October 20, 2016
1. Full-page ad bashes CHS-owned hospital over billing, quality  Full story
2. 8 latest hospital, health system CEO moves  Full story
3. A closer look at Chicagoland's independent 610-physician powerhouse: DuPage Medical Group Full story
4. Identity theft is not limited to shady eCommerce websites or restaurant servers. Medical identity theft is mainstream, with over 2 million victims in the last year alone. Get the stats you need to start down the path to a more secure infrastructure, today. Click here for the report.
5. 20 key insights into the world of independent physicians   Full story
6. State approves Detroit Medical Center's correction plan  Full story
7. Building payer/provider collaboration for optimal results. Learn more in this upcoming webinar. 
8. Broward Health chooses 3 finalists for permanent CEO position  Full story
9. The psychology of physician imposters: 4 things to know  Full story
10. St. Joseph Health to pay $2M HIPAA settlement  Full story
11. How to reduce denied claims and improve revenue cycle performance with positive patient identification. Learn more in this upcoming webinar.
12. Third-party billing firm leaks 547 patient records at Chicago hospital  Full story
13. Union workers protest 175 layoffs at UC Irvine  Full story

14. Should patients fear Friday surgeries?  Full story

15. Michael Dowling: Building a culture of innovation to avoid the complacency trap  Full story

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