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Process Improvement

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Title: The Future of Hospital Patient Acquisition: 4 Big Steps for 2018

Source: Scorpion

Is it possible to choose the patients you want?

Niche targeting in pay-per-click advertising may be the next big thing in healthcare marketing as technology and consumer behavior push further into localized solutions.

In this white paper on Choosing Patients with Precision: The Future of Niche Targeting in Healthcare Marketing, we’ll explore:

  • Changing consumer behavior and its effect on the Healthcare industry
  • The growing preference for local solutions in digital search
  • And a breakdown of niche targeting at work

Get the white paper here and take the first step in addressing the health needs of your community, while exposing yourself to new patient streams. 

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Title: Solving the Policy Problem for Healthcare Data Sharing


Source: Change Healthcare

The ability to acquire and then manage data at scale is a core competency in a value-based healthcare environment, not only to ensure the best quality of care but also better manage costs for risk-based contracts. Many health systems have already begun exploring options for better data acquisition and aggregation. But healthcare data cannot be infinitely accessible. Data relating to patient health is controlled by a complex matrix of federal policy, state laws, and business agreements. The complexity of these restrictions makes it challenging to ensure that the right user is seeing the right data for the right purpose.

Download this whitepaper to help understand:

  • Data policy, the complexity, and obstacles you may face
  • Benefits of a global data policy solution
  • How you can include data policy as part of your data strategy

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Title: Disrupting Healthcare: Risks and Rewards of Telehealth

Source: URAC

urac logo blue gold rgb

URAC, the independent leader in promoting healthcare quality through accreditation, certification, and measurement, developed this Industry Insight report, Disrupting Healthcare: Risks and Rewards of Telehealth, to examine the challenges and opportunities in this fast-growing field.


  • The major factors driving the growth of telehealth
  • Risks and challenges for providers
  • Opportunities for the future
  • Role of independent, third-party accreditation

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Title: Evidence-based studies show digital health apps effective at managing AECOPD symptoms — Here’s how...

1280px Mylan Logo.svg

Source: Mylan

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a leading cause of emergency hospital admissions and readmissions in the U.S. Early interventions for worsening COPD symptoms help shorten their duration and reduce their severity. Telemedicine and digital health solutions have emerged as effective, patient-friendly tools to facilitate improved patient-clinician communication and daily symptom tracking, resulting in fewer acute exacerbations.

Download this white paper to learn:

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Title: Scaling Patient Follow Up: Creating a Centralized Model of Success for Providers

cipherhealth logo pentaho v2

Source: Cipher Health

Patient follow up is a key strategy for hospitals looking to reduce readmissions and increase patient satisfaction. In this whitepaper, Scaling Patient Follow Up by Creating a Centralized Model of Success for Providers, learn how your organization can create efficient processes for patient outreach. 

Inside the whitepaper: 

  • Learn how to improve patient outcomes and experiences by creating an efficient follow-up process
  • See how hospitals and health systems are achieving success by coupling technology with a centralized system
  • Understand the importance of implementing effective and efficient processes to reach out to patients post-discharge 

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Title: Building a High-Performance Healthcare Culture Why is it so hard?

SELECTlogo transparent

 Source: Select International

Every healthcare organization has a similar set of goals:  Improve the coordination of care to enhance the patient experience and patient outcomes, while reducing costs.  It’s similar to any industry -  make the best product possible.  Provide better service than your competitors.  Increase margins and revenue.  Healthcare differs slightly, at least, in the non-profit sector, where maximizing profit is not a primary goal - but working to maintain a viable margin is important, and challenging.

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Title: How to Stop Making Patients Pay the Price for Poor Communications
spok hor 3D 4C BK

Source: Spok

Thirty percent of malpractice lawsuits cite communication as a contributing factor. Communication is also cited as a root cause in 21 percent of sentinel events. Learn how you can improve your hospital’s communications in these three key areas and stop making patient pay the price for communication failures and breakdowns:

  • Care team coordination 
  • Managing alarms 
  • Situational awareness of key events

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Title: Taking "Systemness" to the Next Level: Savvy Health Systems Focus on the Basics to Achieve Higher Goals


Source: MedSpeed

Large healthcare companies deliver thousands of items every day to an ever-expanding delivery network. And while not every item is critical in a life-and-death sense, they are collectively vital to operational efficiency and the consistent delivery of safe and high-quality care. Combined with advanced technology, sophisticated intra-company logistics drive standardization, centralize and streamline operations, eliminate fragmentation and redundancies, limit risk and liabilities, reduce down-time; and even reduce overall energy use.

The lesson is simple: When health companies get transportation right, they save time and money while improving performance.

