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The following whitepapers have been made available to readers of Becker's Hospital Review. Click on the category below to see the whitepaper available on that topic.


Hospital Finance


Organizational Culture & Performance

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TEAMHealth logoTitle: Strategies and Solutions for Reducing Inappropriate Readmissions

Source: TEAMHealth

 Hospitals are in the midst of a readmission crisis. When CMS announced its first round of penalties at the start of fiscal year 2013, more than 2,200 hospitals were hit with cuts ranging from 0.01 to 1 percent of their Medicare revenue which could translate up to seven-figures per facility. Medicare’s penalty for excess readmissions will climb to 3% by 2015, leaving little time for hospitals to develop and implement processes and programs that will lower their 30-day readmission rates and preserve their revenue streams. In this white paper, TeamHealth shares proven tactics that have helped keep clients’ readmission rates 48% below the national average, saving hospitals millions of dollars. Click here to access whitepaper.




















Title: The Need for Support of Stroke-Ready Certification in Rural United States: An Overview

Source: Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program (HFAP)

Improving patient care, along with morbidity and mortality outcomes is a challenge for acute stroke care in the rural sector. However, having partnerships through a hub and spoke model provides rural hospitals with access to resources, specialists, protocols and essential clinical support. Partnerships with Primary and Comprehensive Stroke centers facilitate continuity of care from the rural setting to higher levels of care, creating optimal patient outcomes and reducing clinical risk. Primary and Comprehensive Stroke Certification programs in urban areas has unequivocally demonstrated improved patient outcomes. Stroke Ready Certification has been recognized by the Brain Attack Coalition as essential for the rural setting.

Certification is a formal process that provides an objective assessment, based recognized standards of care that include the requirement to collect and submit measures. Stroke Ready Certification compliments existing stroke frameworks, thereby providing a structured and integrated care delivery approach for managing acute stroke patients in the rural setting. Click here to access whitepaper.










 Process Improvement


Title: COMPOUND INTEREST: Operational Implications and Opportunity at the Point of Care

Source: M*Modal

Anyone with a money market account understands the value of compound interest. The more time you allow your deposits to sit dormant and the more resources you throw into the account, the greater your return, because you earn interest on your interest. In the healthcare arena, however, this compounding effect works in reverse, although just as relentlessly. The more time your clinical staff spends searching for patient information and repeating tests—the more resources you invest in diagnosis and treatment— the faster expenses mount, as each inefficiency generates additional inefficiencies down the line. Consequently, your financial returns diminish—and the results can be devastating.

This white paper helps to shed some light on these issues. Click here to access.





Title: Ensuring Your OR is Successful in an ACO, Bundled Payment and Value-Based Purchasing Environment

Source: Surgical Directions

Surgery departments that fail to meet new quality standards and control costs will suffer payment cuts. To find out how your hospital can protect its critical OR revenue stream, download this new white paper from Surgical Directions.

This detailed white paper will help you:

  • Understand how new Medicare payment programs will affect the OR between now and 2017
  • Find out how payment reform is creating a new "narrow channel" for OR strategy
  • Learn 4 process-based strategies that will help your OR meet critical quality standards
  • Discover 3 proven interventions to help your OR navigate within strict cost ceilings
  • Understand the 3 prerequisites of OR transformation and performance improvement

This new resource is an essential guide to the future of surgical services for hospital CEOs, COOs, CNOs and physician leaders. Download this whitepaper here.











Hospital Finance


Title: Management Services

Source: HealthCare Appraisers Incorporated

 This whitepaper from Healthcare Appraisers, Inc. defines and catalogues the diverse array of professional and clinical arrangements broadly described as management services. It will provide valuable new insights to physician practices, managed service organization, hospitals, health systems, ASCs, home health agencies, and skilled nursing facilities facing increasing industry complexity and the need to manage healthcare organizations efficiently, effectively, and in compliance with a litany of local, state, and federal regulations. Click here to access whitepaper.




Title: M&A in Health Care - Opportunities Abound, Risks Loom

Source: Towers Watson

Merger and acquisition (M&A) activity among U.S. health care organizations is on the rise — up 20% in 2012 over the previous year. Driving the surge is a host of game-changing forces that threaten the sustainability of many small hospitals and health care systems. These organizations may lack the capital, infrastructure, talent or technology to thrive or even survive in the radically different health care environment that's taking shape.

In this whitepaper, Towers Watson experts explore the significant workforce opportunities and risks that corporate transactions generate for health care organizations, and discuss how HR can help leaders develop meaningful solutions to foster deal success. Click here to access.





Title: Investment Outsourcing Case Studies

Source: Russell Investments

Russell has designed and implemented investment outsourcing solutions for hospitals and healthcare systems since 1983. Download our recent case studies to see how we're helping CFOs and Investment Committees tackle their investment challenges.

