Senators ask FDA for EpiPen alternatives: 4 things to know

A bipartisan group of senators on Wednesday sent a letter to Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Robert Califf, MD, urging the agency to help bring more EpiPen competitors to the market.  By Mackenzie Bean -

Managing large freight the right way: Invest smart, save big

Imagine reducing one of your large inbound freight bills from $1,764 to $307* without having to change a thing about the shipment except how it’s being managed.

Express Scripts CMO: Mylan can lower EpiPen costs whenever it wants

After Mylan CEO Heather Bresch blamed the pharmaceutical "middlemen" for causing the high price of EpiPens in an interview Thursday, Steve Miller, MD, CMO of Express Scripts, countered that her statement couldn't be "farther from the truth," reported CNBC.  By Mackenzie Bean -

Mylan CEO responds to EpiPen scrutiny in televised interview

Heather Bresch, the Mylan CEO at the center of the EpiPen pricing controversy, addressed scrutiny over the company's pricing practices in a televised interview Thursday on CNBC.  By Mackenzie Bean -

Sen. Joe Manchin breaks silence on EpiPen controversy

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) issued a statement Thursday regarding the high cost of EpiPens, reported ABC News. His daughter, Heather Bresch, is CEO of Mylan, the company behind the epinephrine injection.  By Mackenzie Bean -

5 latest FDA approvals

Here are the five latest medical devices or drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration.  By Mackenzie Bean -

11 drugmakers with the highest profit margins

Mylan is not the only drug company reaping financial benefits from excessive price hikes, reports USA Today.  By Mackenzie Bean -

Post-dermal procedure product earns FDA approval

The Food and Drug Administration recently approved a new post-dermal procedure product developed by Oculus Innovative Sciences.  By Mackenzie Bean -

FDA rejects Amgen's hormone imbalance treatment

The Food and Drug Administration rejected Amgen's new drug intended to treat hormonal imbalances that commonly occur in patients on dialysis, reports The Wall Street Journal.  By Mackenzie Bean -

Supply chain tip of the week: How to engage physicians in the decision-making process

"When contracting for physician preference items such as total joints, pacemakers, stents and other implants, it is wise to engage a group of physician stakeholders early on and involve them in the vendor selection process," said Rob Austin, director of supply chain atProvider Supply Chain Partners in Pittsburg, Pa.  By Mackenzie Bean -

FDA approves drug to treat hypertension

The Food and Drug Administration approved Jubilant Life Sciences' new drug for the treatment of hypertension.  By Mackenzie Bean -

EpiPens no longer free for South Carolina's largest school district

Starting in October, Greenville (S.C.) County School District will have to pay for EpiPens, which for the past three years were shipped to the district for free, according to a local NBC affiliate.  By Mackenzie Bean -

Hillary Clinton calls on Mylan to lower EpiPen prices

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is the newest political figure urging Mylan to voluntarily lower the price of its life-saving EpiPen injection, reports Reuters.  By Mackenzie Bean -

6 ways big data is fighting FWA

When Ann Maxwell, assistant inspector general of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Inspector General (OIG) testified before the Congressional Committee on Energy and Commerce's subcommittee on oversight and investigation in May of 2016, the new was sobering.  By Rena Bielinski, Pharm.D., A.H.F.I. -

Medical device, drug recalls soar in Q2

Recall activity for pharmaceutical products rose 35 percent in the second quarter of 2016 to their highest level since the third quarter of 2014, according to a new Recall Index report. It also found that medical device recall activity increased by 38 percent in the second quarter of 2016, making it a tie for highest quarter since the third quarter of 2014.  By Kelly Gooch -

Mylan vows to reduce patient costs in light of EpiPen pricing scandal

Facing large scrutiny for the high price of its EpiPen medication, Mylan promised Thursday to lower the cost patients must pay for the life-saving injection, reported The Wall Street Journal.  By Mackenzie Bean -

Medical device giant Medtronic takes over HeartWare for $1.1B

Oak Brook, Ill.-based Medtronic acquired medical device manufacturer HeartWare International for $1.1 billion, according to Nasdaq.  By Alyssa Rege -

AMA urges Mylan to lower cost of EpiPens

 The American Medical Association joined consumers and a handful of senators in scrutinizing Mylan's extreme price hikes for its life-saving EpiPen injection.  By Mackenzie Bean -

FDA grants priority review status to ovarian drug, company shares skyrocket

The Food and Drug Administration granted priority review status to Clovis Oncology's experimental cancer drug.  By Mackenzie Bean -

1 month until all Class II devices must be labeled with UDIs

Starting September 24, the Food and Drug Administration will require all Class II devices to be labeled with unique device identifiers.  By Mackenzie Bean -

EpiPen isn't the only drug with a price hike: Insulin prices skyrocket

Manufacturers associated with the EpiPen device have drawn heavy criticism from consumers and lawmakers, but it's not the only lifesaving drug on the market experiencing soaring costs. Insulin prices have risen to nearly $400 a month in some cases, roughly eight times its average value, according to The Missoulian.  By Alyssa Rege -

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