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  1. Florida children's hospitals may have to post heart surgery death rates online

    St. Petersburg, Fla.-based Johns Hopkins All Children's and other children's hospitals in Florida may have to publish mortality statistics about their heart surgery programs under a new state proposal, according to the Tampa Bay Times.  By Morgan Haefner -
  2. Pediatricians may drop Kansas Medicaid patients due to billing change

    Some Kansas pediatricians are considering cutting the number of Medicaid patients they see because of a billing change that reworks how a checkup is coded and reimbursed, according to The Kansas City Star.  By Morgan Haefner -
  3. Kingwood Medical Center appoints new CEO: 5 notes

    Kingwood (Texas) Medical Center, part of Nashville, Tenn.-based HCA Healthcare, tapped John Corbeil to serve as CEO, effective Jan. 14, 2019.  By Anuja Vaidya -

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  1. Iowa hospital cancels some reproductive surgeries under religious directive

    Waterloo-based Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare-Iowa will end certain reproductive services to meet Catholic guidelines, according to local news station KWWL.  By Morgan Haefner -
  2. Meritus Health CEO retires: 4 things to know

    Joseph P. Ross, president and CEO of Hagerstown, Md.-based Meritus Health, retired, effective immediately, according to The Journal.  By Anuja Vaidya -
  3. Over half of nurses rate their hospital's end-of-life care unfavorably, study finds

    Most nurses — 58 percent — rate their hospital's end-of-life care unfavorably, and they may hold the key to improving care quality, a study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society found.  By Megan Knowles -
  4. Aetna's chief digital officer: 'Insurance will change dramatically'

    Just over two years ago, Aetna hired Firdaus Bhathena as chief digital officer to lead the health insurer's technology strategy.  By Morgan Haefner -

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  1. 12 latest healthcare industry lawsuits, settlements

    From a Pennsylvania health system resolving False Claims Act allegations to a federal judge in Texas ruling the ACA is unconstitutional, here are the latest healthcare industry lawsuits and settlements making headlines:  By Ayla Ellison -
  2. 25 largest gifts to healthcare organizations in 2018

    Here are the top 25 gifts and pledges to hospitals or healthcare organizations to date in 2018.  By Alia Paavola -
  3. Top 10 healthcare finance stories of 2018

    CMS' final inpatient payment rule for 2019, hospital closures and bankruptcy filings were among the healthcare finance topics that piqued the interest of readers this past year.  By Ayla Ellison -
  4. There aren't any good fetal tissue alternatives, researchers say

    With the National Institutes of Health's hold on fetal tissue acquisitions, researchers seek a fetal tissue alternatives and are coming up short, according to STAT.  By Harrison Cook -

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  1. Flu shot rates on the rise for kids, adults

    The number of children and adults vaccinated for the flu as of mid-November increased significantly compared to last year, according to CDC data released Dec. 14.  By Megan Knowles -
  2. 6 healthcare jobs with biggest paychecks

    Physicians snagged the No. 1 spot on a list of 15 highest-paying jobs, with a median annual salary of $200,774, according to an analysis by Kiplinger, which publishes business forecasts and personal finance advice.  By Megan Knowles -
  3. Machine learning can help predict hospital infection risk, study finds

    A machine-learning algorithm can be used to predict patients' risk of contracting a potentially deadly hospital infection, according to a study covered by Digit.  By Megan Knowles -
  4. Baylor St. Luke's exaggerated quality of heart transplant program, lawsuit alleges

    The family of a Texas man who died from a failed heart transplant last year filed a lawsuit against Houston-based Baylor St. Luke's Medical Center, alleging the hospital exaggerated the quality of its heart transplant program to lure in patients, according to the Houston Chronicle.  By Mackenzie Bean -
  5. Nurses seldom disciplined for sexual misconduct, study finds

    Fewer than 900 nurses have been reported to the National Practitioner Data Bank for sexual misconduct in the last 14 years, according to a study published in Public Health Nursing.  By Mackenzie Bean -
  6. 24-year-old Proscia CEO: '10 years from now, digital pathology will just be pathology'

    After noticing how effective artificial intelligence could be in recognizing complex tissue patterns in images and potentially predicting cancer outcomes, 24-year-old CEO David West and two others embarked on a journey to help integrate AI solutions into pathology care, eventually creating their company, Proscia.  By Alyssa Rege -
  7. C. diff in 2018: 10 findings

    Clostridium difficile caused nearly 500,000 infections in 2011 and killed 29,000 people within 30 days of diagnosis, according to the CDC.  By Mackenzie Bean -
  8. 12 latest hospital, health system executive retirements

    Becker's Hospital Review reported on the following hospital and health system executive retirements in the last four weeks.  By Anuja Vaidya -
  9. Bay Area Hospital CEO to retire in January: 3 takeaways

    Paul Janke, president and CEO of Coos Bay, Ore.-based Bay Area Hospital, is retiring in early January 2019, ending a 10-year tenure, according to The World.  By Anuja Vaidya -

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