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Process Improvement

Workforce Management





Workforce Management


select international logoTitle: Turnover: The Cost, the Causes and a Sustainable Solution

Source: Select International

Healthcare is a labor intensive industry.  Whether you are looking at front line staff, nursing, physicians, or leadership, there are dollars tied to the inability to retain talented people and, beyond the hard dollars, there is a significant impact on organizational effectiveness.  The causes can be complex and there is no single solution to turnover.  Step one is to really understand unique variables in your organization.  Practical, holistic, strategies and tactics you can employ are discussed in this paper. 

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ECI LogoTitle: Aquiring and Retaining the Best ED Docs: Secrets from a Staffing Leader

Source: ECI Healthcare Partners

For a hospital administrator determined to have an outstanding emergency department, a limited supply of EM docs and ever-increasing demand and competition certainly poses a challenge. But there’s good news: Recruiting and retaining enough doctors—and high quality doctors at that—is not only possible but also uniquely within your control.

In this white paper, we’ll show you:
• Where and how to devote resources to attract outstanding physicians to your hospital.
• How to keep them as a part of your team for the long haul.
• How to identify where you or your recruiters might be going wrong.
• Tips to make your vetting process more efficient.

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API logoTitle: Disrupting Healthcare's Legacy Approach to Staffing

Source: API Healthcare

An innovative staff scheduling methodology is emerging in healthcare, and reinventing how hospitals and health systems leverage their most valuable resource – their employees – to achieve better outcomes including; more satisfied employees, reduced labor costs and, ultimately, improved quality of care and patient satisfaction.

This new approach, called Collaborative Staffing, reimagines traditional staffing practices and offers new solutions to long-standing problems. The Collaborative Staffing model is being leveraged by many leading healthcare organizations to drive down labor costs and optimize staffing processes.

Click here to download this whitepaper to understand the research demonstrating how Collaborative Staffing improves the efficacy, efficiency, and organizational outcomes associated with staff management. The analysis aims to detail the power of this staffing and scheduling paradigm, and exemplify how it benefits financial health, staff, and patients for hospitals using this model.


select international logoTitle: Is Leadership in Healthcare Different?

Source: Select International

Healthcare is a unique industry. Are the leadership skills required, different? Analysis shows that there may be slight differences, but more importantly, organizations need to understand their own unique challenges and be more deliberate and effective at selecting and developing leaders to face those challenges. This paper provides insight and practical advice from Donna Katen-Bahensky, who has served in executive roles in several large academic medical centers.

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Process Improvement


everseat logoTitle: How Accessible is Your Health System? Identifying and Solving Patient Access Problems

Source: Everseat

To meet the needs of a patient base that’s growing in size and complexity, health systems must become more accessible. Long waits to access care endanger patient well-being and damage health systems’ reputations and finances.

Hospitals and health systems that develop patient-centered scheduling systems will reap the extraordinary benefits of a healthier and more satisfied patient base. Yet most continue to operate under scheduling protocols created during an earlier era, designed for the benefit of providers rather than patients.

This white paper describes the challenges of creating a more accessible health system, and explores the latest solutions. Learn how to move your own health system toward greater accessibility with emerging technology and improved protocols.

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HCA logoTitle: The Clinically-Integrated, Value-Focused World

Source: HealthCare Appraisers

As 2016 progresses, physicians and hospitals face a number of significant changes. Many of the changes are a result of the aforementioned developments of 2015. Some relate to the ongoing post-Affordable Care Act evolution of value-based payments for health care services. Others relate to changes in the regulatory enforcement environment. This whitepaper provides an overview of the changes facing hospitals and their physician medical staffs, and provides some tips for hospitals seeking to navigate the new landscape, particularly as they consider clinical integration with other providers and other aligning ventures.