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Nuance Logo

Title: Making the Case for a New Approach to Managing Risk

Source: Nuance

The trend of shifting financial risk from payers to providers through value-based reimbursement models — accountable care organizations, bundled payments and capitation — is driving healthcare organizations to engage in clinical practices that improve patient health at the population level. As volume continues to increase in the ambulatory care setting, organizations must ensure the right provider is performing appropriate care at the right place and at an affordable price for the patient, while also documenting the encounter at the time of service to support full reimbursement.

Download this white paper to learn about:

  • Clinical documentation and risk adjustment practices in the ambulatory setting;
  • Why organization's can't simply transplant hospital CDI into ambulatory facilities;
  • And how automated intelligence can improve clinical documentation and physician satisfaction at the point of care.

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Title: How Telehealth and EHR Integration Deliver Complete, Effective Care while Streamlining Provider Workflows


Source: American Well

 In this whitepaper, Dr. Shayan Vyas, medical director at Nemours Children’s Health System, discusses how telehealth and EHR integration helps Nemours deliver more complete, effective care to patients while streamlining the provider workflow. Nemours introduced its telehealth service, CareConnect, through a partnership with American Well and integrated CareConnect with its Epic system in 2016.

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Title: The Future of Healthcare Security

Source: Patientory

Recent ransomware cyber-attacks have exposed a vulnerable global healthcare IT infrastructure. Personal health information is now at risk. Unfortunately, legacy systems administrate personal health info across siloed database networks. Fragmented electronic health records (EHRs) create cumbersome access points and data exchanges are vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Download this whitepaper to learn: 
  • What is blockchain 
  • How to improve patient outcomes with blockchain 
  • Educating your staff on blockchain infrastructure  and use cases 

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lds health rgb pos


Title: Best Practices for a EHR Go-Live

Source: Leidos

The launch of an Electronic Health Record (EHR) may mark the end of a large technology initiative to modernize a hospital’s IT system, but it can also mark the launch of a disruptive period for staff, clinicians, and patients. After a significant investment of time, money and effort, it is time to drive user adoption of the EHR to enhance patient care and provide financial return on investment.

Read about go-live strategies to help ensure go-live success:

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spok hor 3D 4C BK

Title: 6 Ways to Bolster the Benefits of Your EHR by Improving Communications in Your Hospital

Source: Spok

Electronic health records (EHRs) have proliferated across the U.S. over the past decade. While EHRs have enabled caregivers to make well-informed treatment decisions more quickly and more safely, they do not solve the challenges of one critical area of care: clinical communication and collaboration. This ebrief explores six reasons why healthcare organizations need a complementary system to the EHR that enables messaging and collaboration among all members of the care team to support the real-world communication needs of physicians, nurses, and the organization overall.

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selectinternationalTitle: A Looming Leadership Talent Crisis

Source: Select International 

Effective leadership today requires a unique mix of skills – mostly behavioral, including high levels of emotional intelligence, relationship-building, communication, strategic thinking, and change management. Healthcare can learn from the progressive leadership talent strategies used in other industries, starting with defining the skills required today, and tomorrow, and then measuring and developing the most important behavioral skills, in candidates and incumbents. This paper also explores the characteristics of successful succession planning efforts. 

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Title: ASCs at a Tipping Point: The New Reality of Surgical Services for Health Systems

Source: ECG Management Consultants

This white paper outlines the key issues driving change in the surgery landscape and movement toward the ASC model, and offers three high-level strategic options to consider as hospital-based surgery continues to be threatened by a combination of regulatory, financial, and competitive forces.

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Title: Process, Analytics, and Trust Makes Legacy AR Project a "Walk in the Park"

MedAssist logo CMYK 2

 Source: MedAssist

Any Revenue Cycle leader will tell you the danger in the work-down of legacy accounts receivable can be the difference between financial stability and insolvency for a hospital. Yet with the right process, analytics, and people, achieving the best results was recently described by one leader of a large regional healthcare system as “a walk in the park”.

See how a partnership with MedAssist made it possible to...
• Focus their team and resources on, and achieve, success in the transition of technology from a legacy accounting system to Epic
• Preserve cash and financial stability in the revenue cycle

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urac logo blue gold rgb

Title: Clinically Integrated Networks: A Framework for Clinical and Financial Success

Source: URAC 

This whitepaper interviews St. Vincent’s Health Partners, Phoenix Children’s Care Network, Seattle Children’s Care Network, Monument Health, and Advanced Health Select to reveal how these organizations tackled the challenges, decreased costs, and improved care coordination and patient access. Learn how these clinically integrated networks: 

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Title: Better ROI for Emergency Psychiatric Services

Specialists on Call Logo

Source: Specialists On Call

This whitepaper explains how Specialists on Call (SOC) psychiatrists have helped increase reversals of involuntary commitments, further reducing costs and improving outcomes for our partner hospitals. SOC psychiatrists have conducted more than 75,000 consults as of July 2017, with a response time to video averaging 65 minutes. Consider that:

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commvault logo

Title: 4 Ways to Protect and Recover from Ransomware Attacks

Souce: Commvault

Ransomware has become an easy source of revenue for cyber criminals, and the number of ransomware incidents targeting healthcare is on the rise. 

