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Patient Satisfaction

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Process Improvement

NAPALogoNEWTAG 432x161Title: Revisiting Regional Anesthesia: A Pathway to Optimal Patient Outcomes, Surgeon Satisfaction and Value-based Payments

Source: North American Partners in Anesthesia 

Modern advances in regional anesthesia can provide competitive advantages to hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers. This white paper examines how a robust regional anesthesia program improves efficiency, performance measures and profitability, and delights patients, surgeons and healthcare administrators.

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Title: Fixing Healthcare’s Broken Pre-Authorization Screening & Verification Model

Source: RelayHealth Financial 

Among the processes that influence the healthcare revenue cycle, pre-authorization stands out—but not in a good way. It lacks the foundation of a widely-adopted electronic data exchange, resulting in repeated manual, ad hoc methods of securing and confirming payer approval for non-emergency medical services.

So where does authorization break down? And how can it be fixed?

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Title: Building A Post-Acute Partnership: How to Qualify Your Post-Actue Care Partners to Prepare for Value-Based Medicine

Source: Mainstreet

Value-based reimbursement has completely changed how hospitals deliver care. In order to avoid costly readmission rates and other penalties, hospitals now have to extend their oversight and responsibility beyond discharge to cover the entire continuum of care, necessitating strong post-acute care partnerships.

This article will help you qualify your post-acute partnerships to make sure they’re prepared for value-based medicine.

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vocera logoTitle: Innovation and the Human Experience in Healthcare

Souce: Vocera Communications

Improving the experience of care can be lost in the push to find innovative ways to improve quality, lower costs, and withstand changing payment models. The Experience Innovation Network, part of Vocera, examined how healthcare organizations keep the human experience front and center in their approaches to innovation.
Here are a few of the critical attributes that leading organizations shared. Download the full report to learn more.
  • Having C-level support for both innovation and experience improvement
  • Incorporating experience improvement into the organization’s innovation vision statement
  • Highlighting improvements to physician and staff experience as a means of recruiting pilot sites and speeding the diffusion of successful innovation

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regentTitle: Ambulatory Care Platforms as the Key Driver of a Successful Value-Based Care Strategy

Source: Regent Surgical Health

Regent Surgical Health’s comprehensive, new white paper, “Ambulatory Care Platforms as the Key Driver of a Successful Value-Based Care Strategy,” shares insights and expertise to help hospital systems embrace the strategic, structural and operational approaches that optimize ambulatory care platforms to enhance value-based care strategies. In addition to exploring industry best practices, Regent Surgical Health shares its experience working with health systems across the country to develop and execute ASC strategies that improve outcomes and lower the cost of care.

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DG cmyk new tagline 2016Title: CJR Vital Signs

Source: DataGen

Before the second data feed, is the program showing early signs of success?

The healthcare industry is in a state of quiet anticipation as we await the second data feed from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ (CMS) Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) bundled payment model. Participants still have a lot of questions. Will the program help hospitals deliver better accountability for care? Will care be coordinated more effectively? Is it going to help reduce costs—and if it does, for whom?

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Title: The Evolution of Emergency Medicine: Freestanding EDs Meet Patients Where They Are

Source: Adeptus

Hospital-based emergency department (ED) care systems are overburdened. Americans require emergency care more than ever, but EDs are constrained by space, staff and resources resulting in overcrowding across the country. Freestanding emergency departments (FSEDs) are a solution to this issue. FSEDs expand access to emergency care at equal to lower fees with smaller patient volumes and shorter wait times. FSEDs can educate patients and bring new insights to help develop better performing facilities that put patient care first. FSEDs are not a replacement, but a high quality supplement to address the growing need for more emergency care in the U.S.

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Title: Healthcare Breach Security Assessment

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Source: Intel

See this whitepaper for how to benchmark your maturity, priorities and breach security capabilities compared to the HLS industry across 8 types of breaches and 42 security capabilities. Key take-aways for participating HLS organizations include their breach security maturity score, where they may be over or under prioritizing different types of breaches, their percentile in terms of readiness across 8 breach types, and where they have significant gaps and opportunities for improvement across 42 breach security capabilities.

Fill out the form to discover:

  • Maturity of your breach security, benchmarked against the healthcare industry
  • Your readiness percentile score across 8 types of breaches and ransomware
  • Potential gaps in your breach security where you may be lagging the healthcare industry, and opportunities for improvement

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American Well

Title: Case Study: Southwest Medical's Winning Strategy for Telehealth

Source: Americal Well

In 2014, Southwest Medical Associates, one of Nevada’s largest multi-specialty medical groups, partnered with American Well to launch its telehealth service, SMA NowClinic. Since launch, Southwest Medical has enrolled more than 30,000 patients in its program, with more than 20,000 telehealth visits.  Many different factors can be attributed to the great success of this telehealth program, including its provider engagement strategy, pilot program, and multi-pronged marketing plan. For an insider’s look at how Southwest Medical planned, built and executed this industry-leading telehealth service, read the newly released case study.

