• Iowa regulator approves double-digit rate hikes for 4 insurers

    Health insurance premium rates will rise for more than 75,000 Iowa residents next year after the state's insurance commissioner approved rate requests for four insurers Monday.  By Morgan Haefner -
  • Gov. Christie: NJ Medicaid expansion insured more than half a million

    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) said Monday the state's Medicaid expansion allowed more than half a million residents to obtain health insurance, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported.  By Morgan Haefner -
  • 9 statistics about next year's ACA marketplaces

    With 2.3 million Affordable Care Act marketplace enrollees facing the choice of one insurer next year — up 2 million from 2016 —  insurer pullbacks may threaten competition in nearly a third of U.S. counties.  By Morgan Haefner -
  • 10 things to know about America's high-cost, high-need population

    High-need adults — those with three or more chronic diseases and functional limitations inhibiting self-care or daily tasks — are seated with some of the highest medical costs.  By Morgan Haefner -
  • Aetna's credit prospects improve following ACA pullback

    Moody's Investors Service said Aetna enhanced its credit prospects after retracting from Affordable Care Act exchanges in over 500 counties, the Hartford Courant reported.  By Morgan Haefner -
  • NY's low-cost health plan may drive up premiums

    New York's essential health insurance plan helps low-income individuals purchase coverage. However, it may increase premiums for others purchasing coverage through the state's exchange, the Observer-Dispatch reports.  By Morgan Haefner -
  • Tennessee commissioner: State exchange on verge of collapse

    Tennessee's Insurance Commissioner Julie McPeak fears the state's Affordable Care Act exchange may collapse after insurance regulators approved major rate hikes for insurers, reports The Tennessean. By Brooke Murphy -
  • Utah unconcerned about Humana's depature

    Humana will not sell individual health plans on Utah's government exchange next year, reports Salt Lake Tribune. By Brooke Murphy -
  • Will ACA premium increases influence races for US Senate seats?

    Insurers in swing states are requesting some of the steepest premium increases for 2017 Affordable Care Act plans, a move that could give Republican senators who want to see the ACA repealed a leg up in the upcoming election, according to a Politico report.  By Kelly Gooch -
  • Cigna latest to file complaint against bankrupt Pioneer hospital

    Cigna Healthcare of North Carolina is the latest company to request an injunction in the potential sale of Pioneer Community Hospital of Stokes County in Danbury, N.C., reports Winston-Salem Journal. By Brooke Murphy -
  • The ACA exchanges, then and now: 5 statistics

    Here are 5 statistics that track how Affordable Care Act exchanges across the U.S. have fluctuated between 2014 and 2017, according to Vox. By Brooke Murphy -
  • 2 Washington payers fined $750k for delayed payments

    Washington Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler fined Regence BlueCross BlueShield and Asuris Northwest Health $750,000 each for violating insurance regulations related to consumer access and delayed claims reimbursement to providers, reports The Washington Times. By Brooke Murphy -
  • 3 major Oregon health insurers swing into black

    Financial statements from Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Northwest, Regence BlueCross BlueShield and Providence Health Plan show significant market gains in the first half of 2016, reports Portland Business Journal. By Brooke Murphy -
  • HHS: Most ACA enrollees can buy plans under $75 in 2017

    HHS has released a report showing that people who purchase plans on government exchanges in 2017 can still pay affordable monthly premiums, even if all final rates increased by double digits. By Brooke Murphy -
  • Premera, MultiCare Health System agree on new contract

    Premera Blue Cross and MultiCare Health System in Tacoma, Wash., have signed a three-year, value-based contract, reports The Spokesman-Review. By Brooke Murphy -
  • Kentucky governor submits new plan to feds to overhaul Medicaid

    Kentucky Governor Mat Bevin submitted an updated waiver proposal to the federal government in an effort to curb public criticism of the state's proposed Medicaid expansion plan, according to the Lexington Hearld-Leader.  By Alyssa Rege -
  • Indiana insurer drops out of ACA exchanges

    Nonprofit insurer Physicians Health Plan of Northern Indiana in Fort Wayne has decided to stop selling individual plans on the Affordable Care Act exchanges next year, The Journal Gazette reports. By Brooke Murphy -
  • Piedmont, UnitedHealthcare dispute carried into ARMC merger

    Atlanta-based Piedmont Healthcare's acquisition of Athens (Ga.) Regional Medical Center could threaten the hospital's in-network status with UnitedHealthcare, reports Flagpole. By Brooke Murphy -
  • Oscar to exit 2 ACA markets

    New York City-based Oscar Health will end sales of Affordable Care Act plans in New Jersey and Dallas, according to Bloomberg.  By Ayla Ellison -
  • Cain Brothers: 3 core thoughts on public health exchanges

    Clear structural flaws have emerged in the design and function of the public health exchanges, evidenced by both payers and insurance coops financial struggles. As the marketplace evolves, however, executives at investment banking firm Cain Brothers predict market conditions will inform a new type of payer, insurance design and consumer suited to success.  By Alyssa Rege and Brooke Murphy -

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