12 must-reads for healthcare leaders

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Culture. Productivity. Strategy. Execution. These ideas will never go out of style for hospital and health system leaders.

The following leadership articles were published by Becker's Hospital Review in the last week.

1. Michael Dowling: Your population health strategy will fail unless you do these 3 things
Regardless of what happens to the ACA under the new administration, healthcare providers and administrators generally agree it's important to preserve the gains the industry has achieved as it works to transform into a value-based system. Population health management is central to these efforts.

2. More than two-thirds of healthcare leaders would pursue their career again, MGMA poll finds
A vast majority of healthcare leaders are happy in their career, a new Medical Group Management Association poll reveals.

3. Chuck Lauer: Ignore the naysayers and achieve your dreams
I recently received an e-mail from my good friend and mentor, George, who I have known since my college days. George has lived on the West Coast for most of his adult life so we have not had as much time to visit each other in person as I would like. But we do have long chats over the phone and I always come away from them learning something new about myself and where my life is taking me. There is something about George that is special. He's always supported me, but when he thinks I'm making bad decisions he'll be very direct and tell me to get my head on straight and then go full speed ahead.

4. 8 hospital executives share outpatient strategy — ASCs, retail clinics, key partnerships & more
Hospital and health system leaders across the country are evaluating outpatient strategy to match the value-based, consumer-focused trends in the healthcare industry. Here, six hospital executives discuss their institutions' outpatient strategies and how they plan to grow in the future.

5. Which employee benefits are most competitive?
Employers must offer generous benefits if they want to attract and retain the best talent in a competitive hiring market. According to Glassdoor survey data cited by the Harvard Business Review, about 60 percent of people say benefits and perks are a major factor when weighing job offers. The same survey found that 80 percent of employees place higher value on additional benefits than a pay raise.

6. A burnout epidemic: 25 notes on physician burnout in the US
Here are 25 things to know about physician burnout.

7. Innovation is more necessary and accessible than ever — just get ready to kill some ideas
As the healthcare environment grows more complex and uncertain, the imperative to innovate becomes stronger as it opens the door to becoming more distinct, reducing waste, improving public health and creating new revenue streams. Until recently, innovation, usually in the form of a massive research and development enterprise, has been the privilege of the largest and the best-funded players — with its own budget and its own box on the org chart. 

8. Debunking 3 myths about the patient experience
Long a service-based model, the advent of retail-based healthcare services has begun to blur the division between healthcare as service and healthcare as product. Undifferentiated and market-priced services (from retailers such as CVS and Walgreens) are commoditizing care delivery, and suggest that healthcare organizations will face competition from more than just their own industry.

9. The corner office: UCHealth CEO Liz Concordia on zeroing in on the patient experience
When she first entered the healthcare field as a hospital volunteer in high school, Liz Concordia, president and CEO of Aurora, Colo.-based UCHealth, could already identify where the industry had room to improve.

10. Bad choices: 13 things to know about decision fatigue
Decision fatigue refers to the deteriorating quality of decisions an individual makes after a long period of continuous decision making. In other words, the mental work of being a "decider" wears down an individual's capacity to make sound judgments through mental exhaustion.

11. Alone at the top: How executive isolation can compromise leadership ability
The authority and recognition that comes with being CEO often also means a leader is relatively isolated from his or her colleagues, and this can have some negative consequences, according to the Harvard Business Review.

12. 5 insights for designing a human-centered pediatric experience
Pediatric healthcare experiences can be disruptive for the whole family, no matter the seriousness of the condition. And though every family copes differently, the ultimate goal is always to restore a sense of "normalcy."

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