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Title: 12 Hospital Apps for Quick Mobile ROI

Source: MobileSmith

This whitepaper answers the million-dollar question of mobile ROI in healthcare. How can hospitals put mobile apps to work quickly, to solve real, costly problems? We have distilled the best and quickest mobile use cases that can make a measurable impact on:

    • Preventable readmissions
    • Emergency room overuse
    • Physician burnout
    • Referral leakage
    • Population health, and much more!

Check out these simple apps your hospital can launch quickly and tackle the most pressing issues. These mobile ideas will instantly make sense to your clinical directors, CEO, and CFO.
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Title: Bridging the Patient ID Accuracy Gap

Lenovo-Heath-POS-stackedintel logo

Source: Lenovo Health and Intel

Identity theft is not limited to shady eCommerce websites or restaurant servers. Medical identity theft is mainstream, with over 2 million victims in the last year alone. Get the stats you need to start down the path to a more secure infrastructure, today.

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logoTitle: State of the Connected Patient Report

Source: Salesforce

To understand how Americans today communicate with their healthcare providers, their opinions on telemedicine and wearable devices, and their experiences with post-discharge care, Salesforce conducted its “2016 Connected Patient Report.” The report found that people primarily interact with their physicians through in-person visits, phone calls and emails, but are open to virtual care treatment options enabled through technology. The report also found that following discharge from a hospital or clinic, insured adults with a primary care provider strongly believe improvements can be made to their experiences through better communication with their primary care doctor and throughout their care network.

  1. Learn why 62% of patients think wearable data might save them money.
  2. Discover the number one way care can improve after a hospital stay.
  3. Find out if virtual care options are a flop or the wave of the future.

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russell-investmentsTitle: Healthcare's Fiduciary's Handbook - A step-by-step guide for non-profit hospitals & healthcare systems

Source: Russell Investments

To help manage the complexity surrounding your investment program, we’ve written the Healthcare Fiduciary’s Handbook. This step-by-step guide includes:

  • An intuitive framework to effectively oversee your investment program.
  • Practical advice from Russell Investment experts on aligning your asset pools with your organizational goals.
  • How to target your investment objectives by aligning your investment beliefs.

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Title: Why More Hospitals Seek Revenue Cycle Experts to Protect Finances, Gain Competitive Edge

Source: Cerner

This whitepaper will discuss:

  • Financial and IT benefits of outsourcing revenue cycle operations
  • Long-term and short-term outsourcing strategies
  • Trends in the financial services market
  • Critical traits in a financial service partner

To learn how your organization can benefit from a financial services partnership, how to structure the relationship and what to look for in a potential partner,
download the whitepaper here.


Workforce Management


select international logoTitle: Learn How Engaged Employees, and Talent Strategies, Drive Success

Source: Select International 

Low employee engagement impacts absenteeism, errors, turnover, productivity, profits, and customer satisfaction. Every leadership team is considering strategies and tactics to face these challenges. Every list of solutions should include one seemingly simple but often over-looked concept - the need for an extremely talented and engaged workforce that is capable of solving today’s challenges, and anticipating tomorrow’s.
In this whitepaper, you'll learn:

  • why engagement is important
  • a better approach to employee engagement
  • how engagement starts with leadership

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capella logo

Title: Nurses on Boards: The Time for Change is Now

Source: Capella

In today’s metrics-driven, pay-for-performance environment, the need for accountability and increased customer satisfaction has made it difficult for health care organizations to achieve their missions. However, with the help of trained nurse leaders in their boardrooms, especially those holding advanced degrees such as BSN, health care systems can become much more effective at achieving their goals.

This whitepaper, written by Capella University in collaboration with The Nurses on Boards Coalition (NOBC), explores how nurses can lead change at the board level, and what the NOBC is doing to support this effort. With perspectives from respected leaders in the nursing profession, readers will understand the importance of having nurse.

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Patient Satisfaction

NAPALogoNEWTAG 432x161Title: Revisiting Regional Anesthesia: A Pathway to Optimal Patient Outcomes, Surgeon Satisfaction and Value-based Payments

Source: North American Partners in Anesthesia 

Modern advances in regional anesthesia can provide competitive advantages to hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers. This white paper examines how a robust regional anesthesia program improves efficiency, performance measures and profitability, and delights patients, surgeons and healthcare administrators.

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Zotec Partners Logo

Title: The Patient Experience: Engaging Today’s New Healthcare Consumers

Source: Zotec Partners

In this relevant and informative white paper, Zotec Partners explores all facets of evolving patient interaction requirements, analyzing ways providers can better reach today’s new patient consumers where they are. Readers will walk away with the ability to better meet the demands of today’s patient consumer, as they glean insights regarding,

1) The business-to-consumer shift;
2) Customer service techniques;
3) Patient experience best practices and technologies;
4) New responsibilities in revenue cycle management; and,
5) Data security and patient privacy.

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