101 Hospitals With Great Spine and Neurosurgery Programs - P-Z

Parkview Orthopedic Hospital (Fort Wayne, Ind.). Parkview Orthopedic hospital is the first specialty hospital in northeastern Indiana that is devoted entirely to orthopedic surgery, including spine surgery. It includes three physicians who are specially trained in spinal surgery and also offers pain management resources. The hospital won the Spine Surgery Excellence Award from HealthGrades for 2012.

Provena Saint Joseph Medical Center (Joliet, Ill.). The Neuroscience Institute at Provena Saint Joseph Medical Center includes specialists with expertise in restoring spines and patients' quality of life. Neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons work side-by-side during spine surgeries at the hospital. Provena Saint Joseph also is a Blue Distinction Center for Spine Surgery.

Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center (Spokane, Wash.). The neurosurgery and spine programs at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center treat numerous head, spine, cerebrovascular and peripheral nerve disorders and conditions for adults and children alike, including complex spinal disorders through computer-assisted surgery. HealthGrades awarded Spine Surgery Excellence Awards to Providence Sacred Heart from 2010 to 2012 and also named it one of "America's 100 Best in Spine Surgery."

Redmond Regional Medical Center (Rome, Ga.). The spine surgery program at Redmond Regional Medical Center has been named among the top 10 percent in the country by HealthGrades for the past five years. The hospital recently opened its NeuroSpine Center, which is staffed by one of the largest neurosurgeon teams in northwest Georgia.

Renown Regional Medical Center (Reno, Nev.). Orthopedic services, including spine surgery, at Renown Regional Medical Center are delivered with the latest technology and expert treatment teams of board-certified orthopedic surgeons to improve the quality of life for all patients. The Renown Institute for Neurosciences is considered to be one of the top spine and neurosurgery centers in northern Nevada, as it has earned the Spine Surgery Excellence Award from HealthGrades for 2012.

Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center (Los Angeles). For 22 straight years, Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center has been rated as the best hospital in the western United States, and for 20 of those years, it has been recognized as a top 10 neurosurgery hospital in the country, according to U.S. News & World Report. UCLA Neurosurgery and the UCLA Spine Center provide some of the most innovative and comprehensive care, ranging from minimally invasive brain and spinal surgery, neuroendoscopy and a host of other services. The UCLA Spine Center is also at the forefront of spinal disorder research and numerous other neurological-based clinical trials.

Rush University Medical Center (Chicago). The Spine and Back Center at Rush University Medical Center is home to renowned neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons. The center also offers a spine program specifically tailored for women. Patients from across the country are referred to Rush for scoliosis treatment, which the center has treated and made advancements in for more than 35 years.

Salem (Ore.) Hospital. The Salem Spine Center opened in 2008 and includes neurosurgeons, pain management specialists and physiatrists. It is a Blue Distinction Center for Spine Surgery, and it also offers a patient guidance program to expedite the referral process and help patients receive prompt treatment for their spinal conditions.

Scripps Green Hospital (La Jolla, Calif.). Scripps Green Hospital has earned the Spine Surgery Excellence Award from HealthGrades for the past three years and has also been named a Blue Distinction Center for Spine Surgery. The hospital is one of the region's leading sites for complex neurosurgical case referrals due to its clinical research advancements, cutting-edge imaging technology and advanced microsurgical tools.

Sky Ridge Medical Center (Lone Tree, Colo). Sky Ridge Medical Center, a Blue Distinction Center for Spine Surgery, performs more spine surgeries than any other hospital in Colorado. Sky Ridge also has an entire floor devoted to spine treatments while offering several minimally invasive surgeries and spinal revision surgery. The first artificial disc replacement surgery in the United States was also performed at Sky Ridge.

SSM St. Mary's Health Center (St. Louis). SSM St. Mary's Health Center uses a multidisciplinary team of both orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons to treat spinal conditions and deformities. The hospital has won the Spine Surgery Excellence Award from HealthGrades for 2012, and it is also designated as a Blue Distinction Center for Spine Surgery.

St. Alexius Medical Center (Bismarck, N.D.). The team of neurosurgeons at St. Alexius Medical Center's Neuroscience Center treats 20 different spine, cranial and peripheral nerve disorders, including spinal cord injury, spine tumors and degenerative spine disease. For three straight years, St. Alexius has received Patient Safety Excellence Awards and Spine Surgery Excellence Awards from HealthGrades, and Blue Cross Blue Shield also named it a Blue Distinction Center for Spine Surgery.

St. Elizabeth Edgewood (Ky.). St. Elizabeth Edgewood, labeled a Thomson Reuters Top 100 Hospital in 2011, has grown its Spine Center into a nationally acclaimed program. Raj Kakarlapudi, MD, is the medical director of the Spine Center, and he is the first spinal surgeon dedicated exclusively to providing services in northern Kentucky. In 2011, St. Elizabeth Edgewood received several designations from HealthGrades regarding its spine program, including a Spine Surgery Excellence Award, a first-place ranking overall in Kentucky for spine surgery and a five-star rating for spine surgery for its sixth straight year.

