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  1. 5 states with most 1-star hospitals

    Out of 3,553 hospitals that have a Summary Star Rating on CMS' Hospital Compare website, 3 percent (101 hospitals) received the lowest mark — one star.  By Shannon Barnet -
  2. Microbial diversity, antibiotic resistance in isolated Amazonian tribe shocks scientists

    Deep in the remote Amazonian jungles in Venezuela lives an isolated tribe of Yanomami Amerindians who offer a key to "our microbial past," according to Jose C. Clemente, PhD, assistant professor of genetics and genomics at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City.  By Shannon Barnet -
  3. Beyond breakfast: Maple syrup can help combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria

    Laboratory experiments performed by researchers at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, found a concentrated maple syrup extract makes antibiotics more effective against disease-causing bacteria.  By Shannon Barnet -

The true cost of HAIs

We have all witnessed many lapses in the protection of patients from potential disease transmission. In an era of ever-increasing drug resistance by virulent organisms, increased vigilance on the part of care providers is essential.
  1. 7 steps to improving patient experience

    The key to driving improved patient experience at healthcare organizations is employee engagement, according to an online ASQ poll of more than 250 healthcare quality leaders.  By Shannon Barnet -
  2. Disneyland-linked measles outbreak declared over

    The major outbreak of measles tied to a Disneyland park in California is now over, according to California state health officials. By Heather Punke -
  3. Sedation drug is safe for ER patients despite FDA warning, study shows

    Droperidol, a sedation drug, is safe an effective to use to calm violent and aggressive patients in the ER even though it garnered a black box warning from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, according to a study published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine journal. By Heather Punke -
  4. Physician-owned hospitals fare well in Hospital Compare star ratings

    Just 251 of the 3,553 hospitals that received a star rating from CMS earned the best possible five-star rating, and 84 of those fall into a specific category: they are owned by physicians.  By Heather Punke -

Hospital trends and strategies

Join us for a two part webinar jointly presented by Mark Dixon and Dr. Joseph Sferra. Mark Dixon, former Chief Executive of Abbott Northwestern Hospital and President of Fairview Health Services, will pull from his 30+ years of healthcare leadership experience to discuss what's happening today with IDN's, hospital trends and strategies.
  1. Top 10 infection control stories, April 13-17

    Star ratings on Hospital Compare, surgical attire safety problems and an HIV outbreak in Indiana piqued the interest of clinical quality and infection control readers last week. By Heather Punke -
  2. Hospital Compare launches star ratings: Industry leaders react

    CMS' Hospital Compare launched its five-star rating system Thursday, to mixed reviews from industry leaders.  By Heather Punke -
  3. 8 clinical research findings to know this week

    Here are eight articles on medical research study findings from the week of April 13.  By Shannon Barnet -
  4. Henry Ford Health System ships out new hospital gowns

    Detroit-based Henry Ford Health System has their patients' backs covered, literally. The system has shipped out more than 35,000 new gowns that cover their patients' derrières to its hospitals.  By Shannon Barnet -
  1. 3 hurdles to achieving patient satisfaction

    Many healthcare quality leaders agree; improving the patient experience is important, but that's not to say that it's always easy. An online poll of more than 250 healthcare quality leaders conducted by ASQ found three challenges that make implementing patient experience initiatives difficult.  By Shannon Barnet -
  2. CMS' new hospital rating system: 5 things to know about calculating the star ratings

    CMS launched star ratings Thursday on its Hospital Compare website as a way to streamline hospital ratings for patients trying to make healthcare decisions.  By Emily Rappleye -
  3. Which states have the most CMS 5-star hospitals?

    Just 251 hospitals earned the highest possible star rating as part of CMS' Hospital Compare's new rating system, and some states have many more five-star hospitals than others. By Heather Punke -
  4. HIV outbreak in Indiana continues to grow

    The number of people infected with HIV in the southeastern Indiana outbreak has grown by more than 20 in less than a week, with confirmed cases totaling 120. An additional 10 cases are waiting lab confirmation. This is an increase of 24 new cases in just a week. By Heather Punke -
  5. Star ratings go live on Hospital Compare: How many hospitals got 5 stars?

    As of Thursday, potential patients can now see star ratings of hospitals on CMS' Hospital Compare website. By Heather Punke -
  6. 3 keys to improve the patient experience, lower costs

    Improving communication between patients and healthcare staff is the No. 1 factor in improving patient experience, according to more than 80 percent of healthcare quality leaders surveyed in an online poll conducted by ASQ.  By Shannon Barnet -
  7. 3 risk factors for recurrence of CRE carriage

    Researchers determined three risk factors for recurrence of carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae among patients presumed CRE-free in a case-control study published in Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology.  By Shannon Barnet -
  8. Diabetes, depression increase risk for dementia, study finds

    People with comorbid type 2 diabetes and depression are at a higher risk of developing dementia than people with just one of the conditions, according to a recent study published in JAMA Psychiatry.  By Shannon Barnet -
  9. Health surveys underestimate number, cost of poisonings in US

    National health surveys that collect data on poisonings in the U.S. may underestimate poisoning incidence by 60 to 90 percent, according to recent research from the University of Illinois at Chicago.  By Shannon Barnet -

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