• 5 questions boards should be asking about workplace violence: AHA

    Hospital and health system boards must play an active role in addressing rising violence against healthcare workers, the American Hospital Association said in an Aug. 21 boardroom brief.
  • Hawaii hospital fires 3 top managers in leadership restructure

    The Hawaii State Hospital, a publicly funded, state psychiatric hospital in Kaneohe, is firing three top-level managers as part of a leadership restructure amid patient overcrowding and workforce shortages, local media outlets reported over the weekend.
  • Viewpoint: Healthcare is overrun with 'middlemen, actors and sub-actors'

    Healthcare is increasingly inundated with "middlemen, actors and sub-actors" — companies devoted to niche causes that promise to fill perceived gaps in the healthcare system, according to Sachin Jain, MD, president and CEO of SCAN Group and SCAN Health Plan. 
  • Relieving nurse burnout with AI technology: key areas to target

    For nurses, patient care is at the forefront of their professions.
  • Health systems revamp C-suite roles

    Hospitals and health systems are shaking up their C-suite and leadership structures as they focus on key areas to ensure long-term success.
  • Congress Continues to Pressure Not-for-profit Hospitals on Tax-Exempt Status

    The "community benefit standard" for hospital tax-exempt status is a rising source of controversy in Congress, fed by a steady diet of breathless examinations and research from national media,  third-party interest groups and other advocacy organizations. 
  • 'What got us here will not get us there': How hospital execs are focusing on the future

    Hospital and health system leaders work in an industry that has greatly evolved in recent years. But they are not looking back — opting instead to focus on key areas to ensure long-term success.
  • The biggest leadership 'don'ts' from 13 hospital execs

    Sitting behind a desk all day — except when you are in seemingly never-ending meetings — is one way to make sure hospital leaders never see anything but a bird's-eye view of their operations. Failure to connect with your team is not only one way to guarantee a hospital executive doesn't have a finger on the pulse of the organization but, on a personal note, it's a lonely place to be.
  • Hackensack Meridian CEO to chair World Economic Forum panel

    Robert Garrett, CEO of Edison, N.J.-based Hackensack Meridian Health, has been named chairman of the World Economic Forum's Health and Healthcare Governor's Community.
  • In-demand qualifications for health system CEOs

    The role of health system CEO comes with a slightly different job description than it once did. 
  • Curveballs and difficult lessons, per 5 CEOs 

    Curveballs can be notorious for keeping hitters off balance. The same can be said for metaphorical pitches in healthcare, and the only way forward for executives is to adapt.
  • Must-read book suggestions from 6 hospital execs

    Hospital leaders are short on time and have a nonstop stream of information coming at them at lightning speed everyday. Yet, when they are able to find the time, most say they are eager to dig back into the book sitting on their nightstands to gain new perspectives and new fodder for personal and professional growth.
  • HCA seeks 12 CFOs

    HCA Healthcare is looking for at least 12 CFOs, according to recent job postings on LinkedIn. 
  • Boards' ask of C-level execs? Plain language

    Corporate and industry jargon is holding less weight with board directors, who are increasingly making an effort to bar it from the boardroom completely, Fortune reports.
  • For Mark Cuban, minimalism is the best healthcare disruptor

    Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban has made his ambition to improve healthcare known since the launch of his generic pharmacy in January 2021. His preferred methods to do so may not resemble those of other healthcare executives. 
  • The hospital-community relationship is changing

    A successful relationship between hospitals and communities relies on high level partnerships, meeting healthcare consumer expectations and a sophisticated outpatient strategy to keep community members healthy, and out of the hospital.
  • The No. 1 healthcare challenge, per 150 leaders

    Healthcare leaders are zeroed in on growth and modernization, according to a recent report from Optum. 
  • 14 hospital execs on their top leadership 'must dos' 

    To succeed at any endeavor, it's important to know the rules. While the business of healthcare is anything but a game, hospital executives lead with their own imposed guidelines — namely always fostering an environment where transparent communication, integrity and a "people first" — employees and patients — attitude are alive and well.
  • 'Operational changes are required for us to survive,' insists New York health system CEO

    Aaron Kramer joined Adirondack Health as assistant vice president of information systems in 2015 and climbed the executive ranks to become CEO of the Saranac Lake, N.Y.-based health system after his predecessor Sylvia Getman retired in July 2021. 
  • Inside Penn Medicine CEO's decision to support nurse staffing legislation

    In July, Penn Medicine's CEO took a stance many other hospital CEOs wouldn't dare touch. 

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