This whitepaper will provide guidance on the following:

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intarcia logo

Title: Real-world Insights & Economic Considerations in Type 2 Diabetes

Source: Intarcia Therapeutics, Inc.

Large claims databases offer a unique opportunity to examine year-to-year trends in diabetes population management. Intarcia Therapeutics, Inc., sponsored a study conducted by Milliman, a well-known source of actuarial expertise to the healthcare industry, to develop this whitepaper, which highlights the relationship between glycemic control and medication adherence.

Download the paper to discover:

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Title: HIPAA Compliance: Important Fundamentals You Need to Know

Source: Atlantic.Net

This e-book is essentially a Mega-Guide on HIPAA Hosting, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. First, we take a broad look at the basics of HIPAA; the roles of covered entities and business associates; and the related issue of HITECH compliance. Second, we discuss actionable steps to achieve compliance – closing with a straightforward and practical checklist.

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TeamHealth logo wp

Title: Improving Hospital Performance Through Clinical Integration

Source: TeamHealth

In the typical hospital, clinical service lines operate as silos; distinct entities working independently from each other and failing to maximize the value of coordination and collaboration. Ideally, important service lines such as emergency medicine, hospital medicine and anesthesiology should work together throughout the patient experience to improve clinical quality and patient safety, optimize the hospital’s financial performance, and improve patient satisfaction. This white paper will show you how clinical integration can be maximized in your hospital, the benefits of aligning your important service lines, and the results that have been achieved at hospitals who have successfully navigated the process of clinical integration.

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Title: Leveraging Innovation in the Microbiology Lab to Unlock Hidden Profits

Source: BD

Hospitals across the United States face many challenges, including antimicrobial resistance, healthcare associated infections and sepsis which all contribute to increasing costs throughout the healthcare system while negatively impacting patient outcomes. However, there are innovative new technologies available to the microbiology laboratory that can contribute to solving these challenges. These technologies provide earlier, accurate results that enable physicians, pharmacy and infection control professionals to collaborate to ensure that patients receive the appropriate therapy as soon as possible or infections are prevented in the first place.

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Premier logo

Title: Inpatient & Beyond: The Post-Acute Care Conundrum

Source: Premier

While 85 percent of health system leaders are interested in creating or expanding partnerships with preferred and local post-acute care providers, 9 out of 10 report they may experience challenges in creating these partnerships. In this new guide, Premier discusses how to effectively use new tools, data, case studies and other resources to improve the post-acute network development process, and replicate and scale successful strategies.

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Title: How to Reduce Preventable Readmissions with Healthcare IT

mobilesmith logo

Source: MobileSmith

A record-high $528 million in penalties in 2016 has hospitals continuing to look for ways to reduce preventable readmissions, while the patients ultimately pay the price. Strategically-targeted mobile apps offer providers the means to engage patients and caregivers throughout the treatment plan in a helpful, cost-effective manner.

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Title: Double Your Ambulatory Platform by 2020

 Source: Regent Surgical Health

Outpatient strategy is key to providing value-based care and Regent Surgical Health shows how health systems can double their ambulatory platform in their latest white paper, which answers four key questions:

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Title: Reimagining Healthcare in America

sharecare healthways

Source: ShareCare

Two primary challenges face America’s healthcare system today: rising costs and increasing prevalence of chronic diseases. For decades, the increasing cost of healthcare has been a major strain on the economy, however little attention has been given to preventing the rapidly growing prevalence of chronic disease.  That is until now. 

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dochalo logo

Title: Transitions of Care: 5 Steps for Fixing the Most Dangerous Communication Problem in the Hospital

Source: Doc Halo

With nearly 80% of serious medical errors involving miscommunication during patient transfers, it’s time to close this dangerous communication gap. A well-designed transitions of care program can reduce readmissions, improve outcomes and keep your patients in network. Learn five steps for designing an effective program for your health system.

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TeamHealth logo wpTitle: Perioperative Surgical Home: Improving Surgical Outcomes and Reducing Costs

Source: TeamHealth

Surgical patients are an often-overlooked opportunity for hospitals looking to improve outcomes, enhance patient satisfaction and increase efficiency. The Perioperative Surgical Home (PSH) is a new model of surgical care designed to achieve these goals by creating a more patient-centric, team-based system of coordinated care. This white paper explores the Perioperative Surgical Home, the positive impact it can have on hospital operation and finances, and steps hospitals can take to implement the model in their facilities.