St. Joseph Regional Health Center (Bryan, Texas). St. Joseph Regional Health Center has no shortage of accolades regarding its neurosurgery and spine programs. In 2011, HealthGrades ranked the hospital fifth in Texas for spine surgery. For the past seven years, HealthGrades has also designated St. Joseph Regional as a five-star hospital in back and neck surgery except spinal fusion, and it also has had a five-star rating in spinal fusion surgeries for the past four years. Overall, spine surgeries outcomes at St. Joseph Regional are among the top 5 percent nationwide.

St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center (Phoenix).
The Barrow Neurological Institute of St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center is one of the top-ranked neurological, neurosurgical and spine hospitals in the country and across the world. John Green, MD, was the founding director of Barrow in the 1940s, and it continues to provide innovative clinical care, education and research. Barrow's Gamma Knife Center, CyberKnife Center and Section of Spinal Surgery encompass some of the most advanced techniques and technologies in neurosurgery.

St. Mary's Medical Center (Huntington, W.Va.). St. Mary's Regional Neuroscience Center — a Blue Distinction Center for Spine Surgery and a recipient of several HealthGrades spine and neurosurgery awards — offers more than 30 different neuroscience treatments, including several spine and cranial procedures. St. Mary's was also the first in the nation to receive the Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approval for Spine Surgery in Feb. 2011, and it is the only medical center in the area with CyberKnife technology to treat spine and brain tumors.

St. Patrick Hospital (Missoula, Mont.). St. Patrick Hospital has received Spine Surgery Excellence Awards from HealthGrades for the past three years, which also named it as one of "America's 100 Best in Spine Surgery" for 2012. The Montana Spine and Pain Center is an extension of St. Patrick Hospital, which CareChex also ranked as a top 20 hospital for spinal fusion quality and a top 40 hospital for overall spinal surgery.

St. Vincent Indianapolis Hospital. Within St. Vincent Indianapolis Hospital lies the St. Vincent Neuroscience Institute and the St. Vincent Spine Center. These entities have combined for a plethora of neurosurgery and spine awards including: HealthGrades' Spine Surgery Excellence Award for 2011 and 2012, five-star ratings for neurosurgery as well as back and neck surgeries by HealthGrades and the Joint Commission's Disease-Specific Care Certification for spine surgery — the only facility in the Midwest to gain spine surgery accreditation. HealthGrades also ranked the hospital first in Indiana for overall spine surgery.

Stanford Hospital & Clinics (Palo Alto, Calif.). Stanford Hospital & Clinics' Department of Neurosurgery as well as its multidisciplinary spine center, Stanford Spine, have received numerous accolades. Stanford spine surgeons, neurosurgeons and researchers have made significant improvements in the surgical treatment of spinal cord and spine tumors using intraoperative monitoring and advanced microsurgical techniques developed in labs. The original CyberKnife, a non-invasive treatment that can be used to treat both cancerous and non-cancerous tumors on the spine, brain and other body areas, was developed at Stanford by John Adler, MD.

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas. Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas offers several advanced spine and neurosurgical programs for its patients. This includes its Spinal Deformity Center, which specifically treats severe spinal curvatures and spinal tumors. Texas Health Dallas — recipient of HealthGrades' Spinal Surgery Excellence Awards for 2011 and 2012 — also has the first group of neurosurgeons in the United States to utilize BrainSUITE technology, which combines image-guided surgery with high-field MRI.

Texas Spine & Joint Hospital (Tyler, Texas). Texas Spine & Joint Hospital is considered to be one of the top spine surgery sites in the state of Texas. HealthGrades ranked the 20-bed Texas Spine & Joint Hospital as the top hospital for spine surgery in 2009, and it received a Spine Surgery Excellence Award in 2010 and 2011. The hospital, which has a surgical infection rate below 1 percent, was also ranked in the top 10 nationally for spinal fusion quality and the top 25 for spinal surgery quality by CareChex.

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital (Philadelphia). Thomas Jefferson University Hospital is one of only a handful in the country that serves as both a Level 1 Trauma Center and federally-designated spinal cord injury center. It is affiliated with the Rothman Institute, which is located on the hospital campus and treats roughly 1,000 cases of spine trauma each year.

Tulsa (Okla.) Spine & Specialty Hospital. Tulsa Spine & Specialty Hospital offers patients a resort-like setting, and its patient satisfaction scores exceed those of other hospitals in the region. The hospital has won HealthGrades' Spine Surgery Excellence Award for three consecutive years, including 2012. The hospital includes a staff of 12 spine specialists who treat a wide range of conditions, such as spinal tumors, ruptured discs and spinal fractures.

University of California Davis Medical Center (Sacramento, Calif.). The Spine Center at UC Davis Medical Center features a multidisciplinary team of neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, pain management specialists and physicists. It offers patients access to clinical trials for spine treatment, such as its current trial on minimally invasive lumbar fusions. Researchers and neurosurgeons at UC Davis are also part of a study of whether a single injection of adult stem cells into diseased lumbar discs can repair and regenerate them.

