2021's unsubsidized population was poised to pop, report: 7 TTK

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For Affordable Care Act enrollees who don't receive subsidies, 2021 had been a year of rising premiums and swelling costs prior to the American Rescue Plan Act, according to an eHealth report

Here are seven things to know:

1. Over the past five years, the country has witnessed a 40 percent average increase in premiums, with a 39 percent increase to family premiums specifically. Since the Affordable Care Act launched, averaged premiums for unsubsidized enrollees rose 66 percent.

2. Just over the past year, average individual premiums dipped 1 percent and average family premiums remained effectively the same.

3. Similarly, since 2019, average deductibles for individuals rose 4 percent while average deductibles for families rose 7 percent.

4. Average total healthcare costs for a family surpassed $25,000 in 2021. This includes $16,776 in premiums and $8,440 in deductibles.

5. This year marked the first time since 2014 that silver plan membership (39 percent) topped bronze plans (36 percent). 

6. Health maintenance organization plans still maintained dominance (49 percent of enrollees), but exclusive provider organization plans became more popular (35 percent). Preferred provider organization plans accounted for 17 percent of enrollees. 

7. Of these three plans, average premiums for individual EPO enrollees increased 3 percent while HMO and PPO averages decreased.

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