August 25, 2016
1. 14 latest hospital, health system CEO moves  Full story
2. Mylan vows to lower patient burden for EpiPens, but not prices  Full story
3. Orlando hospitals won't bill Pulse nightclub shooting victims  Full story
4. CBO releases healthcare spending outlook: 5 takeaways  Full story
5. Poll finds healthcare professionals favor Clinton over Trump  Full story
6. What are the top high-costs, high-mortality procedures and how can you manage them? Learn more. 

7. Former CEO of West Virginia hospital sued for defamation  Full story

8. As CEO of Mylan, senator's daughter faces brunt of EpiPen backlash  Full story
9. EpiPen isn't the only drug with a price hike: Insulin prices skyrocket  Full story
10. A physician describes his ideal EHR  Full story 

11. 8 of the most memorable quotes about hospital prices  Full story
12. What Intermountain's CNO has to say about maximizing nurse talent  Full story

13. One driver of better heart attack survival rates? Patients choosing better hospitals  Full story 

14. Medical errors up 60% in Massachusetts  Full story
15. 22 nurses who became hospital CEOs  Full story

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