• 6 hospitals seeking CEOs

    Here are six hospitals and health systems that recently posted job listings seeking CEOs.
  • What makes an interim CEO stick?

    Interim leadership is typically temporary. When an executive position is suddenly left vacant, an external —  or internal — professional might stand in during the search for a permanent replacement. 
  • 11 states introduce bills targeting transgender healthcare

    As legislative sessions begin in early 2023, lawmakers in 11 states have introduced more than two dozen bills to restrict access to transgender and gender-nonconforming healthcare, USA Today reported Jan. 9. 
  • Roads to resolution: The communication tools COOs lean on to handle disagreements

    While hospital and health system CEOs are often the ultimate decision-makers at their organizations, collaboration with other C-suite members is key to successful and strategic choices. But executives do not always agree on everything.
  • Viewpoint: Protect the safety net by designating essential hospitals

    More than two decades ago, the Institute of Medicine called the nation's healthcare safety net "intact but endangered" and cited multiple factors contributing to its uncertain future, from a rising number of uninsured to a precarious fiscal environment.
  • Deploying Technology to Support the New Normal

    In the post pandemic world, both employees and employers are redefining the new normal.  The pandemic forced employers to swiftly embrace digital tools that support remote work.  After two years of working from home, employees are demanding greater flexibility in how, when, and where they work.  
  • Top 8 New Year's resolutions in US focus on health, finance

    Americans are looking to improve their health and financial situations in 2023, according to a recent survey from Statista. 
  • Michael Dowling: Healthcare leaders' great return to normalcy

    A new year marks a new beginning, and time for leaders' return to what matters most. 
  • New study gives truth to trope: Women are more empathetic

    Women have long been considered the more empathetic gender. New research confirms that notion, Fortune reported Dec. 28. 
  • US News changes law school ranking after backlash from top contenders

    U.S. News & World Report — the organization famous for rankings, from universities to hospitals to diets —  is changing its rating system in its next law school edition. 
  • Guiding principles for today's healthcare leaders

    Being a healthcare leader has always been challenging. But the COVID-19 pandemic brought an entirely new set of challenges, as leaders struggled with supply chain issues, margin pressures and a burned-out, slimmed-down staff, due to labor shortages.
  • Medical misinformation arises regarding NFL player's collapse

    Shortly after Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field during a Jan. 2 NFL game, COVID-19 misinformation began circulating on Twitter. 
  • Feds seek to rescind 'conscience' rule for healthcare workers

    The Biden administration has proposed to partially rescind a blocked Trump-era rule that would have withheld federal funding from hospitals that require workers to perform any service they object to, such as abortions, sterilization, contraception and gender-affirming care, The Hill reported Dec. 29. 
  • 8 hospitals seeking CEOs

    Here are eight hospitals that recently posted job listings seeking CEOs.
  • 10 things to know about Universal Health Services

    Universal Health Services is an expansive healthcare organization headquartered in King of Prussia, Pa. It includes over 400 acute care hospitals, behavioral health facilities and ambulatory centers located throughout the U.S., Puerto Rico and the U.K.
  • 19 physicians elected to Congress

    There are 19 physicians who were elected to Congress in November, including four senators and 15 representatives, the American Medical Association's Patients Action Network reported Jan. 3. 
  • Hospital workforce wellness starts with priority-focused chief wellness officers: AMA

    Armed with a strategic plan and a team to get the job done, chief wellness officers have plenty to do in terms of winning the confidence of their co-senior leaders and setting a robust communications strategy if they want a healthcare systems' workforce to truly embrace a new self-care strategy. 
  • Becker’s Q&A with The University of Kansas Health System Senior Director of Business Operations of Perioperative and Procedural Services Megan Eubanks

    In a recent interview, Megan Eubanks, Senior Director of Business Operations of Perioperative and Procedural Services at The University of Kansas Health System (TUKHS), discussed her team’s success in creating a better system for managing OR block time in a unique organization, starting with delivering accurate and reliable performance data.
  • 10 women on the move

    The following executive moves made by women have been reported by Becker's since Dec. 22:
  • He was the hospital's financial auditor. Now he's its CEO.

    When Brian Barta walks into a room, the first thing he does is start asking questions. 

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