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Title: Outpatient Joint Replacement in Hospital/Surgeon ASC Joint Ventures & Two Additional Developments Transforming Surgery Center Strategies

Source: Regent Surgical Health

Leveraging extensive knowledge of the ASC mark etplace, a new white paper delves into three of the top developments currently transforming the ASC industry and hospital outpatient strategies.   The paper examines reasons hospitals should embrace the move of total joint replacement to an outpatient environment, the ASC’s role in a value-based care transition, and a new way to recruit and retain employed physicians; offering them ownership in an ASC.

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napa logoTitle: Rethinking the Value of Pain Management for the Value-based Era: New Solutions to Reduce Readmissions and Drive Revenue

Source: NAPA

An evidence-based, sophisticated approach to pain management has been shown to improve the patient experience and drive multiple revenue streams for healthcare providers. This white paper explores how closing the gap between acute, sub-acute and chronic pain is consistent with current trends in customer service and yields rewards for patients, providers and payers alike.

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xG logoTitle: Essential Elements of Care Redesign and Care Management

Source: xG Health

An effective care management program requires subject matter expertise, real-world experience, strong leadership and broad buy-in. This editorial features how xG Health’s products and solutions, including xGCare, xGLearn and ProvenCare help healthcare organizations succeed in their transition to value-based care. 

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Imprivata-logo-borderTitle: Healthcare is suffering from a patient identity crisis. Here’s how we can cure it.

Source: Imprivata

Every hospital wants to improve the health of their patients and the health of their business. By improving your patient identification process, you can significantly improve patient safety, revive your revenue cycle efficiency, and increase your market share. Read this whitepaper to learn how you can identify, treat, and cure your patient identification crisis to improve the health of your hospital and increase the quality of care you provide. Read this whitepaper to find a cure for the patient identification problems in your organization.

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vocera-logo-1in-300dpiTitle: What Does it Take to Humanize Healthcare? 

Source: Vocera

Healthcare leaders across the U.S. and Canada agree: Change has become the one constant on which healthcare organizations can depend.

Based on a combination of mission and market necessity, healthcare leaders are seeking to improve the quality and safety of the care they deliver while also making processes more efficient and cost-effective. And increasingly, organizations strive to achieve these goals while also making care more humanized for both patients and families and the physicians, nurses, and other care professionals who serve them.

This study examines three key ideas:
• How to create sustainable approaches to drive high quality, efficient, humanized healthcare experiences.
• How effectively organizations are partnering with patients and families in improvement.
• How fully organizations are assessing and measuring the impact of improvement work.

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logoTitle: Introducing Salesforce Health Cloud: 3 Core Advantages

Source: Salesforce

The shift to patient-centric relationship management has begun, and Salesforce is leading the way with Health Cloud. This e-book shows you how to tap into the power of the cloud, social, and mobile to make the move to 1-to-1 care. Explore Health Cloud’s three core advantages:

  1. A complete view of patient data for easy access to the right patient information, from current conditions and medications to specialists and appointment history.
  2. Deeper patient engagement, with the ability to prioritize tasks across all a patient’s needs, connect with caregiver networks, and create a customized care plan.
  3. Real-time patient engagement through private Salesforce Communities, allowing caregiver networks and patients to share secure messages anytime, and anywhere.

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mobilesmith logoTitle: Patient-Centered Care, One App at a Time

Source: MobileSmith

To succeed in mobile patient engagement, it’s no longer enough to build one app. Patient journeys include multiple mobile moments – you can capture them by offering targeted branded apps. But how can hospital marketers and IT find the resources to churn out multiple apps quickly? Discover how to build an efficient multi-app strategy for your hospital: 

  • ·What kind of mobile experiences do your patients expect and embrace?
  • ·How can you capture their mobile moments at each turn in their patient journey?
  • ·Four core principles of a responsive, sustainable multi-app strategy.
  • ·How to implement an agile app development process in your organization.

