest pediatric hospital in the country.  By Leo Vartorella -
  3. 125 CFOs, RCM executives reveal their revenue cycle challenges

    Hospitals and health systems face challenges in optimizing revenue cycle technology and establishing a comprehensive revenue integrity approach, according to an HFMA/Navigant survey.  By Kelly Gooch -
  4. Survey reveals lack of training and standardization with medical scribes

    The number of U.S. medical scribes is growing, but lack of training and standardization for these workers persists, according to a survey from The Doctors Company.  By Kelly Gooch -

How CEOs and CFOs can use data science to address the $24 billion sepsis problem

Guide to reducing the financial and clinical impact of sepsis in your organization.
  1. Denial rework costs providers roughly $118 per claim: 4 takeaways

    An estimated $262 billion, or 9 percent, of the estimated $3 trillion in claims submitted by hospitals last year were initially denied, according to a new analysis by Change Healthcare.  By Kelly Gooch -
  2. For-profit hospital stock report: Week of June 19-23

    All five major for-profit hospital operators saw their stock prices rise last week.  By Kelly Gooch -
  3. Anthem may pay $115M class action settlement for 2015 data breach

    Anthem reached a $115 million proposed settlement June 23 to end a class action lawsuit regarding a 2015 data breach that affected nearly 80 million individuals. If approved by the court, the $115 million deal will be the largest data breach settlement in history.  By Julie Spitzer -
  4. Insurers and the Senate GOP healthcare bill: 6 things to know

    The Senate GOP's Better Care Reconciliation Act draft, released June 22, could spark mixed credit implications for health insurers, according to Fitch Ratings.  By Morgan Haefner -

Slow down while speeding up

Learn the impacts of operational efficiency while maintaining a culture of safety.
  1. Avoiding friction in the age of high-deductible health plans: How innovative solutions can help providers succeed

    The consumer-driven healthcare era has transformed the role of the patient. Today, patients are more informed about their treatment options and what they will have to pay out-of-pocket. Driven by a desire to obtain affordable healthcare, patients seek providers that align with their overall needs without compromising care.  By Mary Rechtoris -
  2. Home medical equipment supplier Airway Oxygen hit with ransomware, affects 500k

    Airway Oxygen, a Wyoming, Mich.-based home medical equipment supplier, experienced a ransomware attack affecting 500,000 individuals, according to HHS' Office for Civil Rights breach portal.  By Jessica Kim Cohen -
  3. Tennessee hospital notifies 2.9k patients of breach via lost documents

    Ascension's Saint Thomas Health notified 2,859 patients of a privacy breach at Murfreesboro, Tenn.-based Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital.  By Jessica Kim Cohen -
  4. IBM Chief Health Informatics Officer Dr. Anil Jain appointed to Health IT Advisory Committee

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., appointed IBM Vice President and Chief Health Informatics Officer Anil K. Jain, MD, to a federal committee to advise the Trump administration on health IT issues.  By Jessica Kim Cohen -
  5. Top 10 AI applications in healthcare, as ranked by Accenture

    Artificial intelligence may save the U.S. healthcare economy approximately $150 billion in annual savings by 2026, according to an Accenture analysis.  By Jessica Kim Cohen -
  6. Medtronic faces global computer outage: 5 things to know

    Medtronic — a Dublin, Ireland-based medical technology company with operational headquarters in Minneapolis — is working to bring its IT systems back online after a global computer outage affecting multiple Medtronic systems took place earlier this week, the Star Tribune reports.  By Jessica Kim Cohen -
  7. Report: Insurers saw fewer losses on ACA exchanges in 2016

    Insurers participating on the ACA exchanges lost about 7 percent to 9 percent of premiums in 2016, down slightly from 10.1 percent of premiums a year prior, according to a McKinsey & Company analysis.  By Morgan Haefner -
  8. Google to crack down on medical records in search results

    Google added "confidential, personal medical records of private people" to its removal policy, signaling the company's first step to eliminating sensitive health information from its search results.  By Jessica Kim Cohen -
  9. 15 recent hospital, health system outlook and credit rating actions

    The following hospital and health system rating and outlook changes and affirmations took place in the last week, beginning with the most recent.  By Alia Paavola -

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