• 'Focused on looking forward': How 4 hospital CEOs view their legacies

    A person's legacy as a leader can be focused on the individual themselves, as well as on past initiatives or efforts. But some of healthcare's longest-tenured CEOs say they focus on the legacy of their organizations and how their teams are positioning their organizations for long-term success.
  • Only 1 publicly traded US healthcare company among top 100 in gender rankings

    Compared to other nations, the U.S. falls behind when it comes to gender equity. In a gender equity ranking of 100 publicly traded companies, only 14 American companies were listed, and only one healthcare company made the list, according to a March report. 
  • Why proximity bias is a top concern for executives

    With more business leaders heading back into the office, a growing number of executives worry about the possibility for proximity bias, where employees who spend the most time in the office gain an upper hand, according to a January Future Forum survey.
  • 13 healthcare companies that joined the #ShowUsYourLeave campaign

    Hundreds of companies have joined the #ShowUsYourLeave campaign by publicly publishing their policies on paid leave in an effort to increase transparency and raise standards. Thirteen healthcare companies have joined in according to theSkimm's database.
  • 3 lessons one female physician learned about being a woman in medicine

    When Linda Vahdat, MD, started her career in medicine, she didn't focus on salary negotiations or benefits, but over time has learned that being a woman in the medical field requires pushback; she has three key takeaways to share, according to a March 7 MIT Sloan article.
  • Michigan hospital makes 3 leadership changes

    Holland (Mich.) Hospital is making changes to its leadership team as part of the organization's internal succession plan.
  • 11 standout quotes from healthcare CEOs

    This year, healthcare CEOs from across the U.S. have shared insights with Becker's about the industry and their strategies.
  • CEO Forum Group: 10 CEOs reshaping healthcare

    The CEO Forum Group on March 22 released its list of 10 CEOs "who have created new value to elevate healthcare and society," according to Forbes.
  • Organizations looking for board directors with HR skills

    Those around the board table traditionally have backgrounds as CFOs or CEOs, but the Great Resignation is increasing the number of human resources professionals seated at the table, CNBC reported March 10. 
  • 7 things to know about Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's health policies

    The Supreme Court nomination process of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson began March 21, The New York Times reported.  
  • 16 healthcare-related companies with diversity transparency

    Several healthcare companies are among the list of U.S organizations that have openly disclosed their data on racial and gender representation, "meeting the gold standard for transparency," reported Bloomberg March 21. 
  • Oklahoma moves to relax requirements for top health role

    A bill in Oklahoma would lessen the requirements for the state health commissioner, reported the Oklahoman March 20.
  • 10 hospitals seeking CEOs

    Below are 10 hospitals that recently posted job listings seeking CEOs.
  • How UCHealth used AI-driven operations to grow inpatient capacity

    When directing inpatient flow, even outside times of crisis, hospital personnel are constantly challenged to place the right patient in the right bed and the right unit for the right level of care.
  • BA.2, boosters and billions in funding: The latest notes to start the week

    Public health experts and officials took to the Sunday shows March 20 to talk boosters, the BA.2 omicron subvariant and COVID-19 relief aid funding. Here are the latest developments for each issue paired with their analyses. 
  • 28 organizations express gratitude for bill condemning violence against healthcare workers

    A group of 28 healthcare organizations have penned a March 17 letter to Rep. Troy Carter, D-La., expressing their gratitude for introducing a resolution that condemns and raises awareness of violence against healthcare workers. 
  • 7 women making moves in healthcare

    The following executive moves made by or involving women have been reported by or shared with Becker's since March 11. 
  • The dangers of 'glass cliff' for women in leadership roles

    Research shows that women and people of color are more likely to be placed into leadership positions when an organization is in crisis mode, leaving them in a precarious situation, at risk of falling over the "glass cliff" the BBC reported Feb. 6.
  • White House backs global health tech sharing in next public emergency

    The Biden administration wants to ensure manufacturers of health technology more readily share their products during the next public health emergency, according to a March 17 Politico report.
  • Louisville health department leader saves passenger on flight

    The associate medical director of the Louisville (Ky.) Metro Health Department, SarahBeth Hartlage, MD, answered the call to action on a recent flight to treat a passenger, the Courier Journal reported March 16.

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