University of California San Francisco Medical Center. More than 10,000 patients are treated at the UCSF Spine Center each year by multi-disciplinary teams of physicians, which include specialists in neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery and experts in oncology and pain management. The center offers three-dimensional and computerized surgery, clinical trials, motion-sparing surgery and access to spine tumor boards, which review complex spinal tumor cases.  

University of Chicago Medical Center. The University of Chicago Medical Center's physicians are well-respected in the field of spine care and treat more back and neck problems using minimally invasive approaches than any other medical center in the United States. U.S. News & World Report has also ranked UC Medical Center's neurosurgery program among the top 30 hospitals across the country.

University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics (Iowa City, Iowa). University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics includes the UI Spine Center, which offers treatment as well as clinical trials and spine research. It has earned HealthGrades' Neurosurgery Excellence Award for 2012, and U.S. News & World Report has also ranked the hospital's neurosurgery program among the top 50 in the nation.

University of Maryland Medical Center (Baltimore). University of Maryland Medical Center's spine program offers comprehensive, state-of-the-art evaluation and non-surgical and surgical treatment of all spinal disorders. The program has been recognized as a distinction center for spine surgery by CareFirst, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Branch for Maryland and Washington, D.C. In 2008, UMMC used the first spinal disc replacement approved by the FDA to treat patients with degenerative disc disease.

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. U.S. News & World Report has ranked the neurosurgery and neurology program at UPMC as one of the top 10 in the country, and its Department of Neurological Surgery is also ranked among the highest in the country in National Institutes of Health funding. UPMC specialists treat complex spine conditions, such as spinal fractures and spinal stenosis, and UPMC has consistently pioneered minimally invasive neurological and spine surgeries.

University of Washington Medical Center (Seattle). University of Washington Medical Center's spine service is part of its Bone and Joint Surgery Center. Patients with complex spine problems, including spinal stenosis, scoliosis, fractures and tumors, can receive treatment from surgical and non-surgical specialists at the hospital. UWMC's Department of Neurological Surgery, which features the Neuro-Oncology Clinic and Neurological Surgery Clinic, is also the largest neurosurgical practice in the Northwest

University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics (Madison, Wis.). When it comes to spine and neurosurgical care, the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics' claim to fame is minimally invasive spinal fusion surgery. UW spine medicine specialists performed the first laparoscopic spinal fusion surgery in the world in 1993, and since then UW Hospitals and Clinics has become internationally known for the procedure. UW Hospitals and Clinics is also known for its innovative techniques for the treatment of spine tumors, spinal deformities and spinal trauma.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center (Nashville, Tenn.). U.S. News & World Report ranked Vanderbilt University Medical Center — a Thomson Reuters Top 100 Hospital for 2011 — in the top 40 nationally for 2011-2012 for both its adult and pediatric neurosurgery specialties. Reid Thompson, MD, an award-winning research neurosurgeon, is the chairman of the Department of Neurological Surgery at VUMC, which also has been designated as a Blue Distinction Center for Spine Surgery.

Valley Baptist Medical Center (Harlingen, Texas). Valley Baptist Medical Center is well-known for its orthopedic and joint replacement programs, but its spine and neuroscience services are also highly ranked in southern Texas. In CareChex's 2012 top quality hospital rankings, Valley Baptist was placed in the top 50 nationally for spinal fusion and in the top 75 for overall spinal surgery. HealthGrades also awarded the hospital with Spine Surgery Excellence Awards in each of the past two years.

West Jefferson Medical Center (Marrero, La.). For the past two years, HealthGrades has considered West Jefferson to be a top neurosurgery and spine surgery hospital in the greater New Orleans area. In neurosurgery alone, WJMC was ranked among the top five in the state of Louisiana, and it has received five-star ratings from HealthGrades for spine surgery and spinal fusion surgery in 2011 and 2012. WJMC also partners with the LSU Health Sciences' department of neurosurgery to offer advanced treatment for complex spinal surgeries and to conduct neuroscience clinical research.

Williamsport (Pa.) Regional Medical Center. Part of Susquehanna Health, Williamsport Regional Medical Center's Neuroscience Center offers award-winning treatment in complex brain, spine and peripheral nerve conditions. A Blue Distinction Center for Spine Surgery, Williamsport Regional has received Spine Surgery Excellence Awards from HealthGrades from 2010 to 2012, and HealthGrades also named it as one of "America's 100 Best in Spine Surgery" for 2012.

Yale-New Haven (N.H.) Hospital. The Neurosurgery Spine Center at Yale-New Haven Hospital includes a range of services, including minimally invasive spine surgery, spinal fusions and surgical intervention for spinal tumors. As the teaching hospital of Yale School of Medicine, the center has access to the most up-to-date clinical trials. It is currently investigating ways to minimize spinal cord injury at the time of trauma to prevent further damage.

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