“Health care delivery is going through the most dramatic change in our professional lives. While it is an exciting time, it is also very challenging. Becker’s provides a constant stream of news, educational stories and in-person programs that help leaders keep up-to-date with best practices and the constant changes in the marketplace.” - Chris D. Van Gorder, FACHE, President and Chief Executive Officer, Scripps Health

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“Becker’s conference provides a broad range of speakers focusing on critical issues for physicists and administrators. The fast paced focused format gets you the relevant material efficiently. It’s one conference I make sure is on my calendar.” - Paul R. Summerside, MD, MMM, Chief Medical Officer, BayCare Clinic, LLP

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“Becker’s Hospital Review is a very informative, timely and reliable source for healthcare information. The content is relevant, easy to navigate, and a valuable resource for the leaders of Iowa Health System. As our organization adapts to the changing healthcare environment, the articles and information provide valuable insight and information on trends affecting our industry.” - William B. Leaver, President and Chief Executive Officer, UnityPoint Health

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“In this period of dramatic change facing our industry, I rely on Becker’s Hospital Review for the latest, most accurate information on the critical issues that affect all of us in healthcare.” - Barbara Martin, Chief Executive Officer, Vista Health System

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“This is a pivotal time in the delivery of health care in America. Becker’s provides valuable resources, tools, and information to help health care leaders stay abreast of current trends, policies, and decisions in this rapidly changing health care landscape.” - Stephen L. Mansfield, PhD, FACHE, President and Chief Executive Officer, Methodist Health System

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“This is a time of immense change in healthcare right now, and this change presents challenges as well as opportunities.  I’m actually seeing momentum for change and opportunities for working together with both traditional and non-traditional partners like never before in my career and find it a very exciting time to be a leader in healthcare.  Becker’s Hospital Review is one of my sources to keep abreast of what is going on across the country and to give us ideas of what we might try to do in our own region.” - Catherine Jacobson, President and Chief Executive Officer, Froedtert Health

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