E-prescribing and price transparency: How both are changing the game, hand-in-hand

Sponsored by Surescripts

E-prescribing — the ability to electronically send an error-free and understandable prescription directly to a pharmacy from the point-of-care — comes with many evident benefits compared to its paper counterparts. As e-prescribing becomes more sophisticated and widespread, in healthcare, a less obvious benefit is emerging. E-prescribing presents a special opportunity for care teams and patients to have conversations about the cost of medications and treatments. As a result, physicians are better positioned to manage a patient’s health and condition by making informed decisions that account for patients’ financial realities, and patients are better positioned to adhere to prescribed medications they can afford and easily obtain with their insurance coverage.

Each day, 5 million e-prescriptions cross the Surescripts network, and nearly three-fourths of all prescriptions in the U.S. are transferred electronically via the Surescripts network. Join Tom Skelton, CEO of Surescripts, on this podcast to learn more about how a nationwide health information network can serve as a window into medication and treatment costs.

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Protecting your most valuable instrument: Hand protection tips for healthcare workers

Sponsored by Cardinal Health

Clinical experts will highlight the types of skin sensitivities that most often affect the hands of healthcare workers, the leading culprits of those sensitivities, and their recommendations for treating current reactions and avoiding future reactions with hand wellness best practices.

Nursing and Healthcare Reform

Sponsored by Capella University

Explore the changes brought about by healthcare reform and how it affects nursing in an informative podcast brought to you by Becker Hospital Review. This podcast features industry experts Patrick Robinson, Dean of the School of Nursing and Health Sciences at Capella University, and Holly Lorenz, Chief Nurse Executive at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Listen as these nurse leaders discuss:

  • Ways that the Affordable Care Act has changed the field of nursing
  • How healthcare reform has changed the patient experience
  • How nurses and other health care professionals can adapt to these changes
  • What additional changes nurses can expect to see in the next 5-10 years


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Ensuring OR Staff Preparedness

Sponsored by Surgical Directions

Lee Hedman, Senior Vice President of service-delivery and implementation projects at Surgical Directions, discusses the cost associated with surgery delays and how to correct OR staff and surgeon behavior.

Listen to the podcast to learn:

  • How the OR staff orchestrate an on-time start for the surgeons
  • The key components needed prior to the day of surgery
  • If the surgeon behavior can change if the OR staff's behavior has not
  • The costs associated with a delay in start time
  • Actions that should be taken towards habitually late surgeons

Clinical and Financial Consequences of Patient Misidentification and How to Avoid Them

Sponsored by Imprivata


92% of patient identification errors are caused by inpatient registration mistakes, with consequences ranging from medical errors to adverse effects on the hospital's bottom line. In this podcast, Imprivata's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Sean Kelly, and the leader of the Imprivata PatientSecure product group, David Wiener, discuss how patient identification errors occur and what hospitals can do to prevent them.

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Dr. Sean Kelly is the Chief Medical Officer at Imprivata where he heads the company’s Clinical Workflow Productivity team and advises on the clinical practice of healthcare IT security. In addition to serving as Imprivata CMO, Dr. Kelly practices medicine and teaches at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a level one trauma center and academic teaching hospital in Boston, MA. He trained at Harvard College, University of Massachusetts Medical School, and Vanderbilt University, where he served as resident and Chief Resident. He is board certified in Emergency Medicine and is a Fellow in the American College of Emergency Physicians.


David Wiener leads the Imprivata PatientSecure product group and is the founder, former CEO, and former President of HT Systems, LLC., which was acquired by Imprivata in 2015. David brings 25 years of experience in delivering innovative software solutions to the healthcare industry. Under his leadership, HT Systems achieved the market leader position in the biometric patient identification industry and supported the largest biometric patient database in the nation.

The Most Challenging Issues Facing Health Systems Today

Sponsored by Accretive Health

Join Dr. Emad Rizk, President and CEO of Accretive Health, as he shares his thoughts on some of the most important questions in healthcare. In this podcast, Dr. Rizk addresses some of the most challenging issues facing health systems today, and fills us in on what issue he’d solve overnight if given the opportunity to do so.

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Healthcare Outsourcing Trends

Sponsored by Johnson Controls

Hospitals and health systems are increasingly outsourcing services in building operations, maintenance, facilities management, food, janitorial and other areas, but the trend is sometimes met with resistance from various stakeholders. In this podcast, Steve Herbst, vice president and general manager of Global WorkPlace Solutions at Johnson Controls, discusses how outsourcing isn't necessarily a "dirty word" and in fact can be used to improve the efficiency and sustainability of healthcare providers.