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CipherHealth logo

Title: Strategies to Optimize Staff Time in the Hospital

Source: CipherHealth

Download the white paper to uncover strategies for maximizing staff time on patient care activities. In this white paper we explore how various hospitals and health systems are improving their rounding, care coordination, and patient follow-up processes.

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Title: Pre-Audit Adaptation: Ensuring Daily Joint Commission Compliance

Source: Medxcel Facilities Management

In this whitepaper you will find four crucial steps hospitals leaders should follow to allow for a more achievable (and less costly) resolution when deficiencies arise and ensure a smoother survey process. The pressure to ensure constant compliance between surveys has never been stronger on hospital leadership as The Joint Commission and other Accreditation Organizations continually increases the accountability measures for accredited healthcare organizations.  With the ever-changing landscape of regulatory compliance, the key to success is to be nimble and adaptable to the changes recently made by TJC and prepare for changes on the horizon.

Click here to download the whitepaper. 


SchumacherCP FullColorLogoTitle: Fix Emergency Department Overcrowding, Wait Times, and Throughput

Source: Schumacher Clinical Partners

Emergency department overcrowding and lengthy wait times are nothing new. But with the advent of the Affordable Car Act and resultant rise in ED volume, both are getting increasingly worse. By implementing a few process changes at a patient’s arrival in the ED, your hospital’s ED can significantly improve flow and set the stage for more efficient throughput, ultimately reducing overcrowding and wait times.

In this white paper, we’ll focus on:
• Quickly assess arriving patient’s needs while minimizing risk 
• Minimize patient wait times, waste and redundancies in productivity
• Drastically reduce patient-to-provider time and LWBS rates

Click here to download the whitepaper. 


regentTitle: Ambulatory Care Platforms as the Key Driver of a Successful Value-Based Care Strategy

Source: Regent Surgical Health

Regent Surgical Health’s comprehensive, new white paper, “Ambulatory Care Platforms as the Key Driver of a Successful Value-Based Care Strategy,” shares insights and expertise to help hospital systems embrace the strategic, structural and operational approaches that optimize ambulatory care platforms to enhance value-based care strategies. In addition to exploring industry best practices, Regent Surgical Health shares its experience working with health systems across the country to develop and execute ASC strategies that improve outcomes and lower the cost of care.

Click here to learn more. 


Clinical Excellence


Title: How Biometric Identification Enhances Patient Safety and the Hospital's Bottom Line

logo imprivata

Source: Imprivata

Hospitals can't provide high-quality care if patients are misidentified, as the errors resulting from misidentification can have significant consequences for patient safety and the organization's financial health.

According to a Rand Corporation analysis cited by The Wall Street Journal, patients are misidentified 7 to 10 percent of the time.This widespread problem led The Joint Commission to declare positive patient identification a top patient safety goal for 2017.Find out how one hospital solved its patient misidentification problem to improve the quality of care it provides and to mitigate its financial risk.

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Title: Clinical Communication Deconstructed Seven Elements of Effective Clinical Communication


Source: Vocera

If you’re a healthcare leader with a vision of transforming how the healthcare system should function and deliver care, you know how critical effective clinical communication is.

The Experience Innovation Network, part of Vocera, recently released a report that examines clinical communication extensively, from every angle. It’s called Clinical Communication Deconstructed: A framework for successful, human-centered clinical communication.

In creating the report, we examined clinical communication extensively, from every angle:

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Title: Wound Care by the Numbers: Medicare Cost and Utilization of Patients with Chronic Wounds

Source: Healogics

Healogics Logo

Today, one percent of patients account for more than 20 percent of the nation’s healthcare expenses, and the top five percent account for nearly half. One of the lesser known and more complex segments within this high-need patient population are individuals who suffer from chronic wounds. In the U.S., chronic wounds affect approximately 6.7 million individuals and an excess of $50 billion is spent annually on treatment. The prevalence of chronic wounds are increasing in tandem with the growing aging population and incidences of chronic diseases more common in older adults such as, diabetes and peripheral artery disease (PAD). According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 20 years the percent of the total U.S. population age 65 or older is expected to increase to 21 percent. PAD for example, a circulatory disease commonly associated with non-healing wounds, affects about 8 million Americans and 12-20 percent of Americans age 65 and older.

Because the management of chronic wounds crosses many clinical specialties and extends into social and behavioral services, this paper demonstrates, by the Medicare numbers, the critical need for strategic attention and active cross-sector collaboration in the name of chronic wound healing.

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Title: An Evidence-based Approach to Implementing UVC Disinfections in your Facility

TRU D 2995 C large (2)

Source: Tru-D

Now that continuous UVC disinfection robots have been validated by a randomized clinical trial to minimize the risk of infections, we invite you to learn how to deliver better outcomes for your next patient and reduce the incidence of multidrug-resistant pathogens through successful UVC implementation.

