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  1. Medicaid expansion updates: 6 recent developments

    Medicaid expansion, one of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act's most contentious provisions, continues to be a mainstay in the news.  By Kelly Gooch -
  2. 2015: The state of pediatric medicine

    A 38-year tradition at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Pediatric Update continues to provide an opportunity to explore the current state of pediatric medicine, while addressing both the successes and the challenges that are facing patients and physicians. By By Robert L. Meyer, President and CEO, Phoenix Children’s Hospital -
  3. Proposed CMS 2016 IPPS rule would increase MU payments 1.1%

    CMS has released its proposed rule for the fiscal year 2016 Medicare inpatient prospective payment system, which includes an alteration to meaningful use reimbursement.  By Akanksha Jayanthi -

Boost Patient Satisfaction Scores in Your ED

ED staffing and management expert ECI Healthcare Partners shares 10 tools and techniques proven to spur immediate and lasting improvements in your patients’ ED experience.
  1. Homeland security, ticketless travel and the patient experience: What healthcare can learn from volume-based consumer industries

    Over the last 30 years, the airline industry has increased passenger volumes by 300 percent while decreasing the average inflation-adjusted ticket cost by 40 percent. Sound like a success story that healthcare could benefit from?  By By Manuel Hernandez, MD, Principal, and Michael Pukszta, Principal, CannonDesign -
  2. 5 thoughts from Quint Studer: The value of pauses, decisiveness and proper timing

    With nearly 30 years of healthcare experience, Quint Studer has established himself as a strong advocate for change and improvement and as a go-to expert for management advice. By Molly Gamble -
  3. Michael Tarwater, Michael Dowling, Wayne Smith: 3 of the most interesting health system CEOs, part II

    In the second part of a two-part installment, we examine the unique backgrounds, work ethics, interests and leadership styles of three of the nation's most powerful health system CEOs.  By Tamara Rosin -
  4. Leadership lessons from Bill Gates, Andy Grove and Steve Jobs

    Bill Gates, Andy Grove and Steve Jobs — CEOs of Microsoft, Intel and Apple, respectively — successfully led their companies through decades of rapidly evolving technology and revolutionized the personal computer more than any of their contemporaries. By Tamara Rosin -

Top CFO revenue generation strategies

A recent survey of nearly 150 healthcare CFOs and other finance executives finds that health systems are implementing new technology-driven practices to bolster revenue and recover working capital. They are also prioritizing trading partner engagement strategies as a growth driver.
  1. The executive team that's 'worth every penny'

    When former Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs died in 2011, there was a risk the company wouldn't be able to find new executives with the ability to perform at his level. By Tamara Rosin -
  2. Kauai hospital CEO Kathy Clark to retire

    Kathy Clark, RN, president and CEO of Wilcox Memorial Hospital in Lihue, Hawaii on the island of Kauai, will retire June 30, according to Pacific Business News. By Tamara Rosin -
  3. Dr. Toby Cosgrove, Chris Van Gorder, Nancy Howell Agee: 3 of the most interesting health system CEOs

    In part one of a two part series, we examine the trajectory of three healthcare CEOs, from their unique beginnings to the roles they currently hold as leaders of some of the nation's top health systems.  By Emily Rappleye -
  4. Northwestern Memorial's operating surplus climbs post merger

    Chicago-based Northwestern Memorial Healthcare's operating surplus increased and the system's overall surplus fell in the three months ended Feb. 28.  By Ayla Ellison -
  1. IU Health hit with $100M false claims lawsuit: 5 things to know

    Indianapolis-based IU Health is facing a False Claims Act lawsuit alleging it engaged in a fraud scheme that put low-income pregnant woman and their newborn babies at risk, according to an Indianapolis Business Journal report.  By Ayla Ellison -
  2. 10 things to know about Medicare's payments for hospitals' cost outliers

    Although the government imposes policies to regulate the amount hospitals can bill Medicare, rising prices for complicated patient cases, or "cost outliers," often lead Medicare to overpay hospitals, according to the Wall Street Journal. By Tamara Rosin -
  3. Illinois Health and Science to acquire IBA Molecular US operations

    IBA Molecular, a worldwide leader in radiopharmaceuticals, has signed a definitive agreement to sell its U.S. subsidiary, Dulles, Va.-based IBA Molecular North America, to Illinois Health and Science.  By Kelly Gooch -
  4. Dr. Oz defends himself against physician critics

    Mehmet Oz, MD, host of The Dr. Oz Show and cardiothoracic surgeon, has spoken in response to the letter signed last week by 10 physicians asking New York-based Columbia University to remove him from the medical school's faculty.  By Emily Rappleye -
  5. More US hospitals relocating to wealthier areas

    A growing number of U.S. hospitals are relocating to more affluent areas, partly because of aging facilities, and the desire for greater accessibility and more privately insured patients, according to a Kaiser Health News report.  By Kelly Gooch -
  6. Dr. Marty Makary: The PPACA fosters hospital monopolies

    The Wall Street Journal published an op-ed Monday morning by Marty Makary, MD, surgical director at Johns Hopkins Multidisciplinary Pancreas Clinic and professor of health policy at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.  By Scott Becker and Emily Rappleye -
  7. The 4 biggest cost accounting mistakes you don't know you're making

    If healthcare providers share a common priority, it is cost reduction. By Tushar Pandey, Director of Decision Support, Strata Decision Technology -
  8. CMS' 2016 IPPS proposed rule: 10 points to know

    Many hospitals will see increases in their Medicare reimbursements next year, as CMS released its proposed rule for the fiscal year 2016 Medicare inpatient prospective payment system.  By Ayla Ellison -
  9. For-profit hospital stock report: Week of April 13-17

    Four of the five major for-profit hospital operators saw their stock prices increase last week.  By Kelly Gooch -


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