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Moving Toward Value-Based Care 

Sponsored by Optum

Providers and payers are increasingly entering into value-based contracts to align incentives to improve quality and reduce costs. In this podcast, Miles Snowden, MD, CMO of Optum, discusses best practices for aligning providers to succeed in a value-based world.

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Socioeconomic Factors Related to Readmissions

Sponsored by Truven Health Analytics

In this podcast, David Foster, Lead Scientist of the Center for Healthcare Analytics, Truven Health and Brian Waterman, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Truven Health, discuss socioeconomic factors related to readmissions, and how access to data can help achieve and maintain organization-wide improvements.

The Rise of the OB-ED

Sponsored by TeamHealth

In this podcast, Renee Nelson, Vice President of Operations, TeamHealth, discusses the rise of the OB-ED and the potential benefits it brings to both patients and providers.

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Discussing Long Term Sustainability Within Process Management

Sponsored by Surgical Directions

 Alecia Torrance, Dr. McBrien and Dr. Grant  are of the belief that  Culture trumps process every time.  They believe there are proven methodologies and approaches to build internal consensus, create a burning platform, and incorporate staff that perform the daily work to design best practice standards to remove variability in process, improve overall clinical outcomes, and to improve both surgeon and patient satisfaction. In this podcast, they will discuss how a large system, that blends both employed and private practice physicians, has broken through the ‘that’s how we always have done it’ mentality’ to create and foster an environment that is not content with the status quo and continuously striving for excellence.




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How providers can shape patient social determinants of health — Insights from Allscripts Dr. Geoff Caplea

The social determinants of health are defined as the conditions in the places where people live, learn, work and play that can affect health. As the shift to value-based care calls for a greater emphasis on population health management, providers should leverage their influence and emerging technologies to positively affect the social determinants of health in the communities they serve.

In this podcast, Geoff Caplea, medical director, regulatory affairs, patient safety and public health for Allscripts, discusses what providers can do about social determinants of health and what these efforts will mean for patients.





Scott Becker interviews Saul Marquez, Senior Regional Business Manager at Medtronic and Founder of the Outcomes Rocket Podcast

This episode features Saul Marquez. Saul is the Senior Regional Business Manager at Medtronic and Founder of the Outcomes Rocket Podcast. Here he discusses trends in the healthcare industry, working towards outcomes, starting and growing the podcast, his mentors, and more.




Scott Becker interviews Dr. Robert Pearl, Former CEO of the Permanente Medical Group / Co-Host of the Fixing Healthcare Podcast / Bestselling Author / Professor at Stanford Graduate School of Business and Medicine / Forbes Contributor

In this episode Scott Becker interviews Dr. Robert Pearl.

Dr. Pearl is a Forbes healthcare contributor, host of the popular "Fixing Healthcare" podcast, and publisher of an e-newsletter for over 10,000 subscribers called "Monthly Musings on American Healthcare." He's the author of "Mistreated: Why We think We’re Getting Good Healthcare—And Why We’re Usually Wrong," a Washington Post bestseller. All proceeds from the book go to Doctors Without Borders. He serves as a clinical professor of plastic surgery at Stanford Medicine and teaches courses on strategy, leadership and health-tech at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. For 18 years, Pearl was CEO of The Permanente Medical Group (Kaiser Permanente), the nation's largest medical group, and was for eight years president of The Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group. In these roles he led 10,000 physicians, 38,000 staff and oversaw the medical care of 5 million KP members on both coasts. He’s a frequent keynote speaker at both Health and MedTech conferences worldwide.




What community hospitals need from an EHR — Allscripts Dr. Christopher Caggiano weighs in

Community hospitals face considerable challenges in today's healthcare environment. Often operating under considerable margin pressure, these organizations must find ways to best meet the health needs of their own patient populations while navigating the nation's ongoing clinician shortage. EHR technology is crucial to delivering high quality care, but for community hospitals with limited resources, integrating any new technology can be a challenge itself.

In this podcast, Christopher Caggiano, MD, Solution Director for Allscripts, outlines what community hospitals should look for when selecting an EHR.



Scott Becker interviews Josh Luke, Best-selling Author, Podcast Host, and CEO of Health-Wealth

In this episode Scott Becker interviews Josh Luke, Best-selling Author, Podcast Host, and CEO of Health-Wealth.




How to boost the ASC bottom line with clinical resource management — 2 supply chain experts weigh in

Supply costs can consume a large portion of ASC revenue. Having such a large portion of funds tied to inventory alone can present surgery centers with unique operational challenges. These challenges can also be exacerbated by recent declines in reimbursement and other external financial pressures.

