Today's Top 20 Healthcare News Articles
  1. Billings Clinic recruiting nurses from overseas

    Amid a shortage of nurses, Billings (Mont.) Clinic is hiring international workers from multiple countries.
  2. Avera Health launches 'Moving Health Forward' branding campaign

    Sioux Falls, S.D.-based Avera Health developed a new branding campaign, "Moving Health Forward," that focuses on connecting with patients through technology and new innovations.
  3. Pfizer cutting sales staff to prioritize better digital interactions with customers

    Pfizer is laying off a few hundred positions across its U.S. sales force as it plans for more digital engagement, the company told Becker's in an emailed statement Jan. 12.
  1. New Jersey hospital gets new name after acquisition

    East Orange (N.J.) General Hospital received the new name of CareWell Health Medical Center on Jan. 12 after it was acquired by EOH Acquisition Group on Jan. 1.
  2. 7 things to know as health officials testify before senate

    Top health experts from the Biden administration testified before the Senate on Jan. 11 in a hearing where they were questioned by lawmakers seeking clarity on the federal response to the omicron variant, Politico reported.
  3. 5 systems launching nursing programs

    Several colleges and universities have launched innovative nursing programs and partnerships to address persistent nursing shortages around the country.
  4. Texans find bare shelves in the cold medicine aisle amid omicron surge

    The aisles for over-the-counter cough and cold medicines are nearly bare across Dallas Walmart, Target, CVS and Sam's Club locations, The Dallas Morning News reported Jan. 10. 

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  1. Opioid overdose deaths surge among older adults, study shows

    The opioid epidemic has not spared older Americans, as overdose deaths among Americans ages 55 and older have steadily increased from 1999-2019, according to a study published Jan. 11 in JAMA Network Open.
  2. CVS, Walgreens limit paid sick leave for employees

    CVS Health and Walgreens have reduced paid sick leave for employees who contract COVID-19,  the companies confirmed to Fortune Jan. 11. 
  3. FDA adds rare bleeding risk to J&J shot side effects

    The FDA revised the fact sheet for Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 vaccine Jan. 11 to include new information about the risk of a rare bleeding disorder. 
  4. FDA allows Florida to use 1M expired COVID-19 tests

    The FDA has extended the shelf life of nearly 1 million rapid COVID-19 test kits that first expired in a Florida warehouse in September, the Miami Herald reported Jan. 11. 
  1. Workers in most states spend over 10% of wages on health coverage

    In 37 states, 10 percent or more of workers' median income goes toward health insurance premiums and deductibles, a Jan. 12 analysis by the Commonwealth Fund found.
  2. States ranked by percentage of nursing home staff vaccinated

    Rhode Island has the highest percentage of nursing home staff who have received the COVID-19 vaccine while Missouri ranks the lowest in the country, according to data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services last updated Jan. 6.
  3. Nursing homes nationwide nearing COVID-19 infection records 

    COVID-19 infections are rising among both nursing home residents and staff nationwide, The Wall Street Journal reported Jan. 11. 
  4. 5 states facing the worst nursing home COVID-19 outbreaks

    California has the highest number of nursing home residents with confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the country, according to data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services last updated Jan. 6.
  5. States with the highest, lowest smoking costs

    Smoking costs the U.S. more than $300 billion a year when taking into account elements like medical care and lost productivity, according to a Jan. 12 analysis by WalletHub.
  6. Unvaccinated federal employees must begin weekly COVID-19 testing by Feb. 15, Biden administration says

    Federal agencies should establish a COVID-19 screening testing program by Feb. 15 for unvaccinated workers, including those who have an approved or pending request for an exception or extension from the Biden administration's vaccination requirement for federal employees, according to new guidance issued Jan. 11.
  7. Hospitals urge US to renew COVID-19 emergency declarations

    The American Hospital Association is calling on the federal government to renew two emergency declarations related to the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure continued support for hospitals responding to the crisis.
  8. 11 women making moves in healthcare leadership

    The following executive moves made by women have been reported by or shared with Becker's since Jan. 7:
  9. Minnesota hospital reduces postpartum hemorrhages 40% after retooling EHR

    Robbinsdale, Minn.-based North Memorial Hospital used an EHR to create a screening tool that would predict, identify and guide postpartum hemorrhages, resulting in a 40 percent reduction, according to a Jan. 10 report in EpicShare.

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