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DellServices Logo MuseoSansTitle: The State of the Medical Imaging Market

Source: Dell Services

To improve patient care, hospitals must find a way to easily access medical images regardless of  their source. Download “The State of the Medical Imaging Market” to discover how to achieve this goal with an enterprise-wide, vendor neutral archive that leverages the cloud for quick wins and benefits over time.

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vocera logoTitle: HIMSS Research Report: IT Strategy & Value Based Care

Source: Vocera

Global health care advisor HIMSS Analytics surveyed 256 executives from health systems, hospitals and clinics during the 2016 HIMSS conference to better understand how value-based purchasing is influencing hospital information technology decision-making.

Get the full report to learn more why these following findings matter:
• 87 percent regard value-based purchasing as a significant influence on IT strategy
• 82 percent indicated integration across clinical systems can improves workflows
• 61 percent of clinical leaders prioritized communication coordination across care teams inside and outside the hospital

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Tableau logoTitle: 5 Best Practices to Enable Population Health Management

Source: Tableau

If your healthcare organization is looking to integrate population health management into your process, work culture and technology systems, you must start with data.

And though most healthcare providers are swimming in patient information, many struggle to segment their data in a meaningful way to shore up gaps in care and promote clinical collaboration. Fortunately, there are best practices providers can implement to make their organization population health ready.

This whitepaper outlines five best practices to enable population health management, including how to:

  • Use data visualization to improve care coordination.
  • Empower individuals to explore their own data.
  • Leverage certain patient data to understand the risk profile of your population.

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DocHalo logoTitle: Physician Alignment: Stop the Revenue Leakage with the Newest Technology

Source: Doc Halo

As many as 63 percent of physicians are now employed, up from 20 percent just a few years ago. The expected result is increased revenue through in-network alliances and a shared vision for improved patient care.

The challenge? Physician referral habits are proving to be harder to rein in than expected, resulting in a steady leakage of patients out of network that amounts to as much as $40 million in lost revenue per year.

Secure, real-time communication platforms plug the leaks and restore the revenue streams by:

• Unifying and connecting health networks
• Building in-network relationships
• Aligning physicians and changing referral patterns

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Warbird logoTitle: Implementing a Successful Telehealth Strategy: What Health-System Leaders Need to Know

Source: Warbird Consulting

Telehealth has become a vital part of healthcare delivery, a cost-effective and patient-centered tool enhancing the overall quality of a health system’s care. But to be effective, a telehealth solution needs to be implemented in the right way.

This white paper gives health-system leaders the information they need for a successful implementation. You will learn:

  • The four types of telehealth services commonly in use today.
  • How telehealth can benefit health systems and improve patient outcomes.
  • Some of the key obstacles a health system may encounter in implementing telehealth.
  • What health-system leaders need to consider when creating a telehealth implementation strategy.

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cipher-logo-high-resTitle: Leveraging Technology to Enhance Patient Care: How Good Samaritan Medical Center Optimized the Rounding Process

Source: Cipherhealth

Rounding on patients during the hospital stay is recognized as an industry-wide best practice for ensuring positive outcomes and patient experiences. With evolving technologies and reimbursement policies, organizations are now in a unique position to reconsider their rounding processes. 

In this whitepaper, leaders at Good Samaritan Medical Center share why they chose to invest in rounding technology, and how this investment has helped enhance workflows, improve quality of care, and increase patient satisfaction. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how rounding technology helps pinpoint opportunities for organizational improvement
  • Understand how a digital rounding solution helps maximize valuable staff time 
  • See how technology can be used to enhance the patient experience 

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Coker GroupTitle: Value-Based Reimbursements are Here: Are you Ready?

Source: Coker Group

Are you one of the healthcare executives who remains reluctant to prepare for value-based payment models? This paper will look at current payment changes, not those conceptualized or anticipated but those actually occurring in the marketplace today. It will also discuss how executives can manage through the changes and remain successful in a more value-based care delivery model.

Readers will learn
1. What changes are occurring in today’s marketplace
2. What executives need to do to manage through the change and remain successful

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