In this environment, leading ASCs are finding ways to standardize supply chain processes to bolster financial performances and support other company initiatives. Listen to this conversation with Marvella Thomas, MSN, RN, senior consultant for clinical operations in Cardinal Health's ambulatory division; and Todd Eich, director of materials management at Addison, Texas-based United Surgical Partners International, for insights into:

· The benefits of improved clinical resource management for ASCs.
· The biggest barriers to improved clinical resource management.
· Best practices for clinical resource management improvement.

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Community Health System's director of consumer integration weighs in on the evolution of patient engagement

The challenges facing today's healthcare providers are varied and complex. For hospitals and health systems to further value-based care initiatives, achieve improved outcomes and increase satisfaction across the populations they serve, engaging patients in a way that allows them to become activate participants in their own care is mission critical.

In this podcast, Sean Smith, Senior Director of Strategic Consumer Integration with Community Health Systems, discusses the evolution of patient engagement strategies over the last five years and how these changes have affected the patient experience.



Scott Becker interviews Clint Mathews, CEO of Tower Health

This podcast features the CEO of Tower Health Clint Mathews. Tower Health is a growing not for profit health system based in Pennsylvania. Here Clint discusses the development and strategy for Tower Health as well as the his own thoughts on motivation and success. Clint is a great pleasure to listen to.


Leo Vartorella Interviews Amy Wilson, Chief Nursing Officer at Saint Thomas Health

In this podcast, Leo Vartorella, Writer/Reporter at Becker's Hopsital Review, interviews Amy Wilson, Chief Nursing Officer at Saint Thomas Health, about the new nursing transformation unit at St. Thomas West and other topics.



Scott Becker interviews Loretta Cecil, Executive Vice President and General Counsel at Change Healthcare

This podcast features and amazing leader and lawyer Loretta Cecil. Loretta is the Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Change Healthcare, a three billion dollar company Here she talks about career growth, resilience, management, leadership, and more. Loretta is an amazing professional and a great listen.


CTO podcast: Why better collaboration is key to cybersecurity in 2019

Protecting data has never been more important, or more challenging, for hospitals and health systems. While the central purpose of IT security solutions is to keep data safe, this technology should not add to clinicians' administrative burden. In this podcast, Imprivata's Chief Technology Officer Wes Wright discusses how the right approach to access management can strengthen security without burdening providers by enhancing collaboration between clinical and IT teams.

Scott Becker interviews Jhaymee Tynan, Director of Strategy at Atrium Health

This podcast features Jhaymee Tynan. Jhaymee is the Director of Strategy at Atrium Health, a 10 billion dollar plus health system. Here Jhaymee shares her thoughts on strategy, priorities, career guidance, leadership, and more. Jhaymee is an unusually gifted leader and a pleasure to visit with.   


Leo Vartorella Interviews Kate Henderson, Regional President at Seton Healthcare, Ascension Health

In this podcast, Leo Vartorella, Writer/Reporter at Becker's Hopsital Review, interviews  Kate Henderson, Regional President at Seton Healthcare, Ascension Health about the Red, White, and Blue Program they've made to honor veterans at Ascension, Texas. 



Scott Becker interviews Dan Nielsen, Founder/CEO of America's Healthcare Leaders and the National Institute for Healthcare Leadership

This podcast episode features Dan Nielsen. Dan is the founder of Americas Healthcare Leaders and the author of several books. He is also a well Health System CEO. Here, Dan shares his thoughts on the healthcare system, leadership, inspiring leaders and more.    


Scott Becker interviews Dennis Pullin, CEO of Virtua Health

This podcast features the CEO of Virtua Health, Dennis Pullin. Here Dennis discusses the issue of social determinants of health and the amazing work his system has done to deploy mobile units to help address conditions and situations in the communities Virtua serves. The program is remarkable and the work of the system in addressing this is a great example of serving community needs. Dennis is very articulate and a pleasure to listen to.


Scott Becker interviews Zeev Neuwirth MD, Senior Medical Director of Population Health at Atrium Health

Zeev Neuwirth is a remarkable healthcare observer and leader.  He is the host of the hit "Creating a New Healthcare" podcast and author of the upcoming book "Reframing Healthcare: A Roadmap for Creating Disruptive Change." In this podcast, he discusses his new book and a number issues related to how healthcare can be not only changed, but improved upon. He is extremely passionate and knowledgeable.  


Scott Becker interviews Lauralea Tanner, Chief Revenue Officer of iVita Financial

In this episode Scott interviews Lauralea Tanner. They discuss leadership, business development, developing teams, and more in this terrific podcast.


Scott Becker interviews Nate Kaufman, Managing Director at Kaufman Strategic Advisors

This wide-ranging podcast episode discusses the many myths about healthcare, disdain for untested platitudes, and thoughts on how healthcare works. Nate Kaufman is a great listen.

