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Patient Satisfaction

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Patient Satisfaction


Title: Anesthesia Patient Satisfaction: Part 1

Source: Somnia Anesthesia

Patient satisfaction is found at the intersection of patient expectation and provider accomplishment. With so much in our current work environment depending on patient satisfaction, it is crucial that providers gather patient feedback. But that feedback is useless unless it drives continuous improvement.

Somnia can help you develop the tools you need to truly understand your patient’s anesthesia experience. After reading this report, you will:

• Understand the important difference between necessary experience and real patient satisfaction
• Realize the fundamental challenges in providing a truly positive anesthesia experience for your patient’s
• Know how to gather relevant, meaningful anesthesia-specific feedback
• Use that feedback to implement continual improvement in patient care

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Process Improvement

Title: Healthcare Breach Security Assessment

intel logo 2

Source: Intel

See this whitepaper for how to benchmark your maturity, priorities and breach security capabilities compared to the HLS industry across 8 types of breaches and 42 security capabilities. Key take-aways for participating HLS organizations include their breach security maturity score, where they may be over or under prioritizing different types of breaches, their percentile in terms of readiness across 8 breach types, and where they have significant gaps and opportunities for improvement across 42 breach security capabilities.

Fill out the form to discover:

  • Maturity of your breach security, benchmarked against the healthcare industry
  • Your readiness percentile score across 8 types of breaches and ransomware
  • Potential gaps in your breach security where you may be lagging the healthcare industry, and opportunities for improvement

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PhilipsNA Wordmark 2008 RGBTitle: Implementing a Successful Population Health Management Program 

Source: Philips

In this white paper, Philips offers a framework for implementing a successful population health management program (PHM) to address the broader factors beyond analytics and/or diagnosing and treating disease.

This approach to population health management can be thought of as “continuous health” – a way to better analyze, manage and account for the health of individuals and populations. Continuous health is characterized by immediate and uninterrupted connections and interactions that promote ongoing health and proactive care. It works across the full spectrum of where, when and how health happens. However, achieving this vision requires transformation in all elements of the industry ecosystem. To drive towards a continuous health approach, Philips identifies nine specific interconnected areas for success in population health management. Learn how to distinguish areas requiring improvement, recognize areas of strength, and prioritize capabilities and long-term goals to yield a population health strategy suited to every unique need.

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Health360-LogoTMTitle: Embracing Population Health Management: How Six Innovators Are Pioneering Value-Based Care

Source: Tribridge

As we move along the continuum from volume- to value based care, not all providers face the same challenges, although there are critical areas of overlap. In this eBook we will look more closely at acute care, post-acute care/rehabilitation management and chronic disease management providers, and spotlight areas of innovation, in particular with Tribridge Health360, a CRM-powered, cloud-based Population Health Management (PHM) solution.

Learn how today’s healthcare organizations are leading the industry’s transformation to value-based care and are achieving:

  • Improved performance, outcomes and patient well-being
  • Greater care team efficiency and improved consumer loyalty
  • Higher quality care at lower costs

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surgical-directions-logo-finalTitle: How Out-of-OR Areas Can Impact Performance

Source: Surgical Directions

Running an efficient operating room is like keeping a number of spinning plates going at the same time. When one falls and breaks, the others are vulnerable to the same outcomes. This whitepaper will explain the many roles of the anesthesiologist both in and out of the operating room and outlines how adequate staffing in the anesthesiology department and oversight of scheduling by the SSEC will aide in ensuring overall efficiency and quality.

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Medxcel FM Logo

Title: Aligning Facilities Management Operations with Healthcare Provider Strategies

Source: Medxcel Facilities Management

Healthcare facilities are often required to maintain or improve the quality and quantity of their facilities operations services while their budgets shrink. Patient safety and satisfaction remain top priority and demand safe, efficient facilities, which, in turn demand ample resources. In this white paper, we will outline how facilities operations can successfully align with healthcare provider strategies by doing far more with less.

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intel logo 2Title: How predicting patient length of stay enable hospitals to save millions

Source: Intel

Cloudera is revolutionizing enterprise data management by offering the first unified platform for big data, an enterprise data hub built on Apache Hadoop. The Cloudera enterprise offers one place to store, access, process, secure and analyze all data that could be used to inform LOS predictions. Together, partners Intel and Cloudera take the guesswork out of Hadoop. Using a unique collaborative approach, the two deliver excellent performance, security and quality distribution, built on open standards.

