• The secret ingredient in the C-suites of Northwell and Houston Methodist

    For all the literature, studies and allegories that circulate in the business world about teams — and what makes great ones — one obvious factor often goes unsung: how long they've been together. 
  • AMA calls for 'urgent action' to stamp out physician burnout

    Physicians are not happy, and the American Medical Association is focused on changing that. In 2022, only 22.4 percent of physicians said they were "professionally fulfilled," according to a study published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings.
  • 'It's not about becoming Kaiser Permanente': CEO Greg Adams on Risant Health

    Oakland, Calif.-based Kaiser Permanente was in the middle of a strategic planning process when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, CEO Greg Adams said during a keynote speech June 13 at the AHIP 2023 conference. 
  • Which C-suite leaders are getting promoted to CEO?

    As CEO exits continue to climb, some hospitals and health systems are looking internally to fill the roles they leave behind. But in a C-suite full of talent, who is best poised to take the helm?
  • Outgoing President Dr. Jack Resneck reflects on his year at the helm of the AMA

    In his final speech as president of the American Medical Association, Jack Resneck Jr., MD, spoke to the AMA House of Delegates about significant wins during his tenure — including movement on the AMA Recovery Plan for America's Physicians — as well as outstanding challenges still facing the organization's members, according to a June 9 AMA news release.
  • Leading with love: The power of human-centered leadership

    In a world that often feels toxic and unkind, and amid the acrimony and lack of civility, approaching others with a heightened level of understanding, empathy and care is more necessary than ever before. When so many of us find ourselves becoming desensitized to the negative behavior of those around us, we must double down on leading with love and respect. And so, at this moment, I find it critical to speak about the integral role love plays in our ability to lead and empower others.
  • The 'disconnect' between what nurses want and what hospitals are offering

    Hospital executives report that the generation gap of differences between newer, younger nurses and their more experienced counterparts is not only creating team conflicts but also adding to hospitals' difficulty attracting nursing talent, according to the "2023 Healthcare Executive Report" released by Incredible Health on June 13.
  • Why this children's hospital CEO is setting his sights on sustainability

    As a child, Todd Suntrapak became familiar with healthcare through his time as a patient at Valley Children's Healthcare in Madera, Calif. Today, he spearheads that same organization in a severely economically disadvantaged region.
  • UPMC surgeon to resign from top post after federal whistleblower suit

    James Luketich, MD, the longtime cardiothoracic chair at Pittsburgh-based UPMC, will step down from his role following a federal false claims settlement, the health system confirmed to Becker's on June 9. 
  • Why Kaweah Health's C-suite never went remote

    Many C-suite leaders are now returning to the office after taking operations remote during COVID-19. But some never left their on-site posts — including the team at Visalia, Calif.-based Kaweah Health. 
  • Atrium Health honored for helping women, people of color to advance

    Charlotte, N.C.-based Atrium Health has been recognized for its leadership in helping underrepresented voices rise to the top.
  • How to Create a Culture of Safety in a Decentralized Healthcare Landscape

    In the early stages of the pandemic, healthcare organizations made do with what was available. Bed shortages and widespread staffing issues were front-page news for months on end, and alternative care models scaled rapidly to accommodate the growing need.
  • Dr. Ashish Jha is returning to Brown

    Former White House COVID-19 Response Coordinator Ashish Jha, MD, will resume his role as dean of the Brown University School of Public Health July 1. 
  • What COOs actually do: A day in the life of a NewYork-Presbyterian operations leader

    A chief financial officer deals with the hospital's finances; a chief nursing officer manages its nurses. But from one enterprise to another, one role tends to vary more than most: the chief operating officer.
  • Unfiltered: The medical jargon healthcare leaders hate most

    Sachin Jain, MD, CEO of SCAN Health Plan and adjunct professor at Stanford (Calif.) University School of Medicine, posed a question to LinkedIn on June 6: What healthcare jargon do you find most confusing or unhelpful?
  • 11 strategies to 'root out racism,' per Mount Sinai diversity leaders 

    New York City-based Mount Sinai Health System is on a mission to systematically address racism with real-time action instead of lip service. The health system's Road Map for Action to Address Racism committee provided an update on its efforts to "root out racism" in a paper published June 5 in Academic Medicine.
  • Florida State U adds scholarship in honor of deceased chief medical officer

    A motorcycle crash in April led to the death of the chief medical officer of Florida State University. Now the Tallahassee-based school is honoring Daniel Van Durme, MD, with a scholarship in his name, CBS affiliate WCTV reported.
  • Do CEOs have an empathy problem?

    CEOs have a lot on their plates — but their anxieties might make them appear cold to employees, management consulting firm Korn Ferry reported this week.
  • How female CEOs fared on the Fortune 500

    The Fortune 500, which ranks the U.S.' largest companies by revenue, has long been dominated by male CEOs —- which speaks to the gender diversity of the greater American business industry, Fortune reported June 5. 
  • Walter Reed Medical gets new director of research, education

    Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Md., has named Wesley Campbell, MD, as its new director of research, education and training, according to a June 7 news release.

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