Med techs race to develop smart device inhalers

Inhalers used to treat asthma and chronic lung disease will soon be getting an upgrade.  By Mackenzie Bean -

Transforming data into insights that drive better outcomes

Do you know what happens when supply chain analytics are enabled by the right data collection technology?

QuVa Pharma expands with NJ facility

QuVa Pharma, a sterile compounding pharmaceutical company, recently acquired a new biotech facility in New Jersey.  By Mackenzie Bean -

FDA turns to banned factory to prevent cancer drug shortages

What's worse: importing drug ingredients from a Chinese factory with known quality control issues or experiencing a shortage in the U.S. of crucial cancer drugs?  By Mackenzie Bean -

7 latest FDA approvals

Here are the seven latest medical devices or drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration.  By Mackenzie Bean -

New prostate cancer therapy earns FDA approval

The Food and Drug Administration recently approved ANI Pharmaceuticals' nilutamide tablets.  By Mackenzie Bean -

FDA approves Crestor's generic rivals, much to Astrazeneca's dismay

The Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday approved several generic versions of the popular cholesterol-lowering drug Crestor, after AstraZeneca fought tooth and nail to prevent the generic rivals from hitting the market, according to The New York Times.  By Mackenzie Bean -

FDA approves Relistor to treat opioid-induced constipation

The Food and Drug Administration recently approved the tablet form of Relistor to treat opioid-induced constipation.  By Mackenzie Bean -

Supply chain tip of the week: Don't underestimate the power of tidbits and newsletters

Educating staff on supply chain practices can foster more efficiency, says Chris Johnson, head of supply chain at Tufts Medical Center in Boston.  By Mackenzie Bean -

Jury finds former J&J executives guilty of illegal marketing for medical devices

A federal jury in Boston convicted two former executives at Acclarent — a unit of Johnson & Johnson — of illegally marketing a medical device, according to TheWall Street Journal.  By Mackenzie Bean -

Push to lift Medicare ban on obesity drugs garners attention at RNC

A prominent pharmaceutical company sponsored an obesity-focused panel Wednesday at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland as part of an effort to push legislators to enact a bill that would lift the longstanding ban on Medicare coverage of obesity medication, according to STAT. By Tamara Rosin -

India's growing role in the US generic drug market: 5 things to know

Despite recent scrutiny by the Food and Drug Administration regarding India's drug manufacturing practices, the country's drug industry has grown in recent years and continues to act as a large contributor to the U.S. pharmaceutical market, according to Bloomberg.  By Mackenzie Bean -

Abbott's sales rise over high medical device demand

Abbott Park, Ill.-based Abbott Laboratories reported better-than-expected sales and profit for its second quarter, largely due to its sales in the medical device market, according to Reuters.  By Mackenzie Bean -

Patients expect discounts for soaring drug costs: 3 things to know

Patients feel entitled to drug discount programs when they're prescribed an expensive medication, according to a recent study.  By Mackenzie Bean -

Brexit's threat to the drug industry doesn't scare Novartis

Many pharmaceutical company executives are concerned over Brexit's impact on the European drug market, but Joe Jimenez, CEO Switzerland-based Novartis, doesn't fall in that category.  By Mackenzie Bean -

Compounded drug sales skyrocket, raise concerns over fraud

Government spending on compounded drugs has soared, causing federal investigators to question the possibility of fraud and overbilling, according to Kaiser Health News.  By Mackenzie Bean -

Healthcare Supply Chain Association: Generic drug competition drives down costs

The amount of generic rivals available in relation to a brand name treatment can affect drug costs, according to a report in the Journal of the American Medical Association.  By Mackenzie Bean -

FDA approves Belviq XR weight loss tablets

The Food and Drug Administration approved San Diego-based Arena Pharmaceuticals' Belviq XR extended-release tablets.  By Mackenzie Bean -

Celgene enters $2.5B deal with Jounce for cancer immunotherapy research

Jounce Therapeutics entered into a $2.5 billion investment agreement with Summit, N.J.-based Celgene to develop a new immunotherapy drug, according to Reuters.  By Mackenzie Bean -

FDA alerts providers of contaminated docusate sodium solution

The Food and Drug Administration and CDC are urging clinicians to abstain from using liquid docusate sodium products for any medical purpose due to contamination.  By Mackenzie Bean -

Smarter blood guidelines save Vanderbilt $2M

Creating more efficient processes for ordering, transporting and storing blood can save health systems millions of dollars and significantly reduce the amount of blood wasted, according to a task force from Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tenn.  By Mackenzie Bean -

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