Read more on Intel and Cloudera's solution for predicting LOS, including a case study involving a large hospital group, by downloading the whitepaper "Intel and Cloudera Help a Large Hospital Group Allocate Resources by Predicting Patient Length-of-Stay."

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mobilesmith logoTitle: 12 Hospital Apps for Quick Mobile ROI

Source: MobileSmith

This whitepaper answers the million-dollar question of mobile ROI in healthcare. How can hospitals put mobile apps to work quickly, to solve real, costly problems? We have distilled the best and quickest mobile use cases that can make a measurable impact on:

    • Preventable readmissions
    • Emergency room overuse
    • Physician burnout
    • Referral leakage
    • Population health, and much more!

Check out these simple apps your hospital can launch quickly and tackle the most pressing issues. These mobile ideas will instantly make sense to your clinical directors, CEO, and CFO.
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Title: Bridging the Patient ID Accuracy Gap

Lenovo-Heath-POS-stackedintel logo

Source: Lenovo Health and Intel

Identity theft is not limited to shady eCommerce websites or restaurant servers. Medical identity theft is mainstream, with over 2 million victims in the last year alone. Get the stats you need to start down the path to a more secure infrastructure, today.

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logoTitle: State of the Connected Patient Report

Source: Salesforce

To understand how Americans today communicate with their healthcare providers, their opinions on telemedicine and wearable devices, and their experiences with post-discharge care, Salesforce conducted its “2016 Connected Patient Report.” The report found that people primarily interact with their physicians through in-person visits, phone calls and emails, but are open to virtual care treatment options enabled through technology. The report also found that following discharge from a hospital or clinic, insured adults with a primary care provider strongly believe improvements can be made to their experiences through better communication with their primary care doctor and throughout their care network.

  1. Learn why 62% of patients think wearable data might save them money.
  2. Discover the number one way care can improve after a hospital stay.
  3. Find out if virtual care options are a flop or the wave of the future.

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intel logo 2Title: Diagnosing Which Devices Provide More for Healthcare

Source: Intel

Although zero clients might seem like a reliable choice in the clinical setting, they do not stand up to rich-client devices for efficiency or flexibility. Ensuring a positive experience for patients, enhanced coordination and efficiency for office staff and expanded ability for collaboration among clinicians is integral to new standards for healthcare delivery today — and only rich-client devices can deliver on all of these needs.

For an in-depth look at how rich-client devices increase efficiency and effectiveness compared to zero clients, click here to download the whitepaper, "Diagnosing Which Devices Provide More for Healthcare."


GHX-Blue-Yellow-RGBTitle: Driving Electronic Health Record (EHR) Value with Clean Item Master Data

Source: GHX

As you plan your EHR implementation, consider the critical role item master integrity plays in keeping systems aligned and delivering better patient care. Download this white paper to learn more about master data management strategies that put you on the path to a successful implementation, specifically how to: collaborate, cleanse, enrich, integrate and automate your processes.
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Key-logo-blk-CMYK jpeg2Title: Financing Acquisitions: Top Strategies for Today's Healthcare Providers

Source: KeyBank

This white paper explores the state of M&A activity in the healthcare provider industry, what’s driving it and, importantly, the top strategies today’s healthcare leaders should use to evaluate their M&A financing options. Healthcare executives of hospitals and health systems view M&A activity not just as a way to maintain solvency but as a path toward excellence in care delivery—and, of course, adapting to the new environment birthed by reform. Experts predict consolidation within the healthcare provider industry will continue for several more years as organizations seek ways to expand their territories, maximize growth opportunities and diversify their payer mixes.

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XENEXTitle: Winning the Infection Prevention Battle: Strategies for Choosing the Right Partner in UV Disinfection

Source: Xenex

Choosing a UV disinfection tool can be overwhelming. In the wealth of options, identifying the best UV partner for your facility involves reviewing several key pieces of evidence. Read the latest white paper on this topic to learn the four Es of choosing a UV disinfection equipment:

  • Effectiveness
  • Efficiency
  • Elements
  • Excellence in Customer Service

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