Case study #1: Healthcare system reduces complexity, reduces volatility, improves pension funded status

To download this whitepaper, click here.

Case study #2: Regional hospital makes strategic decision to fund pension plan using long-term assets

To download this whitepaper, click here.













Title: Anesthesia Subsidy: Unraveling the Web of Doubt

Source: Somnia Anesthesia

 For many hospital administrators, the anesthesia subsidy has evolved into a web of uncertainty that is highly dependent for the sustainability of anesthesia department. While general consensus is that the best scenario is to eliminate the anesthesia subsidy, the truth is that a prevalent lack of understanding of what it encompasses is the biggest issue.

 Several factors contribute to the confusion of what an anesthesia subsidy actually provides, notably complex billing and reimbursement and lack of transparency given to the hospital by the anesthesia group. By obtaining a strong foundation of fluency in these two areas, hospital executives will then understand what the anesthesia subsidy is, and more importantly, the value it should provide to their facility.

Somnia’s latest Anesthesia Perspectives, “Anesthesia Subsidy: Unraveling the Web of Doubt,” delves into this topic in greater detail and provides greater transparency of the anesthesia subsidy. It uncovers questions like:

  • “What's actually included in the anesthesia subsidy?"
  • “What’s the value it should provide to my hospital?”
  • “What should I demand from my anesthesia provider?” 

Download this paper to understand what you should be receiving from your anesthesia team.










 Organizational Culture Performance 


Title: Front Line Staff, the Patient Experience and Your Bottom Line  - Avoiding the “Cultural Hourglass”


Source: Select International


How can your talent acquisition team help you to improve patient outcomes, reduce re-admissions, improve patient satisfaction and reduce costs?  Obviously, by bringing in transformational leaders, innovative physicians, and highly patient-focused nurses.  But what about nursing assistants?  Dietary staff?  Environmental services?  Don’t underestimate the impact of front line staff.  You will find the answers to these questions and more in our whitepaper, Front Line Staff, the Patient Experience and Your Bottom Line  - Avoiding the “Cultural Hourglass.” Click here to access whitepaper.





Title: HealthStream Onboarding Series: Essential Best Practices in Preceptor Training

Source: HealthStream

 New hospital culture calls for high performers who have the skills & confidence to work well in diverse environment, manage complex technologies and medical equipment, as well as deliver high-touch patient care. Bringing new nurses up to speed in this dynamic care environment is a challenge to be sure, but it is imperative as Value Based Purchasing and pay-for-performance programs start to become the standard across government and commercial payers, respectively. 

One of the best ways a hospital can prepare new nurses is by offering an advanced onboarding process that is anchored by a nurse preceptorship program.

A successful preceptorship program offers a supportive environment in which nurses of all skill levels can become clinically competent and emotionally adjusted over a condensed time period. A preceptorship also offers three very significant fringe benefits…. Click here to access whitepaper.





truven smallTitle: Enhancing the Reliability of Physician Performance on Hospital Outcome Measures

Source: Truven Health Analytics

Physician executives seeking to assess and improve physician performance on patient outcome measures are facing a number of specific challenges. In previous work, we have discussed the importance of using appropriate analytics to determine the extent to which variation in patient outcomes can be attributed to physicians versus other aspects of hospital care.

Research has also shown that physician-level performance profiles are frequently unreliable, due largely to small sample sizes.

Failure to appropriately handle such challenges in practice can lead to incorrect conclusions, wasteful use of limited quality improvement resources, and, in some cases, alienation of physician partners. Download the whitepaper here.





sm tw logo wpTitle: Case Study: North Shore-LIJ Health System -  Improving Employee and Community Health by Design

Source: Towers Watson

Lasting change starts from within. That’s the philosophy of North Shore-LIJ Health System (NS-LIJ) as it transforms its approach to employee health care. Through benefit plan redesign, data analytics and new wellness programs, NS-LIJ is improving the health of its 46,000 employees while controlling benefit costs. Download the whitepaper here.





Title: When We're Feeling Better, They're Feeling Better: How Hospitals Can Impact Employee Behavior to Drive Better Care Outcomes

Source: Towers Watson

Drawing on our work with clients in the health care industry, Towers Watson has studied the connections between employee opinion measures and business performance using data from over 600 health care units within several U.S. hospital systems. Through these analyses, we found that the link between positive work attitudes and better clinical performance is most likely to occur when two critical pillars are in place:

  • Leadership focus on core organizational values.
  • Consistent on-the-job support.

What follows is a closer look at the set of linkage analyses we've conducted from work we've done with these systems, which illustrate the strength of these connections in practical terms. We also highlight actions that hospital leaders can take to influence the employee behaviors that help drive better results for the organization. Download the whitepaper here.





