• Indiana hospital gives employees 'personal duress buttons'

    In the first seven months of 2023, staff at Columbus (Ind.) Regional Health reported 100 incidents of violence, The Republic reported Aug. 20. 
  • Why Parkview Health centralized locum tenens hiring

    When Angela Pulcini stepped into the role of Director of Provider Services for Parkview Health, she knew locum tenens hiring was a priority she wanted to focus on.
  • How to tear the 'paper ceiling'

    You've probably heard of the "glass ceiling": the social barrier that prevents women's advancement to top leadership roles. Now, a similar term has been coined for those without a bachelor's degree: the "paper ceiling." 
  • Why staffing firms want to call temp nurses 'employees'

    A coalition of 30 healthcare staffing firms is seeking federal guidance on the classification of temporary nursing staff as "independent contractors," alleging this practice violates labor laws. 
  • 7 strategies to solve staff shortages in the dental industry

    Dentistry's staffing problem isn't vanishing any time soon. Learn how your DSO can do more with less staff using these 7 strategies.
  • 22 top hospitals and systems, 17K open jobs

    Hospitals and health systems continue to grapple with staffing challenges, including shortages. Below are the number of job openings at hospitals that were named to the U.S. News & World Report's 2023-24 Best Hospitals Honor Roll. 
  • Butler hospital president: Independence layoffs in rear-view mirror

    Greensburg, Pa.-based Independence Health System has cut 226 positions since January. Now it is refocused on growth, one hospital president told the Butler Eagle. 
  • An 80-minute remedy for healthcare workers' cynicism

    A 20-minute workout a day could keep burnout at bay, according to a study published in JAMA Psychiatry on Aug. 9. 
  • Hospitals carve new pathways for nursing employment

    As hospitals and health systems vie for nurses, they are becoming more creative with how they recruit, retain and develop workers. 
  • Physician recruitment: 7 factors driving supply and demand

    A report from AMN Healthcare found that interest in physician recruitment has bounced back since a decline caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Nurse staffing ratios win over West Coast

    Mandated nurse-to-patient ratios now span the West Coast, from California to Oregon to Washington. 
  • Oregon governor signs hospital staffing law

    Oregon Gov. Tina Kotek has signed a minimum nurse staffing mandate for hospitals.
  • In search of hybrid work balance

    When it comes to hybrid work, companies are seeking arrangements that result in a successful return to the office environment, Fortune reported Aug. 15.  
  • Employers hiring fewer teens

    Fewer teens are working this year, and employers added the lowest total of teen jobs for the summer months since 2010.
  • Hospital staffing issues spur votes of 'no confidence'

    Votes or petitions of "no confidence" are not new at hospitals and health systems, though rare. And amid today's financial and workforce challenges, healthcare workers have not shied away from these moves as they seek to address their concerns around issues such as staffing and workplace environment.
  • Healthcare layoffs: 21 figures that tell the unfolding story

    What has seven letters, made dozens of Becker's headlines in a matter of months, and looms over everyone in healthcare — from the front desk to the top office? Layoffs. 
  • What is 'loud quitting'? Healthcare labor action may be 1 example

    Hospital and health system workers have long participated in strikes and other labor actions across the U.S., citing concerns about staffing, patient care, working conditions and employee retention. In recent years, they have increasingly held actions to raise awareness about their concerns.
  • HHS investing $100M to grow nursing workforce

    HHS is investing more than $100 million to train more nurses and address the rising demand for registered nurses, nurse practitioners, certified midwives and nurse faculty.
  • Healthcare, home of dangerous jobs

    Healthcare workers have more anecdotal evidence of rising violence in their places of work, and one key data point backs the notion that jobs in hospitals, nursing homes and other care settings are increasingly high-risk to physical well-being. 
  • Gen Z workers struggle to unplug, survey finds

    Among generations, Generation Z — those born in 1997 or later — struggle the most to disconnect from work.
  • UAMS eliminates 51 jobs

    The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, plagued by financial troubles, is laying off 51 workers across support services, administration and service lines. 
  • Michigan hospital closure to affect 108 workers

    A total of 108 team members will be affected by the closure of Lakeview, Mich.-based Spectrum Health Kelsey Hospital in October, a letter to the Michigan Department of Labor & Economic Opportunity says, according to the Daily News.  

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