In this whitepaper you will learn the following: 

  • The benefits of enhanced UVC room disinfection
  • How Tru-D can improve patient outcomes
  • Tru-D’s scientific validation

Click here to download the whitepaper.


Title: Clinical Analytics: Improve Clinical Quality and Health-related Outcomes

Microsoft Logo

Source: Microsoft 

Discover how health organizations are using Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite and Power BI to improve clinical quality and health-related outcomes.

With growing populations, longer lifespans, and the rise of chronic disease, the health industry is under more pressure than ever to transform a reactive “sick care system” into one that actively promotes individual and population health in ways that are more efficient and cost effective.

Health solutions have, in the past, added more complexity than value. It is simply not feasible to maintain hundreds of solutions, as well as the data silos that come with them, and keep up with rapid advances not only in IT, but also in medical treatments and technologies—all while maintaining compliance with government regulations.

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Hospital Finance


Title: IRS Targets 501(r) Noncompliance: Is your Hospital’s Tax-Exempt Status at Risk?

Source: TransUnionTransUnion Logo new

The IRS is serious about 501(r). Are You? Their enforcement is ramping up, and if your hospital is found guilty of 501(r) violations, you could lose your tax-exempt status.

For insight into these complex IRS rules, download this informative paper. Key takeaways include:

  • 10 red flags for hospitals
  • 5 things you may not know about the 501(r) rule
  • 10 compliance goals
  • How to take quick action to ensure compliance now

It’s not too late to find out what you need to do now to ensure that your hospital is 501(r) compliant. Fill out the form to receive the report today.

Click here to download this whitepaper.
Title: Ready, Risk, Reward: Building Successful Two-Sided Risk Models

Source: Premier, Inc

Curious about how evolving risk-based alternative payment models will affect your organization? This in-depth white paper probes the impact
of risk-based payment models and uncovers insights around the capabilities health systems need to achieve success in today’s healthcare environment.

Click here to download this whitepaper.
Title: Maximize Your Patient Experience ROI: The Business Case for Better Healthcare IT
mobilesmith logo flat new tag cmyk

Source: Mobile Smith

As competitive healthcare systems race to improve patient experience (PX), they can learn from adjacent industries that have crafted consumer-centric strategies to succeed. While the methods used in more traditional clinical workflow and informatics require large-scale, multi-year investments to ensurecompliant and profitable operations, PX-focused initiatives can be more agile. By taking small measured steps more quickly and improving return-on-investment (ROI), successful healthcare systems are seeing PX payback in less than 12 months.

Click here to download this whitepaper. 

Title: Impacting Financial Outcomes with Workforce Management Initiativesge monogram primary blue RGB

Source: GE Healthcare

Research from a recent survey of 75 healthcare finance executives sheds light on Workforce initiatives as a leading strategy for impacting financial outcomes. With nearly 3/4 of respondents saying that ‘managing labor costs’ was the top financial concern keeping them up at night, staffing strategies are quickly moving to the top of their priority list.

Download this whitepaper to learn:

Click here to download the whitepaper. 


CapioLogoTitle: How is the Revenue Cycle in Healthcare Changing?

Source: Capio Partners

RCM systems were designed to optimize the processing of federal, state, and commercial healthcare claims. In particular, with the onset of consumerism in healthcare; this has required the industry to be more "patient centric.” The new revenue cycle model has forced healthcare industry leaders to revisit the patient financial experience. In theory, healthcare modeled the patient experience from a clinical perspective. In the last few years healthcare providers have recognized that it extends far beyond the patients care but into the challenging world of finances.

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Title: Ramifications for the Healthcare Industry: the Move to Value-Based Reimbursement

Coker Group

Source: Coker Group

With value-based reimbursement linking provider payment to outcomes, providers and payers should be aware of new transaction types and characteristics relevant to value-based reimbursement. Under contemporary models, much of the financial and clinical risk shifts from the payer to the provider and providers are held accountable for leading the care continuum. Providers are rewarded based on the quality and efficiency of the care they deliver, as well as their ability to contain costs.

Click here to download the whitepaper. 



Title: 2017 Healthcare Industry Brief: Priorities and Predictions for Hospital CFOs

Source: Intermedix

With so much in flux, healthcare executives view 2017 as the year of uncertainty. In light of this perception, financial officers are focusing their attention on issues that they have more control over in the short-term. To learn more about these strategic shifts, Intermedix interviewed more than 100 healthcare executives and financial leaders from hospitals across the country about their current priorities for 2017. 

