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  1. Google, Twitter, Yahoo among third parties accessing data

    An analysis by congressional staffers revealed that Google, Twitter, Yahoo and are among the third parties receiving information from  By Elizabeth Earl -
  2. New software analyzes human genome in 90 minutes

    The first human genome sequencing took 13 years and cost $3 billion. It can now be done in a matter of days, but drawing meaningful conclusions from millions of points of data is cumbersome. However, new software can do it in less than 90 minutes, according to a study published in Genome Biology.  By Elizabeth Earl -
  3. Proposal outlines framework for quantifying value of health IT

    Much has been made of investing in health IT, but with the high cost of purchase and implementation, determining IT's actual value is murkier. One proposal in the American Journal of Managed Care suggests a framework for a better sense of the value of health IT.  By Elizabeth Earl -

Integrated networks and population health 

As organizations plan and prepare for value-based care, they also must remain focused on margins threatened by increased cost structure and declines in reimbursement in the current fee-for service environment. 
  1. Missouri state representative pushes for telehealth coverage in schools

    Some schools in Missouri may soon have access to telehealth services that would be covered under Medicaid.  By Elizabeth Earl -
  2. 8 recent vendor contracts, go-lives

    The following IT vendor contracts and go-lives were reported within the past week.  By Akanksha Jayanthi -
  3. ONC meeting notes: MU attestation updates

    On Jan. 27, the ONC Health IT Standards Committee held a meeting discussing the state and patterns of meaningful use attestation. By Akanksha Jayanthi -
  4. CIO Patrick O'Hare: Leading HIE efforts in Michigan

    As senior vice president and CIO of Grand Rapids, Mich.-based Spectrum Health, Patrick O'Hare oversees the information and technology management of a $4.2 billion, 19,000 employee health system. By Akanksha Jayanthi -

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  1. CIO Dick Escue: Committed to interoperability

    Dick Escue has spent the last 16 months of his 25-year IT career as CIO of Valley View Hospital in Glenwood, Colo. By Akanksha Jayanthi -
  2. Telehealth provider suing Texas Medical Board for 'bogus' consultation requirements

    Dallas-based Teladoc, a telehealth services provider, has filed a lawsuit against the Texas Medical Board for filing an emergency rule limiting the use of telephones in practicing medicine. By Akanksha Jayanthi -
  3. 8 IT hiring trends in 2015

    Information technology is growing in all industries and sectors. Here are eight trends IT leaders will be looking for in the year ahead, presented by By Akanksha Jayanthi -
  4. Epic leads 2014 Best in KLAS awards

    Vendor performance monitor KLAS has announced its 2014 Best in KLAS award winners. By Akanksha Jayanthi -
  1. ONC sets 2017 interoperability deadline

    The Office of the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology introduced a series of goals to promote advancement of the national use of electronic health systems and set a goal of complete nationwide interoperability by 2017.  By Elizabeth Earl -
  2. EMR implementation a mixed bag for family practitioners

    As the meaningful use deadline closes in, more family practitioners are implementing EHR systems. However, physicians' responses are sometimes mixed, according to a new study.  By Elizabeth Earl -
  3. NY lawmakers seek to delay e-prescribing deadline

    As the deadline looms for physicians to switch to solely electronic prescriptions, several New York state legislators are aiming to push back the date.  By Elizabeth Earl -
  4. Kinnser introduces mobile EMR app that works without Internet connection

    A flickering Internet connection can frustrate many medical professionals trying to work on an EMR. Kinnser Software has tried to circumvent that with its new app Kinnser Link that allows doctors to document patient information without an Internet connection or cell service.  By Elizabeth Earl -
  5. Riverside County reports data breach following laptop theft

    A laptop reported missing from Riverside County Regional Medical Center in Moreno Valley, Calif., may contain the data of 7,900 patients who received ophthalmology and dermatology services.  By Elizabeth Earl -
  6. Physicians call for multifaceted fix to errant Vitamin D test orders

    Physicians are frequently ordering the wrong test for vitamin D levels, and two advocates are calling for closer observation and better IT utilization to solve the problem.  By Elizabeth Earl -
  7. Sylvia Mathews Burwell pledges HHS support for mHealth compliance with HIPAA

    HHS Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell confirmed in a letter to Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Oregon) that the agency would take additional steps to ensure HIPAA compliance with mHealth apps.  By Elizabeth Earl -
  8. American Telemedicine Association doubts success of Congressional telehealth bill

    In its comments comments to the Congressional Telehealth Workgroup, the American Telemedicine Association expressed concern for the bill's success.  By Elizabeth Earl -
  9. CIO Stephanie Reel: An all-encompassing IT leader

    Stephanie Reel has served as CIO and vice provost for IT of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, since January 1999.  By Akanksha Jayanthi -