Rate of Mass. hospital executive pay growth eclipses healthcare spending

Pay raises for many Massachusetts hospital executives increased faster than the rate of state healthcare spending in 2014, according to filings with the Internal Revenue Service, the Boston Globe reported. By Tamara Rosin -

Union drops measure to cap hospital executive pay in Arizona

A union has dropped its initiative in Arizona that would have capped hospital executives' pay at that of the U.S. president, according to an Associated Press report published by the Times Union.  By Kelly Gooch -

Medicare paid female physicians $19k less than males in 2012

One of the largest objective studies on Medicare pay disparity between male and female physicians has found female physicians were reimbursed $18,677.23 less than their male colleagues in 2012, and were paid less across 13 specialties, according to a report recently published in the Postgraduate Medical Journal. By Tamara Rosin -

Nursing home RN wages continue to increase in 2016

The hourly wages for registered nurses in nursing homes increased by 2.86 percent in 2016, according to Hospital & Healthcare Compensation Service's 2016-2017 Nursing Home Salary & Benefits Report. By Tamara Rosin -

10 physician specialties with largest compensation increases in 2016

Radiology, pulmonology and pediatrics are among the physician specialties with the fastest growing compensation this year, according to data from SullivanCotter's "2016 Medical Group Compensation and Productivity Survey."  By Emily Rappleye -

How did compensation change for executives, providers from 2015 to 2016?

Average annual compensation increased by 2.5 percent among physicians and surgeons from 2015 to 2016, while executives saw a 12.9 percent decrease, according to Health eCareers' 2016 Salary Guide. By Tamara Rosin -

Average salary by specialty in 2016

Cardiology was the highest paid physician specialty in 2016, according to Health eCareers' 2016 Salary Guide. By Tamara Rosin -

Ohio to pay PCPs more for effective preventive services for Medicaid patients

Ohio's Medicaid program will begin rewarding primary care physicians who effectively coordinate physical and mental healthcare, recommend preventive services, offer extended hours and provide other means of support to improve the health of their Medicaid patients, according to The Columbus Dispatch. By Tamara Rosin -

The case for paying hospital CEOs as much as the president

The current U.S. president makes $450,000 annually. Soon Arizona hospital CEOs may have their salaries capped at that amount, according to CBS News. By Erin Dietsche -

Infographic: Emerging compensation trends for advanced practice clinicians

Advanced practice clinicians — nurse practitioners and physician assistants — are among the fastest growing occupations in the U.S. labor force, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  By Emily Rappleye -

University of California ramps up rules for executives seeking external corporate positions

The University of California Board of Regents on Thursday approved more stringent moonlighting rules regarding executives' external corporate board positions, according to SF Gate. By Tamara Rosin -

4 surprising trends in resident pay, training

The average resident made $56,500 in 2015, up roughly 2 percent over the year prior, according to Medscape's "Residents Salary & Debt Report 2016."  By Emily Rappleye -

2015 physician compensation, work RVU by specialty

Physician compensation remained relatively flat in 2015, increasing just 3.1 percent on average, according to AMGA's "2016 Medical Group Compensation and Productivity Survey," which is based on data from 2015 earnings.  By Emily Rappleye -

Board director pay up to $263,500

Companies are adjusting board compensation to stay competitive and retain top directors, according to an analysis from advisory firm Willis Towers Watson.  By Emily Rappleye -

To save costs, McKesson could cut 1,000 workers or drop CEO

In March, McKesson announced plans to cut nearly 1,600 U.S. jobs to help trim costs.  Cutting jobs, though, still comes at a cost, mostly due to severance payments. But a Bloomberg report suggests the company could cut just one position for the same price: the CEO. By Akanksha Jayanthi -

UCSF hospital CEO under scrutiny for $5M payments for external board position

Mark Laret, CEO of UCSF Medical Center has received payments totaling more than $5 million in stock awards and cash since 2007 for his role on the boards of two companies that do millions of dollars of business with his hospital, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. By Tamara Rosin -

3 healthcare jobs that unexpectedly pay 6 figures

Glassdoor recently published a list of jobs that "you may not be as familiar with" that pay $100,000 or more, and three healthcare jobs made the cut. By Heather Punke -

Academic female physicians paid $20,000 less than male counterparts

U.S. public medical schools pay female academic physicians less than male academic physicians, even after accounting for age, experience, medical specialty, faculty rank and other factors, according to a study published by JAMA Internal Medicine.  By Emily Rappleye -

Measure to cap hospital executive pay added to Arizona ballot

A union-led initiative in Arizona will likely add a measure to the November ballot asking voters to cap hospital executives' pay at that of the U.S. president, according to Tuscon.com. By Tamara Rosin -

Biotechs have no pay gap between male and female CEOs

Women earn 79 cents for every dollar a man makes — except in the biotech market.  By Mackenzie Bean -

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