• KLAS: Epic has the best patient portal — 9 vendors ranked

    Research firm KLAS ranked Epic's MyChart as the top patient portal in its 2018 "Best in KLAS: Software & Services" report.  By Julie Spitzer -
  • Online self-help program boosts quality of life for cancer patients

    An online psychological support resource can reduce stress and offer significant improvements to self-assessed quality of life among cancer patients, according to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. By Brian Zimmerman -
  • 5 Steps to improve your patient referral processes

    As the saying goes, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.  By Mark Schneider, Consultant, Freed Associates -
  • How chaplains can improve palliative care: 5 things to know

    Many of the most supported palliative care programs struggle to provide spiritual care for palliative care patients, an issue that has become more significant as patients have increasingly diverse religious beliefs and palliative care has moved to the outpatient setting, according to a Medscape report.  By Megan Knowles -
  • Do patients trust medical leaders? 6 things to know

    Only 34 percent of Americans express a high level of confidence in medical leaders today, compared to more than three-fourths of Americans in 1966, a mistrust that can have significant consequences during national emergencies and epidemics, The New York Times reports.  By Megan Knowles -
  • Cancer patients want say in where they die: 4 things to know

    Patients diagnosed with cancer want their physicians to ask them where they prefer to receive end-of-life care, according to a study published in the Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network.  By Megan Knowles -
  • A positive patient experience relies on every touchpoint, every time

    In today’s value-based, consumer-driven world, patients think of themselves as customers, and they expect to be treated as such.  By Keith Slater -
  • 5 reasons Americans fail to get regular mental health checkups

    The National Institute for Mental Health reports around one in five Americans experience a mental illness or disorder in a given year, but many do not make regular mental health checkups a part of their preventive care, according to NBC News.  By Megan Knowles -
  • Should providers ask all patients about sexual orientation? 4 insights

    Two health experts debated whether providers should ask all patients about their sexual orientation after the National Health Service of England released guidelines late last year arguing these questions could improve services for non-heterosexual patients. The debate was part of an article published in The BMJ.  By Megan Knowles -
  • Viewpoint: Access to affordable birth control is a maternal health issue

    Government-endorsed limited access to affordable contraception is not acceptable for patients with potentially life-threatening pregnancies, argued Scott Shainker, DO, a high-risk obstetrician at Boston-based Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, in a Harvard Health blog post.  By Megan Knowles -
  • De-risking care transitions by distilling signal from noise

    Transitions of care are a huge pain point for healthcare organizations. This is especially true for high-risk, often elderly patients who frequently move between different medical facilities and levels of care.  By Dr. Benjamin Zaniello, MPH -
  • It’s time to bring the patient experience into the 21st century

    Over the holidays, some of the most popular gifts were home assistants like the Amazon Echo and Google Home. At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January, there were demonstrations of how a tool like the Amazon Echo could cross-over from playing music and recipes to helping with healthcare. Imagine being able to ask Alexa about your medications or labs.  By Josh Weiner -
  • Pre-op physical therapy education key to quicker recovery in joint patients, study finds

    Joint replacement patients who experience a one-on-one education session with a physical therapist and access to a web-based education reach postoperative physical therapy milestones faster than individuals without these resources, according to a study published in the journal Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research. By Brian Zimmerman -
  • Positive customer experience equals loyalty

    As competitors continue to arise, it is important to keep customers and patients at the forefront of many strategic decisions.  By Mackenzie Garrity -
  • 4 reasons patients struggle to shop for healthcare

    A committee of Montana lawmakers met for the first time Wednesday to find solutions for consumers looking for the best healthcare deals. Gisele Grayson, a health editor at NPR in Washington, D.C., explored reasons patients struggle to find transparency in healthcare pricing in an interview with Montana Public Radio.  By Megan Knowles -
  • How to engage patients in 2018

    In the transition to value-based care, patient engagement has become healthcare’s biggest issue. According to a recent study commissioned by Change Healthcare, there’s still a lot of work to be done in this area.  By Chris Byers, CEO, Formstack -
  • Foster engagement through proactive interventions

    The vast majority of healthcare professionals are current on the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) of 2015’s Merit-based Payment System (MIPS) and believe they are able to meet its core requirements, according to recent survey results. Those core requirements, at least in the initial years of the MIPS program, heavily focus on care quality metrics.  By Gary Hamilton -
  • Viewpoint: Physicians should be permitted to help patients die

    Haider Warraich, MD, a fellow in cardiology at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, N.C., argues physicians should help terminally ill patients to die on their own terms in an opinion piece published in The Boston Globe.  By Megan Knowles -
  • Harnessing online feedback to improve the patient experience

    Marketers know that a business’s reputation is largely driven by online reviews.  By Lindsay Neese Burton, Healthcare Marketing Director for ‎Reputation.com -
  • Many women uninformed about breast cancer surgery options: 6 findings

    Women with breast cancer may benefit from better educational materials and more time when making choices about their treatment, according to two studies published in Journal of the American College of Surgeons.  By Megan Knowles -

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