Title: A Whitepaper Three-Pack: Everything You Need to Accelerate Performance Today

Source: AchieveIt

Whether you are looking to build flawless strategic or operational plans, drive accountability to unprecedented levels, or execute with focused precision, your ultimate goal is to produce better results, more often, and sooner rather than later. That is what this collection of top white papers from AchieveIt is designed to do – help you execute smarter, faster, and better. This bundled set includes the following titles: 1) Accelerating Business Results Through Better Execution, 2) Three Strategies That Will Elevate Organizational Accountability Immediately, and 3) How to Build a Foolproof Plan. Download the whitepapers here.





Title: How Culture Drives, or Hinders, Hospital Outcomes

Source: Select International

This paper discusses the struggles that healthcare organizations face with culture change due to the fact that they are often unclear on what it means and how it links to their overall goals. Culture manifests itself in the collective behaviors of the workforce so the desired behaviors need to be identified and encouraged and detrimental behaviors cannot be tolerated. Read more to learn how culture can drive, or hinder, hospital outcomes. Download this whitepaper here.





Title: Building a Quality Framework: The Structure and Focus That Create a High-Performing Organization

Source: Studer Group

Every healthcare organization wants to be high performing. The desire to provide high-quality care to every patient in every department every day in every interaction is woven into our very DNA. And of course, in a Pay for Performance environment, our ability to do so consistently determines our likelihood of survival. Read how to execute properly, every time. Download the whitepaper here.





Title: Quality and the Accountability Connection: Why We Can’t Have One without the Other

Source: Studer Group

Quality has always mattered. Delivering top-notch clinical quality day after day, and striving to get better and better at doing so, have always been our industry’s main goals. After all, patient care isn’t just another product or service. We’re talking about saving human lives, and we have a human responsibility to do our best work. Learn how to stay focused on your overall goal of providing the best care to the patient. Download the whitepaper here.










Process Improvement


Title: How Hospitals Can Increase OR Profitability: 6 Interventions to Reduce Costs and Increase Revenue in Surgical Services 

Source: Surgical Directions

The OR is the traditional revenue engine of the hospital. Perioperative services at better performing institutions contributes up to 68% of a hospital’s revenue and up to 60% of a hospital’s operating margin. But as more patient volume transitions to government payers through the Affordable Care Act, the balance sheet is shifting. In many hospitals, the surgical services department no longer delivers the profit the organization needs to survive. What can hospital leaders do to shore up OR profitability? The key is to address root problems in OR organization and processes. This whitepaper from Surgical Directions describes six interventions that will transform your OR into a high-margin driver of hospital financial performance. Download the whitepaper here.











Physician Integration


Title: Making Strategic Decisions

Source: Sheridan Healthcare

The three best practices on how a national physician services organization may help advance hospital-physician collaboration with your facility.

With a spotlight on national physician services organizations, this white paper explores the foundation necessary for gaining timely hospital-physician collaboration while also ensuring that alignment and integration last. Download the whitepaper here.





Title: Physician Acquisition: Is It The Right Strategy For Your Health System?

Source: athenahealth

A dizzying number of recent acquisitions, both physician practices acquiring more physicians and hospital systems acquiring physicians, have been occurring in today’s volatile health care environment. But are acquisitions really the right way to go? And how can health care leaders pursue successful strategies without resorting to acquisition? Before your hospital system or medical group pursues acquisition as a strategy to thrive through the ongoing change, consider the thought-provoking points in this whitepaper. Download it here.











Health Information Technology


Title: The Checkbox is Not the Patient

Source: M*Modal

Although electronic medical records are a valuable tool to improve and coordinate patient care, they do not replace a providers' interaction with a patient. The EMR might be a single location for clinicians to access lots of patient information, but this collection of maps should not be confused with "the truth." In attempting to build a “single source of truth” that supports computer-assisted reporting and decision-making, EMRs have tried to make clinicians enter data in formats that computers understand. The primary EMR tool to achieve these goals has been the checkbox and its variants (e.g. radio buttons and list boxes). Like most great tools, the checkbox and its cousins are overused. As a result, providers must be cautious to ensure the EMR and its checkboxes do not overtake complete patient interactions. This whitepaper overviews problems that can arise when this is the case and provides three key actions providers can take to reduce the problems health IT can create. Download it here.





Title: Meeting the Challenges of HIPAA Compliance, Phishing Attacks and Mobile Security

Source: Proofpoint

Healthcare organizations face three major IT security and compliance challenges:

(1) Regulations such as HIPAA are getting stricter and enforcement actions are becoming more common and costly. (2) Hackers and criminal syndicates are targeting healthcare organizations with new forms of intrusive IT attacks that steal valuable data. (3) As in other industries, healthcare is undergoing an IT revolution enabled by consumer-class mobile devices like iPads and Android phones. While smartphones and tablets give healthcare workers unprecedented access to patient records and other medical data on the go, this new, decentralized infrastructure often makes it more difficult for HCOs to protect confidential data.

