• Signs of potential US surge warrant caution, not alarm: 4 experts' thoughts

    Even as U.S. COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations continue to dwindle, upticks in other parts of the world have spurred concern over the potential for another U.S. surge. 
  • Dr. Ashish Jha to replace Jeffrey Zients as Biden's COVID chief

    Ashish Jha, MD, dean of Brown University's School of Public Health, was tapped by President Joe Biden to serve as the next White House COVID-19 response coordinator.
  • Healthcare leaders Q&A on how human understanding influences patient care

    The global pandemic of COVID-19 and its variants has caused all healthcare organizations to quickly learn the necessity of transformational change in meeting demand and moving the industry forward. NRC Health recently interviewed several nationally recognized healthcare leaders on the critical role Human Understanding plays in healthcare to drive growth, personalize care, build trust, drive loyalty and equity, transform services and exceed expectations.
  • Managers stuck between conflicting desires of leadership and staff

    Not immune to the pressures and pulls of the Great Resignation, managers often feel trapped between the conflicting pulls of their employees and their superiors, according to a report released March 15 by Microsoft. 
  • The path to health equity: How to address implicit bias in medicine and better understand health disparities

    The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated health disparities along racial and ethnic lines. In response, healthcare organizations are reexamining their role in contributing to these inequities and assessing potential action steps to address this vast and urgent challenge. This work is driving more healthcare leaders toward an essential realization: One of the most subtle and dangerous ways in which the medical profession perpetuates health inequities is through the practice of implicit bias.
  • Senate panel votes for independent probe into COVID-19 response

    A senate panel voted 20-2 to establish a bipartisan probe into the government's response to COVID-19, The Washington Post reported March 15. 
  • Want to cut back but not ready to retire? Popular semi-retirement plans may be the solution

    After the pandemic's push toward flexible work and employee wellbeing, more organizations are embracing phased retirement plans for workers nearing the end of their careers, The Wall Street Journal reported March 15.
  • New Mexico hospital staff want management ousted as employees exit

    Nearly 150 employees have left Rehoboth McKinley Christian Hospital since Plano, Texas-based Community Hospital Corp. took over management of the Gallup, N.M.-based hospital in 2020, according to KRQE. 
  • Cook County Health chief medical officer encourages healthcare leaders to be staunch patient advocates

    Each day, Claudia Fegan, MD, brings her passions about healthcare reform and social justice to her role as chief medical officer of one of the nation's largest public safety-net systems.
  • The vital role of HR-compliance collaboration: 4 ways to drive operational efficiency

    Across the healthcare continuum, the roles of compliance and human resource teams are both critical for maintaining employee licensure and eligibility processes that minimize the risk of sanctions and keep patients safe. Such monitoring is complex, and to fully safeguard an organization, requires close coordination and collaboration between the compliance and HR functions.
  • 8 hospitals seeking CEOs

    Below are eight hospitals and health systems that recently posted job listings seeking CEOs.
  • Black hospital board directors are boosting health equity through a coalition

    To improve health equity, hospitals have got to start from the inside to reassess their commitments to the cause, measure what works and look at the issue through a new lens, according to a group of Black health executives. 
  • Single women at disadvantage for leadership at work

    Although working mothers have always known it is more challenging to ascend the leadership ranks at work, new studies suggest that single women also sit at a disadvantage, Bloomberg reported March 10.
  • Mayo Clinic, Kaiser's Care at Home Coalition urges lawmakers to extend waivers

    The Advanced Care at Home Coalition and more than 100 healthcare organizations and health systems have penned a letter to lawmakers, urging them to pass legislation to extend waivers enacted during the pandemic allowing for hospital care at home.
  • 4 hospital execs delaying retirement

    In February, several executives reported delays to their retirement, caused either by pandemic fluctuations, difficulty finding a successor or ensuring a smooth transition.
  • CVS Health board shrinks amid switch up

    The CVS Health board has shrunk to 11 members as David W. Dorman, the independent chair of the board of directors, and Tony L. White, director of the board, both retire, according to a March 10 news release. 
  • 4 figures showing the effect of female leaders

    Women's participation in the workforce was hit hard during the pandemic, affecting organizations across the nation and reducing female representation in leadership positions. When women at the top leave, everybody loses out, according to a March 8 report from the Harvard Business Review. 
  • AMN Healthcare CEO to retire

    Susan Salka, president and CEO of Coppell, Texas-based medical staffing firm AMN Healthcare, plans to retire by the end of 2022. 
  • House passes spending bill that cuts $15.6B in pandemic aid

    The House passed a $1.5 trillion federal spending package March 9 after pulling COVID-19 funding from the bill earlier that day, according to The New York Times.
  • New Jersey hospital CEO, former state health commissioner picked by Biden for VA role

    Shereef Elnahal, MD, president and CEO of University Hospital in Newark, N.J., and former commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Health, is President Joe Biden's pick for undersecretary for health for the Veterans Health Administration at the Veterans Affairs Department, the White House said March 9. 

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