James Watson who discovered DNA says cancer moonshot is 'all crap'

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James Watson, PhD, half of the Watson and [Francis] Crick duo credited for discovering DNA isn't as keen on the precision medicine Cancer Moonshot initiative as many other scientists and researchers, saying in comments to STAT the type of research being done is misguided and innovated.

"The depressing thing about the cancer moonshot is that it's the same old people getting together, forming committees, and the same old ideas, and it's all crap," Dr. Watson told STAT.

The Cancer Moonshot, announced by President Barack Obama and spearheaded by Vice President Joe Biden intends to improve cancer care and research with the ultimate goal of ending cancer.

But Dr. Watson's comments suggest scientists are further off target with current efforts. He told STAT sequencing DNA as a start to treating cancer isn't the best approach, "because the mutations in metastatic cancer are not the same as those that started the cancer."

However, Dr. Watson said he is still optimistic about the future of cancer care and gene-targeted drugs and is committed to the cause. "I don't want to die until I see that most cancers have become curable," he told STAT.

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