Read this whitepaper to learn about:

1.The top IT security challenges faced by healthcare organizations — from HIPAA compliance and phishing attacks to mobile security.

2. How the "bring your own device" (BYOD) trend puts organizations at greater risk of security threats and regulatory violations.

3.Strategies your organization can use to mitigate challenges related to compliance, cyber threats and mobile security.

Download the whitepaper here.





Title: Making Sense of Big Data: Using Data Analytics to Drive Population Health

Source: IBM

As healthcare organizations — including health systems, accountable care organizations and large medical groups — prepare for population health management, one of the biggest challenges facing them will be where to start and what initiatives will have the most impact. Luckily for these organizations, the answers to these questions already exist within their electronic health record and other data systems. However, many organizations lack the ability to make sense of this unstructured data. Two whitepapers presented by IBM — "Leveraging Smart Technology to Deliver the Future of Healthcare" and "Unlocking the Power of Unstructured Data" — discuss how healthcare organizations can use data mining to inform decision-making around strategies for improving population health. Download the whitepapers here.





Title: Survey Results: The Role of Mobility Strategies in Healthcare

Source: Amcom

The method of electronic communication continues to evolve as smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices become the preferred tools for providers. Nearly 300 healthcare organizations were surveyed to better understand how hospitals are implementing mobility strategies and what topics they identify as important to consider. This whitepaper examines the top three topics and discusses solution ideas. Download the whitepaper here.





Title: Extended Validation SSL Certificates

Source: Thawte

Do customers trust your website? Extended Validation SSL delivers the acknowledged industry standard for the highest level of online identity assurance processes for SSL certificate issuance. Find out how the EV standard increases the visibility of authentication status through the use of a green address bar in the latest high security web browsers and inspires confidence from visitors to your website. Download the whitepaper here.










Revenue Cycle & Collections


Title: Hospital Billing Optimizer: Advanced Analytics Solution to Minimize Hospital Systems’ Revenue Leakage

Source: Opera Solutions

Hospitals are already struggling with razor-thin profit margins and losing out on hundreds of millions of dollars because of incorrect billing. And as invoices become more complex, the problem is only getting worse. Existing solutions—human review or rules-based analytics—are not able to address the problem. But advanced analytics that use pattern-recognition techniques and bring together many models of comparison are proving far more effective in minimizing revenue leakage. This whitepaper explores one revenue leakage solution that reduces the number of missed charges and uses machine-learning technology to accommodate each hospital and adapt to changing regulationsover time. Learn more about how Big Data and advanced analytics can increase both auditor efficiency and revenue while giving management better oversight. Download the whitepaper here.





Title: Solving the Patient Payment Conundrum - Reducing Accounts Receivable Days while Improving the Patient Experience

Source: Billing Tree

This is an exciting yet challenging time for healthcare revenue cycle management. One reality remains evident - patients will continue to pay more out of pocket for healthcare services, regardless of their status with public or private payers. This whitepaper explores Patient Payment Portals and how new technology is helping healthcare providers meet the pressing challenges of reducing bad debt by improving patient billing and collection. Learn more about the state of the patient’s role in healthcare revenue cycle management and a vision of where things may be headed and how you may need to adapt as a PCP, group, facility, hospital, clinic, specialty or lab. Download the whitepaper here.





Title: Chargemaster Automation: A Strategic Asset for Achieving Revenue Integrity

Source: Craneware

With healthcare reform, healthcare organizations must find ways to operate more efficiently and deliver value. This paper shows how, as the central point of the revenue cycle, automating chargemaster maintenance is a vital tool for ensuring optimal reimbursement, operational efficiency and compliance. Download the whitepaper here.





Title: Enhancing Cash Collections & Internal Controls

Source: Zirmed

Healthcare co-payments now account for 20% of total revenue in the typical physician practice, but providers who have not adopted the current set of industry best practices generally only collect 50-60% of these payments. By implementing the best practices in this whitepaper, healthcare providers can increase collection rates to over 90% and decrease billing expenses, both of which contribute to wider operating margins and a healthier bottom line. Download the whitepaper here.











Supply Chain


Title: Procurement Optimization: A Holistic Approach

Source: GHX

This whitepaper for healthcare executives examines procurement in today's healthcare environment and provides recommendations for using technology, people and processes to optimize procurement. Topics addressed include: the importance and key challenges of procurement optimization; the bottom-line impact of physician preference items; the real, measurable benefits of creating a tighter linkage between revenue cycle and supply chain; and the four steps to achieve an optimal procurement function. Download the whitepaper here.




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