Today's Top 20 Healthcare News Articles
  1. 150 top places to work in healthcare | 2023

    Becker's Healthcare is thrilled to announce its 2023 list of 150 top places to work in healthcare. This list is meant to call attention to hospitals, health systems and healthcare companies that invest in their employees' wellbeing, satisfaction and fulfillment. 
  2. COVID-19 politics trouble Florida public hospital

    Sarasota (Fla.) Memorial Hospital continues to face political pressure regarding its COVID-19 policies and treatment protocols, despite a recently published internal review that concluded the hospital saw stronger outcomes among COVID-19 patients than other hospitals. 
  3. DC resident physicians move to unionize

    Resident physicians at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., are moving to unionize, citing pandemic burnout.
  1. Reinvesting in caregivers and charting a more sustained path, but uncertainties remain, says St. Charles Health CFO

    Bend, Ore.-based St. Charles Health has had to deal with many of the challenges facing health and hospital systems across the country. For St. Charles, that included resulting cost-cutting measures such as laying off 105 employees and eliminating 76 vacant positions in May 2022. New initiatives are underway to help further mitigate such challenges.
  2. What health system digital execs expect next from Best Buy in healthcare

    Best Buy isn't just the place where you buy big-screen TVs and computers. It also provides technology that might one day help take care of you or a loved one at home.
  3. California nurses sound alarm on staffing: 6 recent cases

    The staffing crisis has affected nurses nationwide — but recently, multiple complaints have clustered in the Golden State. 
  4. McLaren Health has ratings affirmed as it emerges profitably from pandemic

    Grand Blanc, Mich.-based McLaren Health Care had its ratings affirmed at "AA-" as the 14-hospital system continues to enjoy strong market share and resilient profitability, Fitch Ratings said March 20.

Unlocking precision care at population-scale

Healthcare's next big thing? Population genomics. Get ahead of the curve and see how a South Carolina health system is using this as an emerging standard of care.
  1. 10 cities where a $100K salary stretches furthest

    In several cities across Texas and the Midwest, a $100,000 salary isn't eaten up by taxes and a high cost of living, Bloomberg reported. 
  2. 5 hospitals seeking CEOs

    Here are five hospitals that recently posted job listings seeking CEOs.
  3. Private equity in healthcare a mixed bag, Harvard Business Review says

    A Harvard Business Review analysis of 42 hospital-leveraged buyouts from 2003 to 2017 urged policy discussions on private equity in healthcare to move beyond a "good" or "bad" framing.
  4. Senator questions private equity's role in employee death, assaults at Iowa hospital

    Private equity involvement in a rural hospital in Iowa raises questions over a possible link with the recent death of a hospital staff member there and the subsequent discovery of sexual assaults on several female patients, Sen. Chuck Grassley said March 17.

Leveraging AI and Predictive Analytics to Match Supply of Anesthesia Coverage with Case Volume Demand

ORs are too critical a space to risk mismatched supply and demand. See what's leading systems like CommonSpirit to better efficiency and 14.5x ROI. 
  1. Amazon to lay off 9,000

    Retail and tech giant Amazon plans to cut 9,000 workers after the company laid off 18,000 workers in January, CBS News reported March 20.
  2. Nicklaus Children's launches VR driving program

    Miami-based Nicklaus Children's Hospital has launched a virtual reality driving program for autistic and neurodivergent teens preparing to take their driver's exam.
  3. Buffalo General joins with Mount Sinai, UPMC to host Synchron's brain-computer interface tech trial

    The Gates Vascular Institute at Buffalo (N.Y.) General Medical Center is partnering with brain-computer interface company Synchron to launch a trial exploring restoring functionality to patients with severe paralysis. 
  4. Top 5 nursing homes by state, per Newsweek

    Newsweek and Statista, a global data research firm, have released their "2023 America's Best Nursing Homes" list.
  5. Beth Israel Lahey taps former Mount Sinai exec as chief clinical officer

    Beth Israel Lahey Health has named Robert (Rob) Fields, MD, as executive vice president and chief clinical officer.
  6. PrEP pill gained traction for white gay men — why not others?

    While HIV preexposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, has made significant strides in preventing transmission of the virus since it was approved by the FDA in 2012, usage of the pill is much more common with gay and bisexual white men than any other group, NBC reported March 18.
  7. Missouri system eliminates 5 hospital leadership roles

    Columbia-based University of Missouri Health Care is eliminating five hospital leadership positions across the organization, spokesperson Eric Maze confirmed to Becker's March 20. 
  8. Pediatric care access is worsening: 7 figures to know

    Pediatric care access has been in decline since even before the pandemic. Forty states saw declines in pediatric bed availability prior to 2020, according to CNN, and now compounding factors are exacerbating the issue.
  9. Facial recognition difficulties may be linked to long COVID

    Further research into the effects of long COVID-19 has revealed that in addition to the myriad neurological symptoms that have been linked to the disease, face blindness may also be one of them.

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