Health IT tip of the day: The T-shaped metaphor is a technology must-have

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Typically seen used in job recruitment, the T-shaped metaphor embodies the abilities of persons in the workforce.

Dan Hogan, founder and CEO of Medalogix in Nashville, Tenn.: The leg of the T represents the depth of related skills and expertise in a single field, and the top of the T represents the breadth, or the ability to collaborate across disciplines with experts in other areas, along with applying knowledge in other areas of expertise besides one's own.

This creates a strong combination of a broad knowledge of industry dynamics and a deep level of expertise in a specific area. Your healthcare technology vendor should have depth in the area it offers a solution in, such as analytics or population health management. But your vendor also needs a wide understanding of your industry, your organization's strengths and weaknesses, goals and daily operations. Without both depth and breadth, your technology's reach will soon be lacking.

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