Today's Top 20 Healthcare News Articles
  1. ONC seeks input on improving prior authorization

    HHS' Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology is looking for public comments on prior authorization to help guide standards, implementation and certification. 
  2. Minnesota COVID-19 patient dies in Texas after court rules to continue life support

    Scott Quiner — a COVID-19 patient who was transferred from Coon Rapids, Minn.-based Mercy Hospital to a Texas care facility after a judge issued a restraining order stopping the hospital from turning off lifesaving machines — has died, according to The New York Times.
  3. 5 recent hospital, health system CFO moves

    The following hospital and health system CFO moves have been reported since Jan. 11:
  1. CDC shifts COVID-19 messaging focus from 'fully vaccinated' to 'up to date'

    Rather than altering the definition of "fully vaccinated," the CDC is emphasizing the importance of staying up to date with COVID-19 vaccination schedules. 
  2. Why it's so hard for hospitals to track incidental COVID-19 cases

    Hospitals are seeing an increasing number of incidental COVID-19 cases, where patients are being admitted for other ailments but testing positive for the virus. These cases aren't easy to track, and hospitals are finding many challenges trying to decipher between patients admitted for the virus as their primary condition and those with incidental cases.
  3. Omicron will peak in most states by mid-February + 5 more forecasts

    Most states will likely see omicron cases peak by mid-February, Anthony Fauci, MD, said during a Jan. 23 interview on ABC's "This Week."
  4. These 7 hospitals are ending inpatient care

    Several hospitals reported plans to end inpatient care over the last few months:

A New Era of Engagement: HIPAA-compliant CDP and the Future of Healthcare

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  1. Dr. Ashish Jha: The problem with quasi-experts

    How does one identify a quasi-expert — the intelligent, highly educated and degree-holding opinionators among us, who may stray from their area of expertise? 
  2. 13% of US hospitals critically understaffed, 22% anticipate shortages: Numbers by state

    Almost 13 percent — or 772 of 6,004 — of hospitals reporting staffing levels in the U.S. are experiencing critical staffing shortages, according to HHS data posted Jan. 23.
  3. WVU Medicine, University Hospitals among organizations revisiting vaccination deadlines

    After the Supreme Court upheld the CMS COVID-19 vaccination mandate for healthcare workers Jan. 13, hospitals and health systems are taking another look at their own requirements.
  4. Mayo Clinic addresses employees' disappointment over 2% raise with multiplier

    After announcing raises earlier in January, Rochester, Minn.-based Mayo Clinic is responding to employees who were disappointed in the amount, according to the Post Bulletin.

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  1. TikTok, MD

    Social media has been a hotbed of health falsehoods throughout the pandemic. That's why some physicians first flocked toward TikTok — and stayed.
  2. Viewpoint: Two years of broken healthcare, and 'worry that fixes are not going to come'

    The pandemic exposed the myriad inefficiencies and shortcomings of healthcare that workers have long managed to live with. Megan Ranney, MD, a practicing emergency medicine physician, thought the crisis would fuel the resources and political will to finally repair the system. 
  3. 7 hospital construction projects worth $500M+

    Seven hospital capital projects worth more than $500 million have been announced, advanced or completed in the last two months.
  4. North, South Carolina hospitals race to complete capital projects

    To meet a population boom, several health systems with hospitals in North and South Carolina are moving fast on capital projects, Charlotte Business Journal reported Jan. 21.
  5. Viewpoint: Let's get rejected together

    Professional rejection isn't a typical experience to share or celebrate, but doing so can actually serve as motivation, according to a Jan. 21 piece in The Atlantic.
  6. EHR tool decreases clinicians' phone calls by 60%: Yale exec shares insights

    More automated transfers of electronic health information could bring "huge value" to healthcare providers in terms of saving clinicians' time, according to David Mulligan, MD, chief of transplant surgery and immunology at Yale New Haven (Conn.) Health.
  7. COVID-19 vaccine & booster effectiveness against omicron: 12 CDC findings

    Two separate studies published by the CDC Jan. 21 explored vaccine and booster dose effectiveness against the periods in which delta and omicron were emerging and predominant.
  8. Jefferson Health data breach affects 9,000 patients

    Philadelphia-based Jefferson Health experienced a data breach that compromised 9,000 patients' protected health information, PhillyVoice reported Jan. 21.
  9. California healthcare workers to join countywide strike Jan. 25

    Workers in California's Santa Cruz County, including healthcare workers, plan to strike Jan. 25.

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