Natalie Bedford, Senior Vice President of Specialty Pharmacy at Humana

This episode features Natalie Bedford, Senior Vice President of Specialty Pharmacy at Humana. Here, she discusses what Specialty Pharmacy entails, different ways they support patients & providers in addition to dispensing medications, and more.


Discover the Specialty Pharmacy with Natalie Bedford, SVP at Humana

Specialty pharmacy is an emerging field of pharmacy practice that deals with medications used to treat complex diseases and conditions. In this episode, Natalie Bedford, Senior Vice President of Specialty Pharmacy at Humana, sheds light on what Specialty Pharmacy entails, and the different ways they support patients and healthcare providers.

Specialty Pharmacy: More Than Just Dispensing Medications

During the episode, Natalie explained that specialty pharmacies go beyond just dispensing medications. Rather, they play a crucial role in providing support to patients to ensure they receive optimal care. In addition to dispensing medications, specialty pharmacies offer counseling, education, and assistance with medication adherence to avoid complications and side effects.

The Emergence of Center Specialty Pharmacy

At Humana, they are committed to improving patient outcomes, and this commitment has led to many changes in their specialty pharmacy operations. Center Specialty Pharmacy is one such initiative. The focus of Center Specialty Pharmacy is on investing in digital and self-service capabilities for patients and caregivers. Natalie emphasized that with the ongoing growth of the specialty pharmacy industry, the inclusion of effective digital solutions has become vital in transforming the landscape of healthcare.

Investing In Novel Therapies

Humana is making significant investments in new and novel therapies such as cell and gene therapies, to help people live better lives. These treatments can heal and replace damaged tissues or diseased organs with a single injection or a pill. By leveraging these therapies, the specialty pharmacy is enhancing patient outcomes and providing care that is more efficient, accessible, and affordable.


As the world's population continues to age, the demand for specialty pharmacies is expected to rise. However, the emergence of digital technologies and their integration with healthcare is set to transform how patients and healthcare providers approach healthcare. Natalie's insights on the future of specialty pharmacy highlight how the industry is becoming more patient-centric, efficient, and affordable.


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This episode aired on 01/10/2023 and can be listened here.


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