Download this industry brief to:

Click here to download the whitepaper. 


ge monogram primary blue RGBTitle: How Enterprise Financial Management Helps Providers Minimize Risk in Value-Based Care

Source: GE Healthcare

Healthcare providers and payers operate under a combination of fee-for-service and fee-for-value payment models today, however the latter is gaining traction and expected to eclipse traditional reimbursement methods in the next few years. This is true for both governmental and commercial reimbursement. CMS has established a timeline to progressively tie more Medicare dollars to value-based payments, and hospitals and health systems expect at least 30 percent of their revenue to fall under value-based contracts by 2018, according to an HFMA survey.

Click here to download the whitepaper.



Health Information Technology



Title: Scalable Data: The Facts and Why You Need It Now

Source: RelayHealth

There was a time when healthcare data collection meant keeping track of the encounters and costs in your own facility. In today’s increasingly risk-based environment, that’s no longer an option. You need to connect to data that’s not yours, or your analytics will be based on incomplete information.

Within this white paper you’ll learn:
• Why you need more data than what is currently in your network for success in the value-based care journey
• The three most common reasons healthcare data doesn’t meld easily in its raw form
• The top five key questions to ask a data platform vendor

Click here to download the whitepaper. 



Title: Cybersecurity in Health: Using a trusted cloud solution to help ensure data is managed, protected, private, and compliant

Microsoft Logo

Source: Microsoft

Too many organizations don’t realize how sophisticated cyberattacks have become. Hackers are no longer mischievous high school kids hiding in their parents’ basements. They are well organized, with tools in their arsenals that include easily obtainable software development kits—complete with product support.

Microsoft protects customers through both secure development and secure operations practices, going beyond certification requirements with an Operational Security Assurance framework and dedicated cybersecurity teams.

Click here to download the whitepaper. 


RelayHealth-Full-Color-LogoTitle: From Storage to Usage

Source: RelayHealth

The age of Big Data has long since arrived in healthcare, and it continues to evolve rapidly. Solutions that once seemed like the silver bullet are struggling to keep up with increased demands. The biggest change: managing the data that lives outside the four walls of your enterprise. Read this whitepaper focused on how a data platform can unlock the value of healthcare data. You’ll learn:

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Hayes LogoTitle: Big Data MACRA and Evidence

Source: Hayes

In this new eBook, we cover meaningful use, the implications of its evolution into MACRA, and the way evidence holds the key to the enigma that is big data and its use in improving healthcare delivery.

In this eBook, you'll learn:

Click here to download the white paper.


Sunquest logoTitle: Build or Buy: Optimizing Informatics for Genetic Testing

Source: Sunquest Information Systems

More and more hospitals are meeting the demand for cost-effective, patient-centered care with genetic testing. As the volume of genetic testing grows, healthcare facilities are expanding their in-house capabilities. A critical question they’ll face: will it be more efficient to build or buy the informatics pipelines needed for a molecular lab?

Sunquest’s new white paper Build or Buy: Optimizing Informatics for Genetic Testing outlines the factors involved in making such a decision, including:

Click here to download the white paper.


Salesforce Logo RGB

Title: Transforming the member experience starting with your contact center

Source: Salesforce

Studies show 36% of customers are willing to switch health plans for a better customer experience. Delivering the ideal member experience is no simple task but insurers now find themselves with a valuable opportunity to stand out from the competition.  Find out how to transform your call center and member experience with the latest e-book from Salesforce.

Click here to download the whitepaper. 



MarkLogic Logo CMYK

Title: Next-Gen Data Platform Powering Healthcare Modernization and Innovation

 Source: MarkLogic

Healthcare organizations today are striving to stay relevant by improving customer satisfaction, reducing costs, delivering better outcomes for patients, and building a modern sustainable enterprise. Dealing with the sheer volume and diversity of standalone, proprietary healthcare systems and heterogeneous data is a significant hurdle to achieving healthcare business objectives. Aggregating, harmonizing, and enriching data to get a 360-degree view of a member or patient is more crucial, yet more difficult, than ever. The MarkLogic* Enterprise NoSQL database platform running on the latest generation of Intel® Xeon® processors creates an agile, modern, scalable platform for innovation across the healthcare enterprise.

Click here to download the whitepaper. 


logoTitle: State of the Connected Patient Report

Source: Salesforce

To understand how Americans today communicate with their healthcare providers, their opinions on telemedicine and wearable devices, and their experiences with post-discharge care, Salesforce conducted its “2016 Connected Patient Report.” The report found that people primarily interact with their physicians through in-person visits, phone calls and emails, but are open to virtual care treatment options enabled through technology. The report also found that following discharge from a hospital or clinic, insured adults with a primary care provider strongly believe improvements can be made to their experiences through better communication with their primary care doctor and throughout their care network.

  1. Learn why 62% of patients think wearable data might save them money.
  2. Discover the number one way care can improve after a hospital stay.
  3. Find out if virtual care options are a flop or the wave of the future.

Click here to download the whitepaper.  


