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  1. MIT creates ingestible origami robot to mend stomachs

    Researchers have created a minuscule origami robot that unfolds itself from a swallowed capsule and, steered by external magnetic fields, moves across the stomach wall to remove swallowed objects or patch wounds.  By Mackenzie Bean -
  2. HP Enterprise will merge its IT business with Computer Sciences Corp.

    Palo Alto, Calif.-based Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. plans to combine its pressured IT services arm with Falls Church, Va.-based Computer Sciences Corp., according to Reuters. By Erin Marshall -
  3. St. Luke's Epic go-live on time, under budget; Google investigated for tax fraud; IBM names chief health transformation officer — 7 health IT key notes

    Here are seven recent news updates on key health IT companies. By Akanksha Jayanthi -

How to make major transformational benefit with minimal impact by utilizing a modern telecommunications platform

Learn how healthcare providers can utilize communications to deliver staff productivity gains and improve both staff and patient experience at the same time.
  1. Dell Services names VP, global GM of healthcare and life sciences

    Dell Services has appointed Dan Allison as vice president and global general manager of its healthcare and life sciences division. By Akanksha Jayanthi -
  2. Alphabet chairman Eric Schmidt uses an iPhone

    In a toeing of party lines, Alphabet Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt revealed that he uses an Apple iPhone, a product of Google's direct competitor, reports CNBC. By Akanksha Jayanthi -
  3. IT job market hits lowest growth rate in 5 years

    IT job growth significantly slowed in April, producing the lowest growth numbers in five years, reports The Wall Street Journal, citing an analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics data by consulting firm Janco Associates. By Akanksha Jayanthi -
  4. Apple, Samsung supplier replaces 60,000 factory workers with robots

    In efforts to reduce labor costs, a county in the Jiangsu province in China is replacing factory workers with artificial intelligence robots. One company headquartered in the Kunshan county, Foxconn, a manufacturer and supplier of electronics to companies including Apple and Samsung, recently reported eliminating 60,000 factory jobs, according to a South China Morning Post report. By Akanksha Jayanthi -

Exploring the link between IT implementations and CIO burnout

More and more demands are being placed on the IT side of healthcare organizations. For CIOs, this can mean longer hours, higher expectations and pressure to ensure smooth roll outs and implementations, often while understaffed.
  1. Police investigating Google Paris for tax evasion

    French police raided Google's Paris headquarters Tuesday as the government continues investigations in the tech company for corruption and tax fraud, reports Reuters. By Akanksha Jayanthi -
  2. HHS releases final data security principles for Precision Medicine Initiative

    A priority of the federal government's Precision Medicine Initiative was to establish a framework to ensure data involved in the PMI remains private and secure. Now, HHS has released the final Data Security Policy Principles and Framework for the PMI. By Akanksha Jayanthi -
  3. Mercy named 'Analytics Wizard' by SAP

    Mercy Technology Services, the IT division at St. Louis-based Mercy, was recognized as an Analytics Wizard by global software company SAP. By Akanksha Jayanthi -
  4. IBM names Dr. Paul Tang chief health transformation officer

    For six weeks, Paul Tang, MD, has dived into his new position as IBM Watson Health's chief health transformation officer. This is a newly created position for IBM Watson Health, one in which Dr. Tang will find ways to aggregate large sets of data and apply learnings at the individual level. By Akanksha Jayanthi -
  1. Community hospitals: New models for success

    Last year I visited more than 80 community hospitals. Most are remote outposts of care, and often the last hope of medical aid for miles. I have logged thousands of miles shuttling between them and spoken with hundreds of staff. Across the board, every one of their leaders has made hard decisions in the past year — who to layoff to save money, how much to invest in new technology, and when to make the switch to value-based care.  By Reed Liggin, athenahealth -
  2. Most fear it, others embrace it…Audits!

    In a recent Hayes Management Consulting blog, Jayne Dalton explains why most fear it, others embrace it...Audits!  By Staff -
  3. 5 Things hospitals need to know about credit card security compliance

    As a rule, "compliance" is taken seriously in healthcare. Adhering to regulations ensures patient safety, maintains patient privacy, shields hospitals from financial penalties, and protects institutional reputations. For a number of reasons, though, hospitals have been slower to comply with regulations protecting credit card data.  By David King, Co-founder and CTO, OnPlan Health -
  4. JAMIA Study: Wolters Kluwer surveillance system reduces sepsis deaths

    The Decision Support Software Improved Early Diagnosis Using Automated Data Analysis and Accurate Alerts Sent to Mobile Devices  By Staff -
  5. 29 hospitals, health systems seeking Cerner, MEDITECH, Epic talent

    The top three vendors hospitals use to attest to the meaningful use program are Cerner, MEDITECH and Epic, according to March 2015 ONC data.  By Akanksha Jayanthi -
  6. Microsoft to cut 1,850 jobs as smartphone business dwindles

    In the face of a poorly performing smartphone business, Microsoft plans to cut up to 1,850 jobs, the majority of them in Finland, reports The New York Times. By Akanksha Jayanthi -
  7. CIO focus shifts to driving revenue instead of cutting costs

    Organizations are increasingly encouraging IT departments to focus on projects that make money instead of projects that cut costs, according to a survey conducting by KPMG and recruiting firm and IT outsourcing provider Harvey Nash. By Akanksha Jayanthi -
  8. Apple seeks lawyer specializing in health privacy, hinting at med-tech developments

    For clues regarding what Apple's latest project may be, one can look at the company's job postings. The tech giant is seeking a "Privacy Counsel" with a focus on HIPAA and health to develop privacy solutions for products, suggesting Apple is planning to make further strides in the healthcare environment, reports Business Insider. By Akanksha Jayanthi -
  9. Mass General to build virtual clinic for Down syndrome patients

    In an attempt to address the physician shortage and reach patients without access to primary care physicians, Massachusetts General Hospital is developing a portal for patients with Down syndrome to receive care, reports The Boston Herald. By Akanksha Jayanthi -

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