For more information, please visit www.kaufmansa.com.

Scott Becker interviews Brian Q Davis, Senior Vice President of Scorpion Healthcare

This podcast features the remarkable Brian Q Davis, Senior Vice President at Scorpion Healthcare. Brian talks motivation, leadership, digital healthcare and more. He is a terrific guest.

For more information, please visit www.scorpion.co/healthcare-marketing.

Leo Vartorella Interviews Dr. Ed Sabanegh, President of the Main Campus and Regional Hospitals of the Cleveland Clinic

In this podcast, Leo Vartorella, Writer/Reporter at Becker's Hopsital Review, interviews Dr. Ed Sabanegh, President of the Main Campus and Regional Hospitals of the Cleveland Clinic. In this interview, they discuss the healthcare industry, access to healthcare, the value of empathy, and much more.



Leo Vartorella Interviews Michael Dowling, President and CEO of Northwell Health

In this podcast, Leo Vartorella, Writer and Report for Becker's Hospital Review, interviews Michael Dowling, President and CEO of Northwell Health. They discuss common leadership mistakes, the importance of honesty, and other exciting topics.


Scott Becker Interviews Melissa Johnson, Vice President of Business Development at ComforceHealth

This podcast episode features the enthusiastic and intelligent Melissa Johnson, a great business development leader. Here she describes what works and what doesn't work in growing a sales team and making it succeed. 


Scott Becker Interviews Mike Harbour, Founder of Harbour Resources

This Becker's Healthcare Podcast features business coach and leader Mike Harbour of Harbour Ventures. Mike is inspiring and motivating. He is a very real person and genuinely impactful leader.

For more information, please visit www.harbourresources.com

Scott Becker Interviews Aaron Miri, CIO at Dell Medical School & UT Health Austin

This Becker's Healthcare Podcast features Scott Becker, Publisher of Becker's Healthcare, interviewing Aaron Miri, the remarkable Chief Information Officer at Dell Medical School & UT Health Austin. Here Aaron touches on a wide range of topics including, most importantly, his passion for what he and his team do. He is a pleasure to listen to.

For more information, please visit www.dellmed.utexas.edu

Managing Data Sources to Create Intelligent Actions in Healthcare

To succeed in today's market, it is vital for health plans to insightfully leverage their data. However, most health plans do not know what resources can help them with this often intimidating task.

Join leaders from NTT DATA, MarkLogic, and CentraForce Health to learn how they are partnering to effectively manage data sources to inform intelligent actions.

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How to create a frictionless online customer experience

In a world of evolving patient expectations, a frictionless online experience is essential for providers and health plans to remain competitive.

Join Atul Kichambare, NTT DATA's global solutions leader for patient engagement strategies and solutions and Lesa Bailey, the company's global practice lead for member engagement solutions, to learn about how healthcare organizations can improve their consumer online experience.

Patient misidentification happens — here's what hospital executives can do about it

Patient misidentification happens — and more often than healthcare executives might think. Join Becker's Hospital Review editor-in-chief Molly Gamble and Aaron Miri, CIO and vice president of government relations at Imprivata, as they discuss the challenge and scope of patient misidentification in hospitals. Their conversation covers clinical and financial implications of identification mistakes as well as root causes for misidentification. Mr. Miri then sheds light on innovative strategies to address and prevent misidentification from occurring at any point in the patient journey, from registration through final billing. 

How Optimizing the Imaging Department Benefits the Hospital as a Whole

Imaging services are critical across the health continuum, but the value it provides continues to be under pressure. In this podcast, Sham Sokka, head of Radiology Solutions at Philips, and Joy Polefrone, Marketing Director of Radiology Solutions at Philips, will provide information about how to ensure the viability of your imaging department. Specifically, they will provide insights around:

  • The value of gathering and analyzing data to uncover actionable insights for improvement
  • How to leverage these insights to drive both operational and clinical improvement
  • Demonstrate how continuous improvements will reduce costs, optimize the patient experience and improve outcomes

To download the mp3 file, here. Or listen below.


The Power of Predictive Analytics

Becker's Healthcare Publisher Scott Becker caught up with Jennifer Esposito, General Manager of Global Health and Life Sciences at Intel Corporation, about the power of predictive analytics. Health systems around the world are increasingly leveraging predictive analytics to gain insights from massive amounts of data that previously sat idle in their organizations, says Esposito.

Esposito and Becker discuss specific uses of predictive analytics in healthcare, health systems' decision to develop data centers and data talent internally or rely on outside partners, and how systems can best develop and maintain the needed infrastructure for data analytics today and down the road as data grows more sophisticated.

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