The analysis aims to detail the power of this staffing and scheduling paradigm, and exemplify how it benefits financial health, staff, and patients for hospitals using this model.

Workforce & Labor Management

Title: Taming Medical Necessity Challenges With Physician Advisor Programs


Source: Optum

In an era of value-based care, providing documentation of medical necessity and using evidence-based standards of care are essential to reduce waste while ensuring providers are appropriately reimbursed. However, the single most common cause of improper payments is lack of clinical documentation, especially when supporting medical necessity, according to CMS. When clinical documentation fails to meet a commercial payer's standards, claim denials can be labor-intensive and costly to appeal. Although clinical documentation presents ample opportunity for improvement at most healthcare organizations, physicians often overlook or don't understand the importance of patient status determination and clinical documentation in both patient care and financial performance, further complicating the issue.

Download this whitepaper to learn:

  • Challenges associated with determining patient status and medical necessity
  • Benefits to implementing a physician advisor program
  • How to start a successful physician advisor program

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Title: Care coordination: Your hospital’s newest and most important department

Source: Care Continuity

Care coordination is rapidly becoming an essential capability for hospital systems in their quest to improve clinical outcomes, build market share, and better position themselves in a rapidly changing industry. CC BrandingPln Beckers2017

In this paper we discuss:

  1. The clinical, financial, and strategic benefits for hospitals that commit to fully coordinated care as a clinical standard in an industry still dominated by fee for service.
  2. The key elements required to build out a world class care coordination organization in terms of people, workflow, and technology.

Given the compelling benefits of fully coordinated care, the only real question facing hospital leadership teams is whether to seize the early mover competitive advantage or wait until they are forced to coordinate care as a matter of survival.

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Title: Achieving Interoperability: Charting the course for a more connected future

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Source: RelayHealth

Healthcare needs data exchange that is truly interoperable, beyond the limitations of what many providers now experience. We must move from our silos and combine clinical, financial and operational data so clinicians and patients can receive information that is relevant and timely.

Download this white paper to learn about:

  • Person-centered interoperability
  • Interoperability as a culture
  • Signs of a stronger future

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Roi logo rgbTitle: Supply Chain Optimization: How Mercy Health Leaders Took an Idea on a Napkin to $1B in Savings — and Are Now Doing it for Others

Source: ROi

Many healthcare executives are identifying the supply chain as an area of strategic opportunity to cut costs and improve the bottom line, but they don't always have the right tools to do so. Resource Optimization & Innovation (ROi) has managed the end-to-end supply chain for St. Louis-based Mercy for 15 years, helping the 43-hospital health system save more than $1 billion. Learn how ROi is now sharing this knowledge and experience through a uniquely integrated supply chain and group purchasing model to help other healthcare providers recognize similar operational improvements and cost savings.

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select international logoTitle: Improving Hiring Efficiency, Effectiveness, and the Candidate Experience

Source: Select International

Are you taking an “evidence-based” approach to designing your talent acquisition systems?  From front line staff through the C-Suite, nothing impacts your organization’s goals more than the ability to find, develop, and retain top talent.  You can improve hiring efficiency, effectiveness, and the candidate experience by designing and implementing a more deliberate, thoughtful process.  Go beyond basic talent metrics like time to fill and turnover and build a comprehensive approach where hiring managers take an active role in building their team.

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Title: Top Workforce Management Initiatives for Quality of Care Improvements and Labor Cost Reduction

Source: GE Healthcare

The healthcare workforce is the critical component that links the entire organization’s clinical and financial imperatives. A survey of 293 healthcare executives reveals 5 of the most effective workforce management initiatives used to drive both labor cost reductions and quality of care improvements. Download this whitepaper to learn 5 top workforce management strategies used by healthcare organizations to enable better clinical and financial outcomes.

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select international logoTitle: An Evidence-Based Approach to Hiring Leaders, Physicians, Nurses, and Front Line Staff

Source: Select International

Hospitals are facing the challenge of delivering value, rather than volume, and new levels of accountability. Care delivery models are evolving, as well as payment methodologies, and the pace of technological advances will not abate. It’s certain that organizations with the most talented leaders, physicians, nurses, and front line staff have the best chance of success. The shift to a more evidence-based approach to hiring is part of an important trend. Learn more in this whitepaper from Select International.

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HSTM RGB WHT HTitle: Develop Happy Employees Who Deliver the Best Care

Source: HealthStream

Your employees are one of the most important drivers to the success of your organization. However, the level of your employee engagement can impact everything from your patient experience to your clinical outcomes. While employees share responsibility for staying engaged, leaders also play an important role in encouraging the passion and enthusiasm necessary to create and maintain an engaged workforce. But how can you create a culture that not only keeps employees engaged, but inspires them to deliver the best care? 

