June 6, 2017
1. Millennial physicians opting out of the Hippocratic Oath in favor of alternatives  Full story 

2. Supreme Court exempts church-affiliated hospitals from federal pension law: 5 things to know  Full story  

3. White House wants Senate's AHCA vote by July 28  Full story

4. Nearly 20% of the opioid medication errors reported in 2016 in acute care hospital settings occurred during administration. Find out more about opioid adverse events in this month’s value-based care factoid. 

5. Northwell's earnings dragged down by insurance division losses  Full story

6. 20 most in-demand medical specialties in 2017 & average income  Full story

7. The power of predictive analytics. Read the eBook. 
8. US leads other nations in health inequality: 8 things to know  Full story

9. Centegra loses $30M after opening Huntley hospital  Full story

10. 54 hospitals with the shortest ED wait times before inpatient admission  Full story

11. Webinar: Learn how Scripps Health is delivering customer-centric experiences 

12. Virginia Mason CEO to receive B'nai B'rith National Healthcare Award  Full story

13. RVUs still dominate physician compensation, despite rise in value-based payment  Full story 

14. 4 tips to better match technology with physician demands  Full story

15. Health Care Industry Cybersecurity Task Force unveils final report: 6 action items  Full story

16. 100 great community hospitals | 2017  Full story


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