Due Friday, August 3rd.

  1. Badge Names

Due Friday, August 24th

  1. Tote Insert (1,000 pieces)

                          All Exhibitors may submit Tote Inserts.

                          Only Gold Sponsors may submit Tote Inserts.

                          Please do not submit anything larger than a standard 8.5x11 piece of paper.

                                       Send your tote insert to:
                                       Becker's Healthcare #1800
                                       ATTN: Maggie/Sofie RE: COMPANY NAME TOTE INSERT
                                       17 N State St.
                                       Chicago, IL 60602

       2. Certificate of Insurance

                      Example of a Certificate Insurance.

                      The Certificate of Insurance is a basic liability insurance that indemnifies
                      ASC Communications from being held liable, 
should anything happen to your booth materials at the event. 
                      Typically, you can get this from your legal team or Insurance Provider.

                      Please fill out as follows:

                                            The Insured: exhibitor name
The Certificate holder: ASC Communications, 315 Vernon Avenue, Glencoe, IL 60022

       3. Shipping and Handling form

       4. Power/AV form. Order before August 29th to receive earlybird discount pricing!

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