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ECI Logo

Title: Aquiring and Retaining the Best ED Docs: Secrets from a Staffing Leader

Source: ECI Healthcare Partners

For a hospital administrator determined to have an outstanding emergency department, a limited supply of EM docs and ever-increasing demand and competition certainly poses a challenge. But there’s good news: Recruiting and retaining enough doctors—and high quality doctors at that—is not only possible but also uniquely within your control.

In this white paper, we’ll show you: 
• Where and how to devote resources to attract outstanding physicians to your hospital. 
• How to keep them as a part of your team for the long haul.
• How to identify where you or your recruiters might be going wrong.
• Tips to make your vetting process more efficient.

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Quality and Infection Control


Title: Lowering the Burden of Adult Disease, One Shot at a Time

IAC logo

Source: Immunization Action Coalition

The National Adult and Influenza Immunization Summit's white paper, "Lowering the Burden of Disease, One Shot at a Time," examines barriers hospitals and health systems face when trying to increase adult immunization rates as well as opportunities for advancements, such as data transparency and immunization measures.

This report outlines:

  • Contributors to the low U.S. adult immunization rate;
  • Industry expert insight into key challenges pushing adult vaccination programs to the wayside;
  • Examples of three health systems boosting adult immunizations; 
  • And opportunities for accelerating vaccination efforts, with six action items for healthcare systems to leverage to boost adult immunization rates.

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Title: Research Findings: Strong Collaboration Between Clinical and IT Leaders Supports Better Safety and Quality

Source: Vocera

vocera logo

HIMSS Analytics surveyed IT and clinical leaders at HIMSS17 to find out how health systems select and deploy IT systems.

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • Who decides which clinical arenas get IT attention
  • How clinical and IT leaders collaborate to identify requirements
  • How much IT leaders consult with frontline teams to understand real-world workflows
  • How hospitals measure the clinical value of IT systems

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Title: Quantifying the ROI of Performance Management in Value-Based Healthcare Modelsquantros

Source: Quantros 

Independent research and in-depth interviews of Quantros hospital and integrated health system clients of varying sizes looked at specific value drivers, benefits and ROI associated with their adoption of Quality Management and Performance Analytics Solutions. These interviews revealed three top quality and performance management challenges associated with meeting clinical quality measures requirements and evaluating clinical and financial performance in inpatient healthcare settings.

This paper will address:

  • The implications of value-based care models impacting America’s healthcare system
  • The study findings and examples of ROI realized by Quantros clients
  • How hospitals and health systems can maximize clinical and financial performance in the transition from fee-for-service to value-based care models.


warbird color web

Title: Preparing for MACRA: Plan ahead to avoid pitfalls

Source: Warbird Consulting Partners

Healthcare organizations must prepare finance and IT strategies that will drive both financial and quality of care improvement in the age of MACRA. There are, unfortunately, no easy answers to the question of which of the three payment tracks offered under the Quality Payment Program — MIPS, AAPM, or Partial Qualifying APM — is best suited for a particular organization. This paper presents qualification, scoring, and payment information for each track as well as what IT operational readiness goals your organization should meet to ensure compliance going forward.

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Patient Safety and Experience



Title: Anesthesia Patient Satisfaction: Part 1

Source: Somnia Anesthesia

Patient satisfaction is found at the intersection of patient expectation and provider accomplishment. With so much in our current work environment depending on patient satisfaction, it is crucial that providers gather patient feedback. But that feedback is useless unless it drives continuous improvement.

Somnia can help you develop the tools you need to truly understand your patient’s anesthesia experience. After reading this report, you will:

• Understand the important difference between necessary experience and real patient satisfaction
• Realize the fundamental challenges in providing a truly positive anesthesia experience for your patient’s
• Know how to gather relevant, meaningful anesthesia-specific feedback
• Use that feedback to implement continual improvement in patient care

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 Readmissions and Care Coordination


napa logoTitle: Rethinking the Value of Pain Management for the Value-based Era: New Solutions to Reduce Readmissions and Drive Revenue

Source: NAPA

An evidence-based, sophisticated approach to pain management has been shown to improve the patient experience and drive multiple revenue streams for healthcare providers. This white paper explores how closing the gap between acute, sub-acute and chronic pain is consistent with current trends in customer service and yields rewards for patients, providers and payers alike.

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Supply Chain

Health360-LogoTMTitle: Embracing Population Health Management: How Six Innovators Are Pioneering Value-Based Care

Source: Tribridge

As we move along the continuum from volume- to value based care, not all providers face the same challenges, although there are critical areas of overlap. In this eBook we will look more closely at acute care, post-acute care/rehabilitation management and chronic disease management providers, and spotlight areas of innovation, in particular with Tribridge Health360, a CRM-powered, cloud-based Population Health Management (PHM) solution.

Learn how today’s healthcare organizations are leading the industry’s transformation to value-based care and are achieving:

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